Welcome to Emerald Shrine 2.0!

Well, it’s finally here. After a lot of work, and mostly last minute cramming, I bring you the second edition of Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine. Now that I’m using WordPress, there are some new features, the most obvious being the blog. Now I’ll be updating more often on how far I am on a story, or if I’m even working at all, and it’ll all show up here. And speaking of updates, I have one here:

The conclusive Ekajra’s Tales story has launched! Learn the epic past of how exactly Ekajra came to be the rip-off that he is. And read about lots of fights, cause that’s just how these things work out. And there’s a little surprise at the end. Cause you need surprises when you’re making a final story… final for now at least… *maniacal laughter* You’ll just have to read and see.

And in other new features of the site, there are now comments boxes at the bottoms of  each page, so now it’s easy to tell me what you think of my stories. I’ll be adding more things in the future as well, includnig some stuff I held off on doing with the old Emerald Shrine.

But for now, enjoy the fanfiction!


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