Coming up…

So, how’s everyone liking the new site? And I can say that knowing at least some people have visited since launching, though the majority of that was on launch day. But anyway, moving on.

As promised in the preview/teaser/obvious plot point reveal, Alternate Ending will resume updates this Saturday. I haven’t actully begun working on the next chapter yet, considering I knd of blew out my creative powers from the cram sessiong I had finishing up A New Story.(Probably the most I’d written of a single story in a long time.) But work shall begin on that soon, so don’t worry about me missing deadlines and shnizz. Of course after that it’ll go back to the usual waiting for me to come out with something. But at least now you’ll know if I’m not even working on it or not. Provided I remember to tell you…

Also as part of the new site, I also now have an affiliate. SoniClans is a forum that I’ve had a long history with, and so I’m glad to have the cross linkage. So make sure you check them out if you haven;t already. Fun stuff to be had there. Plus if you’re lucky, and crazy, you’ll wind up in Chaotix with me!

In other, completely unrelated news, Sgt. Frog is awesome. I must now await to acquire the DVDs… though money would probably help too…


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