Random Update, Writer’s Block…

… Actually it’s probably just good old fashioned procrastination. In any case, I haven’t really been doing much writing, and can’t seem to focus enough to write anything that feels good enough. I have gotten some work done though, so it’s not like I haven’t done anything. Just not much.

But in other news, I’ve added a little something which is especially special for folks from SoniClans. (For those who haven’t checked out SoniClans yet, go do it! The place is awesome but kind of in a new member slump.) Finding the Computer Room: One Door at a Time… is a history of the Chaotix clan from SoniClans, as recorded by me with help from everyone else. So for clannies, check it out if you wanna know the story of Chaotix. And for non-Clannies, maybe it’ll help you get some of my jokes once you join. Because you are going to join. Right? The history can be found in the “Extra” section.

And I still have no idea why the Copyright page looks all weird…


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