New Content, My Eventual Return.

Hello internets, did ya miss me! No? Okay then, on to the updates. As usual, I still don’t have a new chapter of AE, however I do have some new content… all of which is actually old… and in some cases really really old.

First off I’ve added Backyard Biohazard, a little story I wrote last year(technically earlier this year) for my school’s literary journal. It’s been on my deviantART for a while, and I finally decided to throw it on here.

Secondly, I have resurrected the Guest section! Only now it’s just fiction, since I’ve long abandoned the pictures and such idea for this site. We’re going all literature, woo! So yes, if anyone would like to submit their own stories, instructions are on the page, and you can also now check out some other great fanfics to tide you over until I finally start writing again. (By the way, if any of the authors who already have shnizz on ES, if you want it taken down just contact me through whatever means you prefer.)

As for my return, my soccer season is now over, so I won’t be incredibly tired and/or in pain all the time. That, combined with a general slump in my Sonic interests since my slump in anything interests of the summer, is mostly the reason I haven’t been writing at all. So I am pretty sure now that I’ll have a new chapter, hopefully by next week. And this time I’m about 90% serious. You never know what can happen, but yeah. You may want to catch up on AE, at least read the latest chapter. The new chapter, as can be gleaned from the preview, will be 99% flashback. I’m finally going to explain how Tails got all emo, amongst other things.(I also might go back into “Blast From the Past” and change some things, since in my rush to get it out I put in some things that weren’t supposed to be there. Like the fact that G.U.N. doesn’t exist anymore…)

EDIT: Minor update. Changed up a couple little things, like switching the Tornado 3 to being the Tornado 4. New plane, number goes up and all that. Also changed G.U.N. to the new organization name that I came up with:

S.A.N.D. logo

Subagri Armer Neo Defenders. Hey, it was that or Subagri Defense Team, and I wanted it to be a word like G.U.N. was… that and I make typos alot, and S.D.T. is one letter switch away from something entirely different.


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