“Eventual Return” Sooner Than Expected.

Hey, guess what? I finished the new chapter! Yes, it’s been a while, but I’ve finally gotten it cranked out. So go on, read it. Some backstory, and a lot of Tails/Miles rage/angst. And violence. Gotta love violence. And if you find the title weird, think of it this way: at least I didn’t entitle it TAILS ANGST…. or better yet BROOKLYN RAGE!

Because you know I really wanted to.

Next chapter will have either more backstory directly, or I’ll have Amy telling Sonic. More likely directly, but there are some scenes I have to rework since I originally not going to have the Miles name change until later events. Also expect another random story I did for English class. It’s technically an Ekajra story, and technically not, so it’ll be in Extras. You’ll see once I post it.(Which will be once I know what grade I got so I can tell you that as well.)


One Response to ““Eventual Return” Sooner Than Expected.”

  1. Idearfageld Says:

    Amazing, kinda stunning topic. I’m goin to write about it also.

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