Darkness and Novel Writing.

The latest chapter of Alternate Ending has been added, and I’m going to warn you this’ll be the last chapter for a month at the most. And while I’m sure you’re all used to that(is anyone even reading this?), I have a specific reason this time.

I have decided to, against the powers of procrastination, engage in the activity known as Nation Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Basically the idea is that you try to write an entire novel (50,000 words), starting November 1st and ending November 30th. Of course, I decided to finish up the current chapter of AE as well just so I wouldn’t have that looming over me. Plus I threw in one of those endings that makes me feel like I’m writing a cartoon series.

I’ll likely be making a post later with what progress I have of my novel which I’ll keep updating through out the month. I’m gonna warn you though, a lot of it is gonna be random stuff just to stretch the word count. But it’ll be interesting to see what I can come up with. The story is also an interesting concept, since I’ll be doing it in the style of WoodPunk, which I totally made up last year while bored and reading the Wiki page for SteamPunk. So, yeah, it’ll be interesting.


If anyone’s interested, the NaNoWriMo website is over hyeah: http://www.nanowrimo.org/ Wish me luck, or pray that I give in and just work on AE instead. Your choice.


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