I admit defeat…

So, basically, as expected, here’s what happened. I work on it for the first week, had a little piece of paper with me I’d be writing on and such. Second week… nothing. Or at least not very much. Combined powers of my usual procrastination, losing interest in my own plot(Lief turned out different than I planned), and the fact that after a brief stint of peace I was bombarded by the Hairy Orangutan  Magics Ewok Warriors of Ragnarok Kitty, also known as homework. Mainly English. STRANGE, ISN’T IT? I’d start over, but it’s already half way through the month, so it’s not really worth it.

Anywhozle, I added what I had to the end, for a final word count of 2,996 words. So I added four words that mean nothing. Because I’m crazy like that. So that’s basically a chapter of AE.

Speaking of which, I’ll be going back to that. New chapter sometimes this week, probably in the next few days. And this is my last week of teh Children’s Theatre, so I’ll have more free time after this week.


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