I’ve realized something…

I have been promising chapters and procrastinating since before Emerald Shrine even began. I was randomly perusing Knuckles Haven, and I noticed what I had posted when I was originally launching Emerald Shrine:

“Allright, so earlier today I finally decided to get started on my fan fics and actually finished the first part of them, and so I’m gonna finnally launch my site. On August first, I’m gonna open up my site, Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine, where you can find my fan fics. Hopefully I’ll have written some moe before then.

Then, on August 1st, launch day:

“Allright, Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine is now officially open! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to write anything in between when I posted before and now, but at least the site is up. Check it out at http://emeraldshrine.googlepages.com!”

On that note, I haven’t finished the new Alternate Ending chapter yet. However, with Thanksgiving weekend coming up, and the play being over after today, I will be pretty much completely cleared up schedule wise. Which equals boredom. Which equals writing!


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