Computery Problems.

So yes, just thought I’d update this now that I actually have access to a computer. So first of all, I’m on Christmas Break right now. Yay. Which usually means I’ll be writing a lot right? Well unfortunately about a week ago my laptop broke. Basically my hard drive is bad; in fact, it’s so screwed up that when I gave it Geek Squad and they tried to back up all my shnizz before messing with it they couldn’t even bring up anything. So I’m gonna lose most of my data, which sucks, but a lot of it is my desktop, though I’ll probably end up losing more than I think.

But the real problem is that I don’t have any recovery disks, so they were just gonna use a generic one. Except all the labels on the bottom of my lappity top are worn off, so now I have to call Toshiba and get recovery disks from them, so I probably won’t get my laptop back until next week still…

So yeah, that’s basically what’s going on. I might be able to get some stuff done, but I’m working on a shared computer now, so my time will be lessened.


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