Happy Robotnik Day!

Oh, and that blue spiky thing too…

But seriously (as serious as you can get with a video game franchise based around a blue woodland critter [which is actually surprisingly serious {I like parenthetical additions to sentences}]), it is once again the day when the fandom celebrates the release of Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genesis (I say Genesis because I’m AMERICAN [IN AMERICA! {WITH MORE BRACKETS!}]).

It’s also conveniently the release of SA2 in the rest of the world, because apparently SEGA of America overlooked the awesome timing they could have had with its release. Nevertheless, what better way to celebrate than with fanfiction! To that end, I present you with another chapter of Alternate Ending! I initially thought I was gonna finish it all for today, then I realized I still had five chapters left, so… In any case, the chapters after this will pretty much go thusly, theme wise: wee-bit of strategizing, some plot, another character added (official this time), strategizing, then BATTLE with more BATTLE on top of BATTLE with a dash of BATTLE and some sprinkling of PLOT and MOAR CHARACTERS with a light seasoning of REFERENCES and more PLOT all served with a fine helping of FINAL BOSS!!!

It’ll be fun. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play some SA2… especially since I somehow ended up deleting my save file.


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