Congratulations! You clicked on the About page! Now you shall be enlightened with the twisting tale that is the history of how Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine came to be.

The story of Ekajra, and Emerald Shrine, begins way back in the year 2005. I was but a wee little eleven year old, just beginning my embarkment into the world of the internet. Well, technically I’d had an e-mail address for a few years, but at that age all that would get you was a Neopets account. So really, at the time I wasn’t really embarknig on anything. I was just doing what anyone with internet access and no websites to really go to does: looks up random pictures on Google.

This leads to where the embarking begins to begin. Being the young fan I was, I simply had to find pictures of my favorite red guardian, Knuckles the Echidna. And that’s when I found this: http://knuckles.truered.net/fans/fiction/ellieza/dark_knu1.html

Well, it wasn’t exactly in that form, it was really just the pic, but you get the idea. My first exposure to fan art where I knew what it was. (It’s a similar example to how I’m an anime fan now a’days, but when I watched Pokemon and Digimon “back in the day” I didn’t know what anime was.) I thought, “Hmm, my what an interesting find. I shall like to investigate this matter of fan art and fan fiction.” … Okay, no, I wasn’t actually that smart. Well, I was but I don’t talk smartically. It was probably more like this, “Woah, this is cool. Knuckles is all… evil! The black with the armor parts looks really awesome!” Add in some wondering about all the random relatives and terms from Archie that are mentioned and you’ve got a curious Knuckles fan clicking the link to his first fanfiction. And so the era of Ekajra began… the best part is I didn’t even start with the first chapter of that story…

It would be hard to describe exactly how all this worked out, but I’d encourage you to at least read the “Dark Knux Saga” by Ellie-Za, which can be found here: http://knuckles.truered.net/fans/fiction/ellieza/ Now don’t take this as the blatant advertising for a no-longer writing author that it is, more as me trying to educate you on how Emerald Shrine came to be. Hey, you’re the one who clicked this page. Now I read this story, and quickly became situated to how this worked as far as I could tell. You write a story about Sonic characters, and also make a Sonic character version of yourself and a friend(or as I usually said when I first made Ekajra and Alerak, an echidna-self) to put in there for more characters. All very simple, and not tied down by the complicatedness that I now find myself in with the demands of the internet Sonic fandom.

Contrary to popular belief, mainly because the character had never been exposed to the internet’s hate machines until recently, Ekajra was not actually my first character. The first Sonic character I did I drew out on a piece of lined paper which I wrote a profile on. He was a frog named Hopper, who was actually a pretty decent character, probably my most original. He was also a version of me (like I said, I thought all characters were supposed to be based on real people) and I intended to use an edited version of him in Ekajra’s Tales, but couldn’t think of a way to fit him in. Though he’s bound to show up at some point… like in, let’s say, Alternate Ending perhaps.

But after that I got to what I really wanted, an echidna-self. So I got to work and made the first Ekajra. Which sucked. Epicly. At the time I thought he was an amazing character. Taking my insignificant knowledge of echidnas and the Dark Legion from the comics, combined with my love of Knuckles, I created Knuckles the echidna with my personality and interests, who was also a former Dark Legionnaire (another trait I thought was neccessary. Hey, if the first fanfic you ever read is flippin’ amazing, you’ll take notes). Warning, the image you are about to see is unedited and horrifying. I recommend any purists, perfecionists, or trolls to look away. The following is Ekajra’s original profile. It ain’t a pretty picture.

Yeah, you really don’t wanna read that. I can barely bring myself to. The worst part? This is the Ekajra I planned to base my fanfics on. The other worst part? The original versions of Ekajra’s Tales were even worse than the character. Here’s basically how it would go down.

Exodus: Ekajra and Alerak leave the Dark Legion, easily, for no reason whatsoever. Seriously, I don’t know how I’d write it, I mean, the original Ekajra was even more like me than the current model. He actually liked Knuckles. Really, I think they’d probably leave the Legion to “join” the Chaotix. Which they do. Easily, again. And everyone becomes best pals. Might I remind you I still had never actually read any Sonic or Knuckles comics extensively.

Deathblade Saga: Just a pause here to note another way the great Ellie-Za inspired me, in a way that is still visible. Deathblade Saga. Dark Knux Saga. Anyway, this one probably would’ve gone down much the same way it did the actual way around. Once again, minus the Knux hate. Oh, and for all I know the Chaotix would’ve helped me beat Deathblade. Exodus was really the only one well planned at first, these next two were more basic story ideas.

Black Chaos Saga: Oh man, this one probably would’ve been terrible. Did I forget to mention that in another early version of Ekajra’s Tales the Dark Legion had made a “Dark/Black Master Emerald”. Yeah, you have three guesses where Black Chaos comes from. If I remember right, Eggman didn’t show up in this, and Black Chaos was released in Dark Legion experiments. And obviously sought me out because wouldn’t you know? The DME was developed at the same time Ekajra was! And there was some connection or other stupid shnizz like that. Also Ekajra became the “Guardian” of this emerald if I recall correctly. Hence the name, “Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine.” Though that was partly inspired by the fact that Ellie-Za’s now defunct site was called “Ellie-Za’s Echidna Enclave.”

Fortunately for everyone, myself included, I wouldn’t acquire the resources or skills to make a website for two or so more years. And, being very orderly and liking to do things with much ritual, I said I wouldn’t write any fanfics until I had my own site to put them on. In this time, I discovered, amongst other things, Concept:Mobius’s Fancharacter guide and realized how horrible my characters were. I reworked them, reworked the story, came up with actual back stories, and what not. All in preperation for the day when I would have my site. Which I knew was coming soon.

The year was 2007, I was in 7th grade, and my computer class was gonna do a section on HTML. Which made me happy, as it was another chance to show up the teacher who taught 5th-8th computer classes(who also did 5th-8th P.E. and taught 5th-6th in general, but that’s beside the point) because I already knew HTML from the Neopets account I mentioned earlier (everything ties together, doesn’t it?). Unfortunately, he suckered out of it because he found Googlepages. However, I now had an easy way to make the website I’d always wanted, and I was ready. I went home and made my own G-mail address and started work on Emerald Shrine immediately. Those early days were pretty easy, since it’s not that often one gets to make a fansite for computer class. Of course, I had to redo the whole site because I found out how to change the URL to something other than the name you’d used for your g-mail, and also I had been making a ton of character info pages which were taken off of the final product when I decided there were enough resources for finding official informationz.

That summer I finished the site, and in one day, probably July 31st, I wrote all of Exodus. The site was all set, and officially launched on August 1st, 2007. Hooray! I finally had the website of my dream-age! That year I did all three of the original stories, after which I had no idea what I’d do. But I wanted those done while I was still the same age as my character. Emerald Shrine was well on it’s way. The next year I did my first actual fanfic fanfics, since I had done the smart thing and taken official characters as far away from my fancharacters as I could. New Empire, which was mostly a cool idea I ran with, and Chao Adventure, an idea I’d had long ago for a Chao RPG that SEGA could make. I then returned to Ekajra’s Tales with more new stories and such and I’m really just rambling right now but that’s okay because I’m just gonna keep on writing. Fanfics, that is, not this “About” section. Fanfics about Knuckles, fanfics based on the games or comics, fanfics that are funny, serious, or just plain EPIC. And of course, fanfics about Ekajra. And Alerak. Yes, better put that in there. I’ll mention Dehr as well. I think that covers the real life people. I’ll stop talking now.


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