Copyright Shnizz
Because every website needs a copyright page… especially when 99% of its contents involves copyrighted characters and/or terminology…

While my primary field is prose, like many writers I occasionally wander into the land of poems. Here are some of them.

Finding the Computer Room…
A history of the Chaotix Clan (and by association SoniClans), written and updated by me.

Backyard Biohazard.
A short (very short) story I wrote for my school’s literary journal. It has zombies.

The Merc.
Assignment for English class. We had to do a character sketch, which basically meant write something that describes a character. Got a 29/32, mostly because I apparently went too “short story” on it… though that’s what most of the examples seemed like.

1869: All are Equal under Law and Evil
A Baccano! fanfic. Had to write a story set in the Reconstruction Era for U.S. History class… I’m pretty sure mine was the longest one handed in. Also we had to use a bunch of vocab words. Try to guess where I did! (Hint: It should be painfully/humorously obvious.)

The Great Ninja Vs. Pirate Debate
My Creative Expression speech from the ’09 season. Exactly what it says in the title.

An Internet Carol
My speech from the ’10 season. A parody of A Christmas Carol. With the internet! Say what you may, it got me all the way to State.

Life in Level One
2011 season’s speech. A comedic hodgepodge of video game tropes and pastiches.

The Non Sequitur Adventure of Sally Semicolon
My finale season’s speech. Actually a back-up in case my duo partner couldn’t make it to a meet. It makes very little sense.


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