Finding the Computer Room: A Chaotix History

In July 2007 on the Sonic Stadium Message Board, staff member Aoi launched the SoniClans, her vision of a community within the community. It was divided into three Clans, ARK, Freedom Fighters, and Chaotix. And this is where our story begins… after some back-story for those not “in the know”. Going by the fact that there were the Freedom Fighters, it’s always been this writer’s assumption that the Chaotix were named after the group of Knuckles’ friends who help him in the comics. However many clan ideals, such as our motto, are based on everyone’s favorite dysfunctional detective agency that the Chaotix is now in the games. Chaotix has always been the clan for the crazy, smart, and all around fun to be with people. Now, onto the actual story…

The early days of Chaotix, as with most clans, saw a large blossoming of activity. It was new forum feature, and naturally everyone wanted to try it out. The clans quickly filled up with those who were simply curious, those who were role-players, and those who just wanted to have fun. Chaotix, being the all around fun, yet slightly insane, clan, generally showed the largest amount of activity in the early days. Random discussion topics were started, game topics such as “Mad-Libs” and “Caption the Avatar” sprang up frequently, and role-plays of varying success started. Actually, correct that, to most people’s knowledge only one RP was really ever started successfully. But it did have most every role-playing member of Chaotix in it. All in all, things were going good for the clans, so within about a week the staff decided they were ready for another interesting feature.

SoniClans has always been a member run community. That’s really the point. As such, one feature of the Clans was Leaders, members elected every three months (changed to four in later years), who would serve their clan by going to staff with clan requests, moderating, and just generally being in charge of things. (Up till “The Big One” there was also a Co-Leader, who helped the Leader and filled in for them when the Leader was gone.) Few ran in the first Chaotix election, and after the voting was finished, Strong Bad was elected Leader, with AngelxZero serving as Co-Leader. And things went on as they had, though the newly elected officials didn’t seem to do much for the clan. The Chaotix Contest association was founded by ByeBye in this term, and launched their first contest, a role-play entitled “Beer Brawl”, which was, in short, a bar brawl RP with competitors trying to be the wildest, craziest, funniest entry. It unfortunately never finished, and no other CCA contests were launched, or really planned. Also during the first few weeks of existence the Chaotix created a clan motto (Finding the Computer Room, one door at a time.), the first to do so. There was also a topic for clan banners, were the semi-official Chaotix Clan logo was made. (Semi official, as it was made by AngelxZero, it had two formats, six sizes, and it appears to be the only one left surviving.)

At the end of September, the second elections were held. After voting, PRiNCE was elected Leader, and Strong Bad elected Co-Leader. However, Strong Bad didn’t seem to like this very much and complained about not being re-elected. PRiNCE said he didn’t mind, and the two switched roles. However, and considering the behavior of Strong Bad, PRiNCE really did more as Co-Leader than Strong Bad did as Leader. The second term however did begin to show a slump of activity in the clan. Many members who had joined in the uproar of the launch began to disappear, and all the Clans lost members. However, the remaining members continued to be active, and many key members also joined during this time. Things continued at a relatively even pace throughout the second reign.

The story of the third leader election of the Chaotix is quite a fiasco. First and Second leader StrongBad was not running for re-election, and the candidates this time included second Co-Leader PRiNCE, long time Chaotix member Ekajra, and relative newcomers SparkyTK and Oni. Now, Ekajra had been inactive for a few weeks due to real life issues. Figuring he would return in time for the elections however, he still ran. Upon returning to SSMB, he found that the elections had begun early. Going by posts, he figured that he was in last place, and in order to see the results, simply voted for himself. However, he quickly discovered that he was now tied for second place with Oni. He quickly posted and had his post removed and given to PRiNCE, and in the end, SparkyTK was elected third Leader of Chaotix, with Oni serving as Co-Leader.

Things were going well, and Chaotix began to see one of their biggest rises in activity since the beginning of the Clan. But unfortunately, all of that had to come to a crashing end. Dreadknux, founder of The Sonic Stadium, had decided he’d had enough with the ways things had been on SSMB, and planned a complete revision of the board. (Known as, “The Big One”) Certain sections would be fused, and others would be done away with completely. Unfortunately, one such area of the board slated for deletion was SoniClans. Due to its constantly changing activity rate, loss of the original founder (and most of its staff in general), and none of the promised features having been implemented yet, he decided it was more trouble than its worth and wasn’t really accomplishing anything. And there was nothing the Clans could do but wait to die, because the decision was made.

Of course, they didn’t just wait around. The Clans banded together in their final hours to try and find a new home. They wouldn’t let SoniClans just die out. Various ideas were suggested and members all began to say that they would start a new forum. One such member was the Freedom Fighter Fausch. He contacted Ekajra to be a staff member on the forum he had started, and also tasked him with finding a good skin designer. Ekajra in turn went to somewhat inactive Chaotix member Fleet, founder of various forums, chiefly The Lava Reef Message Board, who he knew was a good skin designer. He proposed the idea to him, and after checking out the forum the Fausch had made, decided it was too low tech for him to effectively work with. So instead, he just started his own SoniClans with better software. And so, on February 28, 2008, the SoniClans were reborn as their own forum.

Members began to pour in from SSMB, most being reintegrated into the Clan they had originally been in. A few key staff members from SSMB joined to help out, and things went well. Activity was up, everyone was glad to still have SoniClans, and now free from all the complications of being in another message board, many ideas that were impossible before were implemented. Chaotix flourished even better than they had before, despite a lower number of members. They spread their outreach, former Leader SparkyTK starting an official Chaotix deviantART account, for example. (After the move, there were technically no Clan Leaders, however those who had been leaders before the move were considered leader by most members.) However, all good things must face bad for a time, and soon came the darkest period in Chaotix history, aptly named, “The Great Tribulation.”

In late March 2008, Jcink, the forum hosting network that SoniClans was on, was repeatedly attacked by hackers, and was frequently getting shut down. Deciding that the Clans just couldn’t operate like this, head staff Fleet and SOTI decided to, for now, move it into a separate forum again, this time on Sonic Deck (a forum founded by Fleet which was now under control of Miles a.k.a. RevivalDBM), which was also hoped to bolster Sonic Deck activity. And so, SoniClans went back to being part of another forum. Step one on the way to the Great Tribulation. During the move, most Chaotix members were either already inactive for various reasons, or simply lost interest after all the problems that had recently happened. The few that remained tried to make the most of the new SoniClans. Unfortunately, Sonic Deck was undergoing its own set of problems involving staff quarrels, and SoniClans fell at the wayside. And then came the true Great Tribulation. The key player in this event was a staff member by the name of Cy-Fox. Now, his is a name that is no longer spoken amongst the Chaotix, and it pains this writer to have to recount this tragic piece of history. However, for the sake of education, it must be done. First of all, it should be acknowledged Cy-Fox was known to write a fanfiction series involving the Station Square Police Department. And, either caused by some strange hatred of the name Chaotix, an attempt to forcefully reduce members of the board that he was supposed to help, or a sudden impulse of pride in his writing, without warning and without even approval other staff it would seem, he grabbed a hold of Chaotix and twisted it in his cyborg-fox hands, renaming it the Station Square Police Department. Then, he posted a topic telling the Chaotix of the name change and stating that if they wanted they could transfer to one of the other two clans, which hadn’t been altered.

Needless to say, even the most dedicated Chaotix couldn’t take this and left. Eventually however, after moving to new forum software, the Chaotix name was given back. But the damage was done, and few Chaotix members returned, and none ever really posted. However, favor began to shine on the Chaotix again in May 2008, when Sonic Deck went under a complete revision. After being held onto as one of the few sources of life on the board, SoniClans finally returned to its home as its own forum. In the words of SOTI as he announced it, “With Sonic Deck closing down for renovation, Miles has finally let go of the SoniClans on SD. The SoniClans are back on their dedicated board, bitches!” Chaotix members began to trickle in, one by one, and new members also joined, such as Dehr_Blademaster and Amideo (who was originally ARK). However, the Chaotix remained a small numbered group, averaging only two or three active members at a time.

The Chaotix continued to function in a sort of limbo, with most of their discussion being in ways to bring back their clan. In Early October 2008, the first Clan Elections of the forum were held. And in perfect demonstration of the extreme inactivity of Chaotix, Ekajra, one of the few survivors of the Great Tribulation, was the only member who ran. Therefore, he instantly became Fourth Leader of Chaotix. Immediately he set out to try and make Chaotix active, though unfortunately most of his attempts had not reached full fruition by the end of his reign. However Chaotix had a received its fair share of new members, and in the Second Post-Tribulation elections, Dehr_Blademaster and FrogOne ran for election, as well as Ekajra. In a semi-landslide, Ekajra was re-elected as Leader. As such, he continued to pursue bringing the Clans back, and soon something would happen that would prove more beneficial than initially thought. And then come crashing down again.

Another forum move, this time, for different reasons. It was decided, that since many SoniClans members were also members of Lava Reef Message Boards, and since Fleet led both, they should just combine them. The topic was posted for people’s opinions, the forum was split, Chaotix Leader Ekajra instantly started freaking out and saying random stuff about needing to know everything that would happen, and on February 1, 2009 SoniClans was fused with LRMB, rather suddenly. Still, after the initial bumps were fixed, Chaotix saw a rise in activity, and its first new members in quite a while. However, recently the LRMB activity began to slow down, and the SoniClans seemed to be pushed to the side. In addition, much drama arose over staff positions and such, and the majority of Clan members began to retaliate against the Lava Reef. In an effort to fix the problem, SoniClans returned to its own full forum while remaining part of the Lava Reef network. This lasted for a few days before Lava Reef’s last grip was chiseled from SoniClans. Lava Reef founder guys Fleet and SOTI decided to “retire” from the forum running “business”. Lava Reef was handed over to their staff, and the SoniClans staff, along with Lava Reef staffer Entia, were given the SoniClans forum, which was moved unto a server owned by Chaotix member SeanieB. While Fleet seemingly faded from the internet, both he and SOTI (who stuck around SoniClans) were given SoniClans Legend member status (given to significant non-mod SoniClans members, such as founder Aoi). Now under new-old management, SoniClans began to return to its usual ways, with members going about their business with discussions, role-plays, and games. In addition, more new members began to come in. However, as the wheel turned yet again, SoniClans would meet its fate.

In mid February 2010, the week of the 7th, SoniClans met its end. A massive eruption of drama and confusion swept over the board. The average members were not sure what was going on, some staff weren’t even sure, most Chaotix, as tends to happen, stayed out of other people’s business and tried to lighten the mood on the side. Alas, this time the highest powers of the forums were involved personally. SeanieB, the server owner and admin, stepped down from power due to people complaining to him about the drama, which he had not been involved in, and soon after admin Entia made it so only that topic could be viewed normally. By Friday only a splash page of Seanie’s post was visible, and soon after the message was changed by Tealer (formerly SOTI) announcing that SoniClans was officially dead. The members broke apart, and many seemed to spring up on a forum by the name of “The First Battalion”, while others seemed to just go about their ordinary business.

And so, with the message proclaimed, this chapter closes. But will the book ever open again? Perhaps not as “SoniClans”, but the spirit of the Chaotix lives on. This historical article is proof enough of that. Maybe one day we’ll all meet again on some forum somewhere, or perhaps even in real life. But for now, rest easy Clannies.

The End…?

Not so, my friend. On February 28, 2010, anniversary of the beginning of the SoniClans independence, Ekajra revealed a new forum dedicated solely to the Chaotix Clan. While retaining some aesthetics of the old Clan ways, it was more of a traditional Sonic fan forum, albeit centered on Chaotix themes and ideologies. And so the Clan was born anew, and the quest continued. For the Chaotix shall not rest until we have found the Computer Room…

~History recorded by Ekajra, Fourth Chaotix Leader; First and Second Reign of the Post-Tribulation Era.


Strong Bad, First Chaotix Leader: First Reign of Ancients

~Co-Leader AngelXZero

PRiNCE, elected Second Chaotix Leader: Second Reign of Ancients, served as Co-Leader

~Co-Leader Strong Bad, was granted Leader position by PRiNCE

SparkyTK, Third Chaotix Leader; Third Reign of Ancients

~Co-Leader Oni

*****Jcink Era; Sonic Deck Era and Great Tribulation, no Leaders*****

Ekajra, Fourth Chaotix Leader; First and Second Reign of Post-Tribulation Era

FrogOne, Fifth Chaotix Leader; Third Reign of Post-Tribulation Era

*****Trial by Lava; Death Era, Revival Era no leaders*****


~Ancient Days, Origin, SSMB Era – The time from the SoniClans beginning till The Big One.

~Jcink Era – After moving to the independent jcink forum until the merge with Sonic Deck

~Sonic Deck Era/The Great Tribulation – The merge with Sonic Deck, including the Great Tribulation.

~Post-Tribulation Era – The Return to the jcink forum until the LRMB merge.

~Trial by Lava – The brief merge of SoniClans and Lava Reef Message Board

~Death Era/Great Depression – The decline and collapse of leadership leading up to the Death of SoniClans. Commonly referred to as The Great Depression by Chaotix member Swift.

~ Revival Era – Chaotix Clan as an independent forum founded by Ekajra.


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