A pie passed me by…

A pie passed me by
As the sky said to die
Like a fly in the rye.
Bill Nye the Science Guy!

There were none in the bun
But a nun on the run
With a ton of good fun.
G.U.N. Experimentation

A bee by the tree
Let it be said Mary
There’s a flea in my tea.
Mr. T is Mr. T

They must hug and yet Flug
And a bug in a rug
With a pug once called Doug.
Dig Dug and a Moonshine Jug.

Though my poem is at home
And the Dome unlike Rome
Shiny chrome, fluffy foam.
Lordgenome needs a chest comb.

A third sheet shall repeat
With this treat of a beat
All the meat that is sweet.
The Egg Fleet is obsolete.

It acts coy like the boy
With a toy made of koi
And annoy not the soy.
Colonel Roy Mustang, oh joy!

Taking bleach to the beach
Helps you teach them to breach
But will leech fuzzy peach.
Halo Reach is unlike Bleach.

Ho hoe jo yo-yo yo
To the show we will go
But my toe must not grow!
SEGAshiro, my hero!

Time paradox it rocks
The locks of my new socks
But jocks cannot have flocks.
Goron walks are oft’ road blocks.

Ich habe kein Karte
Die Spiele sind viele
Ich bringe erst diese
“Schwarze Sonne” ich höre.


An orange killed… wait, um, doorhinge?


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