Sad Panda

I am a sad panda.

I wake up in the morning
‘Oh hey, bamboo
The same thing
all day
every day
Roll out of bed
(which is a rock on creeky twigs, by the way)
Eat bamboo
Walk over to the tire swing
Slap it around for a few hours
Chat with Wúliáo
At the watering hole
About life In the zoo

Yeah, they make it
look comfortable
But we’re still
stuck here
Keeper comes by
to see what we’re doing
I roll a rock over
(pointless, really, but it keeps him happy)
He says, “Keep up the good work!”
and walks away.

End of the day
everyone leaves
I go back to my bamboo
I sit on my rock
Pandas eat shoots and leaves
I eat
and leave


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