Ekajra’s Tales:

The series of stories about me, the great Ekajra! Quick action stories with a mostly decent plot, found exclusively on Emerald Shrine!

Chapters From The Chao Garden:

A collection of stories involving “my” Chao. Occasionally tie in with Ekajra’s Tales.

New Empire:

What if the neutral ending of Shadow the Hedgehog was true? What if Shadow really had been an android, and killed Eggman. This “sequel” explores these questions.

Alternate Ending:

In Sonic Adventure 2, Dr. Robotnik finally got even more awesome and almost killed Sonic with a bomb in an escape pod. If Sonic hadn’t pulled out a deus ex machina, he’d probably have died. So, what if his main character powers hadn’t saved him?

Ortus Portentī:

Full title “Ortus Portentī Simulācrī Volpēculae”. A spin-off/prequel to New Empire about the origin of the thing inside a certain doll…

Eggman is the Walrus:

A one-shot story for a deviantART contest. It’s really… really weird… and I didn’t win anything, in case you’re wondering.


April Fools’ Day post of 2010. Based off of this video.


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