(This was my 09 April Fool’s Day joke. I posted this little ditty of chapter, claiming to be chapter 6 of Alternate Ending early in the morning, typing it up in about 5 minutes straight onto the site editor in my school computer lab. I was initially gonna write a story in really bad grammar and stuff and claim it was my new style, but then I decided making a ridiculous story with good writing was even better. So here it is. Also, the link formerly led to KnuxRoll, which is like getting RickRoll’d. But more awesome.)

Knuckles blasted throgh the jungle, crashing the foliage aside as he rushed to the center of the mountains. He raced through the ravine, and began to smash his way through the robot guards. He jumped into the air as a Chaos like robot swung its tentacle at him. He smashed its head in, and ran up to the central command area, where the Master Emerald, and Shade, were being held. He pulled back his fist and slammed it into the seam in the gate, prying it open with his knuckles until he could get a firm hold. He placed his hands in and wrenched the door open. He dashed through the halls, until he found the room he was looking for, and he bounded in, ready for a fight. Yet he was surprized at the sight he saw.

The Master Emerald was free, in the center of the room, and Shade, her wounds healed, and Metal Knuckles were sitting at it, like a coffee table, enjoying a nice cup of tea. But not only them, but Tikal and Chaos, obviously having need the Emerald in its time of need, were also seated there. Shade and Tikal seemed to be enjoying a nice chat about living in the current age after disappearing 4000 years previously. Needless to say, Knuckles was flabergasted, and immediately demanded an explanation.

“Well, you see,” Metal Knuckles explained. “At zero hundred hours today I received an urgent message from the Empire’s capitol. Emperor Robotnik ordered me to capture Shade to lure you into a trap. Of course, not to hurt you, but to apologize for destroying your island. We’ll be moving out later today. So on behalf of the Eggman Empire, I ask that you enjoy some refreshments.” And Knuckles did. Later that day, all the robot forces left the island. However, the tale was not yet done…

* * * * *

Miles away, Miles Prower had decided that while wearing an overcoat was awesome, being angsty was not. And so, taking up the name of Tails again, he flew into the city and proclaimed that he would become the hero the city wanted, and also the one they needed. Dark super heroes only work for humans. As he was proclaiming his message, however, a blue figure suddenly dashed through the streets. It was Sonic, back from the dead! He ran up to the top of the building where Tails was perched. “Sonic?” Tails said slowly. “Is that really you?”

Sonic said nothing for a while, then suddenly declared, “APRIL FOOLS! Also, here’s the real new chapter: LINK!


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