Machine Megalomania

Amy Rose stepped off of the rail train, looking at her rather bright surroundings. It was the first time she had set foot in New Central City, and she was taken back. Everything seemed to have futuristic shine, as if the entire city had been dipped in chrome. The sidewalks had lanes of moving platforms, taking pedestrians in their desired directions briskly but comfortably, while those with closer destinations simply walked alongside them. Traffic was calm, considering how easy hazardous speeder could be stopped and caught on the streets outfitted with anti-crime technologies. A small team of EggCops could be deployed from every street corner to assist the human police force, as well as more advanced robots that patrolled the streets. In the center of the town was the great hill that was once the ARK, but had since been built upon, with skyscrapers, government buildings, and even a public park covering the former space station. EggPawns could be seen all over, helping citizens, working in businesses, and expanding the city. As trusting and forgiving as she was, Amy still had trouble believing Robotnik’s story, especially after what Miles had said. But once she saw all the good the Eggman had done, under his new company name of MeteoTech Enterprises (often seen as a rather grim reference to the ARK Impact), she had decided to move to the city as well.

Moments after the train moved away to its next destination, a chopper motorcycle sped past. Close behind it was a trio of security robots, shaped like wheels and chasing down their target. “I guess some people will always try to cause trouble,” Amy said as she watched the chase. Suddenly a small blue jet swooped out of the sky and began to fly parallel to the road. “IS that… the Tornado?” Amy asked herself. The plane opened fire on the police robots, destroying them and part of the road. It then caught up to the motorcyclist while a group of EggPawns marched out into the street to fix the damage. After a brief talk with the motorcyclist, the plane’s pilot turned around, shot down the EggPawns, and flew away.

“When is he going to learn?” a citizen standing nearby said.

“That boy’s talents could be used for good, not helping gang members.”

“He sure has changed.”

“So it was Tails,” Amy said to herself. She shook her head and looked in the direction the Tornado had flown. “No, it wasn’t Tails. It was Miles. And I shouldn’t worry about him anymore. He can make his own decisions.” Amy turned on her heel and marched towards her new apartment building.

* * * * *

“The Vamps are growing too powerful for some small fry gang!” the N.C.C.P.D. Chief said, slamming his fist on the conference room table for emphasis. “And with that Prower kid on their side they’ll only get stronger.”

“Well, what do you propose we do?” the mayor responded. “For a “small fry gang” they have managed to make a mess of things and yet keep their operations mostly secretive.”

“We just need to search more! Start in Westopolis, that’s where they originated.”

“And search any entire city? Even with robots it would be a waste of time and resources.”

“I think for now, gentlemen, we wait. Apart from localized property damage and thefts, they haven’t caused too much mayhem,” the president said. “What do you think Dr. Robotnik?”

“As the mayor pointed out, even with my most advanced line, the BE-MR, the Vamps would likely evade our eye,” Dr. Robotnik said, leaning back in his chair and stroking his mustache. “Their leaders are bats, who excel at being sneaky. However, the Fox Boy should be no problem for me to take care of. As you all know, he fought with me in the past, and so with your backing I should be able to catch him.”

“Very well then. You may use whatever forces you need,” the president replied. “But bring him in alive; we may be able to use him to find where the Vamps are hiding out.”

“Yes sir, I’ll get right to work.” Robotnik stood up, nodded to the other officials seated in the conference room, then walked out. He suppressed the overwhelming laughter building up inside of him.

* * * * *

“Nice work guys, we made off with quite the haul,” the Vamps leader said as he got off of his motorcycle. The Vamps were based in a long abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Westopolis. Through various means they had managed to keep their presence there a secret, and neither G.U.N. nor MeteoTech had bothered to check the area. Mainly because their technology expert had put up a holographic field around the warehouse (made even better when Miles had joined forces with them), making it look even more run down than it actually was. The leader, Hellsing, walked over as two other members were unloading a pickup truck filled the majority of an electronics store’s inventory. The sound of a small jet airplane filled the room, and a few minutes later Miles flew down from the door leading to the roof. “Good shooting out there today,” Hellsing said as Miles walked up to him.

“All in days work,” Miles replied. “Still, I’m getting the feeling this little jobs aren’t doing enough damage. Eggman has the power to find us and wipe us out, so why hasn’t he?”

“Who knows? I say we take advantage of it while we can.”

“Which might not be for long,” a female bat, the Vamps’ tech expert, said as she walked up to Hellsing and Miles.

“What do you mean, Niv?”

“Look at this,” Niwea said, handing a piece of paper to Miles. It was a wanted poster asking for his arrest, alive. “The government just plastered this on about every website they could.”

“Heh, and here I thought the billboards were bad,” Miles said. He crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it behind him into a trash can. “Well if they want me alive, I’ll gladly oblige.”

“And I’m guessing you don’t mean turning yourself in,” Hellsing said with a smirk.

“No, I think it’s time for me to take a stab at the heart of this beast. I’m going straight for the doctor himself.”

* * * * *

“Small aircraft inbound. Acquiring visual… it’s the Tornado sir,” a police officer said as he watched one of the city’s security monitors.

“Dr. Robotnik said he would take care of Prower. Contact MeteoTech and let him know,” the police chief replied.

“We’re actually get an incoming message from him. It seems he already knows, and he believes Prower is heading for MeteoTech headquarters.”

“He’d better be right. The last thing we need is that fox boy tearing up more of the city. And keep your eyes peeled for the Vamps!”

* * * * *

“Emergency alert! Emergency alert! First defense units deploy!” the calm feminine voice announced as warning sirens rang out around the MeteoTech complex positioned near the center of the city. New experimental robots, with large armored chest plates and conventional machine guns, dropped to the ground from deployment rooms on the upper levels, and battle ready EggPawns filled out their ranks. The tops of builds opened up secret areas revealing anti-aircraft turrets. The streamlined BE-MR units stood at the ready as backup.

The reason for all this soon came into the robots’ scanners. Streaking through the sky was the Tornado. The rapid fire turrets began to fire volleys of lasers at the small air plane, but the skilled pilot behind the controls swerved around them. Nearing the first building, he executed a barrel roll then fired his own weapons, taking out a turret. He looped in the air then bore down towards the ground. The machines waiting below began to fire at him, but Miles quickly took out most of them, swopping back into the air. With exact precision he ran the Tornado along the side of another of the skyscrapers that were clustered together. Turrets from the other buildings, set to such a high priority mode that they were told to shoot immediately, shot at him all the way up, decimating much of the building. Large chunks of debris fell to the ground, crushing the robot troops below. Spinning around again, Miles flew towards another turret and destroyed it, proceeding to do the same with the remaining turrets till all that remained was the main tower in the center of the complex. Miles flew straight towards it as lasers bore down straight in front of him. He rolled left, then right, then dove quickly and circled the building. As he reached the top he shot across the center of the roof. The turrets on each corner all took aim to fire and ended up destroying each other. Miles took one more run at the ground troops before landing on the roof of the main tower. He jumped out of the cockpit, a small pack hung over his shoulder and two handguns. He wasn’t sure how effective they would be on the more heavily armored units, but Hellsing had said it was better than nothing. He quickly dashed for roof entry door, pausing to place something from the bag in the center of the roof.

He kicked open the door and began to dash down the stairs. Nearing the bottom he paused to wait for any signs of robots as he recalled where to go. Niwea had managed to hack into one of MeteoTech’s databases and gotten a basic floor plan of the building. She then pinpointed where Robotnik’s control likely was, and that room was now Miles destination. He heard the sound of metallic footsteps and took a quick glance into the hallway. Miles was standing at an intersection of hallways, and a group of EggPawns was approaching from both sides. He reached into the pack until he felt a small sphere, hardly larger than a gumball. But this was no gumball, and like most of the bag it was an extra something special from the Vamps’ explosives and heavy weapons expert. He grabbed a second on and put it in his other hand. Pressing down on an indent in the top of the sphere, Miles dashed across the hallway. He threw one sphere down each side then slid along the sleek waxed floor into the third hallway. A few seconds later an explosion rocked the halls, but Miles was already running. He had to make his way through the maze of hallways to a large room in the center of the top floor. He pressed himself against the wall as he reached another cross hall. Clearly the EggPawns had been a decoy, as a squad of BE-MRs was making its way towards his position. The Battle Equipped-Minimum Resistance line was the current top of Robotnik’s military machines. They were sleek, fast, and wielded powerful weapons. They were also simple to produce, which lead to their one flaw. In exchange for large numbers with little resources used, as the name suggests they sacrificed their armor. While not as easily destroyed as Badniks or EggPawns, Miles figured he could probably still take care of them, provided he had the element of surprise. And in this instance, he did. Taking his guns in hand, Miles leaned around the corner and fired off a couple bullets into the head robot. They met their mark, hitting right in the head and destroying the robot’s CPU. It fell to the ground, sparked, and exploded. The rest of the BE-MRs immediately moved quickly, but Miles was ready for them. He threw out another mini grenade, and soon the robots were eliminated. Miles turned down the hall he had just cleared, shooting a surviving robot before it managed to get to its feet.

After a few minutes of maneuvering through the halls, destroying robots as well as placing more of the mystery item from the roof, Miles reached his destination, and he knew what it was just from looking at the door. In typical Robotnik style, it was the one room on the entire floor that didn’t have a generic door, but instead featured a logo in his likeness. Two of the newest unit, the tall and more heavily armored robots, stood outside. ‘Only one grenade left,’ Miles thought as he reached into the bag. ‘I have to make this count.’ He armed the grenade, then softly rolled it along the ground so he didn’t alert the robots. It ran into the closer robot’s foot, and he looked down just as the sphere exploded. Miles waited as the smoke cleared and listened. After a few seconds of silence he was about to turn into the hall when bullets traced along the corner next to him. Miles made an angered tick noise as he heard footsteps; only one set, the grenade had managed to take out one of the robots. Mustering up his courage, Miles rolled around the corner, fired at the robot, and slid behind the opposite corner. His bullets bounced off his armor, except for one which managed to nick the side of the robot’s flat head. However, this wasn’t enough to destroy it, and the robots following attack rendered the floor Miles had just slid on rubble. He wasn’t going to be making any more slick moves. The robot once again began to walk towards Miles. Miles dove around the corner and shot at the advancing robot, diving back around the corner. A bullet caught one of his tails, but Miles soon heard a satisfying clunk. The robot fell to the ground and exploded. Miles quickly proceeded down the hall and kicked open the giant doors to Robotnik’s control room.

“Eggman! You’re going to pay for everything you’ve done!” Miles declared, aiming his guns at where the assumed the rotund human would be sitting in his stereotypical villainous manner. Instead he found simply a large screen and an otherwise empty room. The screen then flickered to life, filling the room with an image of Dr. Robotnik.

“Did you really think it would be that easy?” Eggman laughed. “No Fox-boy, those schematics were placed in the open hoping you would find them. While you’ve been causing a mess in my corporate headquarters, I’ve been watching you from my real base.”


“And now that the government has given me permission to use all my resources to capture you, I think it’s time I launched my real plans for this world. Starting with the people of this city!”

“And what makes you think I’ll let you?”

“You can’t stop me Tails. I have the whole city under my control already, even if they don’t know it. And by the time the government realizes what I’ve done, it will be far too late for them!” Robotnik let out another maniacal laugh. “And about those bombs you’ve been placing throughout the building, don’t bother setting them off. I already plan on destroying this building with you in it! After all MeteoTech is just a cover for the true power of the Eggman Empire, hidden just below you.”

“You don’t mean… you’ve really been working from the…”

“And now, to finish what I started with Sonic! You never did hand over the real emerald…”

“SHUT UP!” Miles screamed, blasting the screen. Glass fell to the ground, but Robotnik’s laughter still filled the room, before the computerized woman’s voice announced the self-destruct sequence. Miles ran out of the room and dashed down the halls. He was just about to reach the roof access stairway when he ran into a mob of robots. Without even pausing to think, Miles jumped into the air, flew a few yards over the group, then ran along their heads and dove into the stairway. He ran up the stairs to the roof and jumped into the Tornado. Explosions rocked the building, and the roof began to fall out from beneath him as he drove his plane off the edge and into the air.

Below him, swarms of BE-MRs were moving out from the MeteoTech complex and spreading out over the city. They seemed like ants coming out of the ground, and in truth many of them were in fact rising out of hidden passageways beneath the city streets. Miles swooped down and began to fire at them, but there were too many of them for him to take care of. He had to warn the people. He flew over the city around the ARK and tried to access all radio frequencies with his communication systems, but he was being jammed. But never being one for a simple and quick operation, Eggman soon announced his plans himself. On every radio, TV, electronic billboard, and any other audio visual device in the city, Robotnik transmitted a message not unlike that he told on that fateful day years ago.

“Attention people of New Central City and the world! It is I, Dr. Robotnik, the world’s greatest scientific genius, and now, finally, the world’s greatest ruler! At this very moment my MeteoTech Enterprises headquarters was attacked and destroyed by the terrorist Miles Prower. But fear not, for under my control, malefactors such as him shall exist no longer. My BE-MRs are entering the city, but do not resist them. That is, unless you have a death wish!” Robotnik’s laughter filled the city as the message ended.

Pandemonium broke out in the city as the BE-MRs swooped in and quickly suppressed the people. The people began to run for their lives, trampling over each other. Cars swerved and crashed as the streets filled with people. G.U.N. at first tried to maintain control and calm down the populous, but as the robot army quickly destroyed the massive Big Foot mecha deployed as riot control, G.U.N. realized who the real enemy was. They began to fight back but soon found themselves overwhelmed as much of their strength had been replaced by Eggman’s robots. It quickly became evident that the genius doctor had been planning this very attack since he began to rebuild Central. The military immediately changed their focus to evacuating the people.

Miles was attacking the robot hordes when spotted a bit of pink amongst the gleam silver. Soon a circle of robots had been eliminated around it, and more followed. Amy Rose was already at the forefront of the battle, taking out robots with her Piko Piko Hammer. Miles called to her as he flew down. “Amy! Jump on! You won’t make it out in there!”

Amy looked up to see the Tornado. All her hesitation about whose side Miles was on immediately disappeared after Robotnik’s attack. Amy slammed her hammer on the ground and flipped into the air, landing in a second seat behind Miles. “You were right about him,” she said as she watched the terror below. “I should have listened to you.”

“Even I wasn’t expecting this, but now we just need to… no!” Miles suddenly yelled as he looked at the edge of the city. While some people had managed to escape, a thick wall was beginning to rise out of the ground, blocking people’s escape. Miles flew the Tornado towards the closest section and began to shoot at it, but it was no use. The wall was too thick, and his weapons weren’t enough.

“We have to help them!” Amy yelled as Miles began to turn around and swoop back at the wall.

“There’s nothing I can do! This wall is too thick… it’s up to them to save themselves.” Miles took one last shot at the robot army before flying away from the city. “I’m sorry, but now we need to save everyone else and hope G.U.N. can get the people out.” As they cleared the city’s airspace, the Tornado’s radio was unjammed, and he quickly contacted the Vamps.

“Miles, what’s going on out there?” Niwea asked as she answered his calls.

“Robotnik just launched an attack on the city. He’s officially taking over what he already owns.”

“We thought that message meant as much.”

“You need to contact the authorities in Westopolis. If you got the message too, then it’s only a matter of time until he attacks there too. They need to evacuate the city.”

“On it. Are you headed back here?”

“Yeah. I’ll try and take out any robots I see on the move. Miles out.”

“So, what happens now?” Amy asked.

“We survive so we can fight another day. I will get revenge on Robotnik for this… for everything…”


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