Shadow was happy one day because he then saw a group of G.U.N. soldiers with who he could do fight with. “Headghorg, you are under arsest!” said one of them as they were comeing. “Nevor!” said Shadow and he banged his guns toards them. But it ddin’t whork because none of them would dead.

Shadow then smiled and laughed because he knew it was tim to get series. “It is time for me to what I does best for good!” Shadow said aloud.

“We will get you!” said Camandoor. Shadow then looked into his very own motorcycle and found rocket pod and double bazooka and machine gun and other rocket pod and even more bigger gun. “G.U.M. soliers you will burnt!” said Sadow and fired all his guns really fast.

“No!” said the G.U.N. soldiers and they explod and they all were dad and Shadow was the best one.

And then Rouge was a zombie.


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