The Blue Sphere.

Chibi stood up slowly. “Man, this is really annoying. I don’t even have any idea where I’m supposed to be going,” he trudged on for a moment before stopping suddenly and smacking his hand to his forehead. “Duh! Agh, how could I forget?” He reached behind himself, and when he brought his hand back in front of him, he was holding what looked like a scroll of some sort. He stared at it for a while, before itching his head and pondering, “Where do I keep this?” He shrugged, and then sat down, unrolling the scroll.

On it was a simple drawing of the island, with various spots marked on it. “Well, let’s see here… this little faces in the colored circles must represent the gardens where the spheres are. Now where’s my garden?” He scanned the map, and then spotted the yellow dot. “Alright, and the nearest garden is… the blue sphere.” He pointed to the blue spot, northwest of his garden. “Hey, there’s some writing here! Let’s see here… ah man, it’s written in ancient Chaonese! Well, shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. “Blue Sphere located here. Garden populated by groups of fast blue chao.” Huh, so, a garden of Speed Chao. Sweet, maybe they’ll have races!” Chibi rolled up the map and put it away, once again having no idea where it went, and then stood up. “Now, which way to go? Well, it’s a good thing chao are naturally directionally gifted. I say, that way!” he declared, walking away as he pointed in the direction he headed.

I regret to inform you that chao are not naturally directionally gifted. Why do you think we were nomads for so many years? Nonetheless, Chibi thought he was, and unfortunately he found himself wandering around the woods until he somehow wound up back in his garden. It was at this point that the Elder pointed him the right direction, and gave him a compass specially designed for use on the island. And so Chibi set off, now headed in the right direction.

* * * * *

Elsewhere, evil forces were at work plotting. “So, one of the chao from that garden wasn’t captured. And he seeks to get his friends back? Ha, as if he has a chance! Still, this could pose a problem. The boss… er, Master said that we needed to capture all the chao from that garden. Where is he headed… ahhh, a garden to the northwest of his. Very well. Troops! Deploy a platoon to that garden!”

* * * * *

Soon Chibi had reached the blue sphere garden. It was located in a rather large clearing in the woods, considering the main area of the garden only took up a small amount of it. The chao there seemed friendly enough, and there was certainly a concentration of speed types, many of which also seemed to be from blue eggs, making them extra blue colored. “Weird.” Chibi muttered to himself as he took this all in. “Now, let’s see, my best option would be to find the garden Elder and get the sphere as quick as I can.”

“Did you say the Elder? Cause I can take you to him if ya want me to.” A voice said from behind Chibi. He turned to see a young speed chao, he’d probably only changed just recently, standing there looking at him. “My name’s Cinohc. Cool, uhh, sword, right?”

“Yeah, it’s sword. Awesome, isn’t it?” Chibi smirked as he spun around. Cinohc nodded and grinned. “You said you could take me to the Elder?”

“Yeah, he’s my grandpa. Well, I think so at least. You can never be too sure ya know? Anyway, I saw you and figured you weren’t from around here and decided I’d help you out.”

“Well I’d certainly appreciate it, so, lead the way!” Cinohc nodded and then started walking off to the far edge of the central area of the garden where there was a clump of three fruit trees. In the middle of them was a more advanced speed chao, doing some stretches.

“Ahh, I knew I’d find him here. Hey gramps, I’ve got someone here to see ya!”

“Hey, what’d I tell you about calling me gramps! It’s not my style,” the older chao said as he stopped stretching to look at Chibi and Cinohc approaching.

“Sorry. Anyway, there’s someone from another garden here to see you.” Cinohc pointed to Chibi, who stepped forward.

“It’s nice to meet you, Elder, er…”

“Chonic’s the name, races are my game!” Chonic said proudly.

“Chonic… that name seems somehow familiar… wait, isn’t that Cinohc backwards.”

“Yeah, gra… I mean Chonic named me that. Original, isn’t it?” Cinohc said.

Chonic looked at him sternly, before turning to Chibi. “We don’t really get many people, not even echidnas, that bother to come out here, so the Elder usually has to name everybody.”

“Yeah, it’s usually that way in my garden too. Except for me. Any way, I didn’t come here to talk about names. I’m on an important quest.”

“I assumed as much. All Elders of the Sphere Gardens are told about the legend around that sword you’re carrying. Come, have a seat, explain everything.” So Chibi told him the story of how he’d found out his garden had been attacked, and how he had to retrieve all the spheres to defeat the one behind all of it. “Hmm, I see… very well then, there’s no time to lose! Let’s get on down to that sphere!” Chonic quickly stood up and pushed against the tree at the tip of the group. It bent forward a surprisingly large amount, and then simply fell over. Chibi looked on in shock as the tree slid away, revealing a stone stairway into the ground. “This is a secret path that leads to where we keep the sphere. Cinohc, you stay here and close the door after we leave. Chibi, follow me.” Chibi nodded, and walked down into the ground after Chonic.

After traveling through a long corridor, which was somehow already lit by various torches, they emerged in a clearing in the forest, with brick walls along the edges. And in the center of it was a statue identical to one of the seven in Chibi’s garden. “And there it is! The Blue Sphere.” Chonic said. “Alright, enough looking, I’ll go get it.” Chonic began to walk towards the statue, when suddenly a crashing sound came from the forest. He looked around as suddenly a swarm of Omochao came flying into the clearing. “What the? How did they find out where this is? Oh well, they shouldn’t be that hard to beat. Chibi, get ready!” He yelled back. Chibi nodded and reached back for his sword.

“Time for some real action,” he smirked, and began to draw the sword. And immediately fell backwards. “Agh, hehe, little heavier than I thought.” He grunted with exertion as he managed to get on his feet and hold the sword in front of him. “Ahh, that’s better. This is gonna slow me down, but it shouldn’t matter, Omochao aren’t that fast anyway.” Chibi ran into the group of landing Omochao, which Chonic had already engaged. “Eat this!” he yelled as he swung his sword at one of the Omochao. It hit dead center of the robot’s head and slashed straight through it as he Chibi smiled with glee. “That was awesome! This’ll be even easier than I thought!” He started to slash through the opposing forces like they were air.

Meanwhile, Chonic was running circles around them. Literally. With his incredible speed he was whipping a large group of Omochao up into a whirlwind, slamming them on the ground. One came up from behind him, but he flipped over, kicking it to the ground as he chanted, “You’re too slow!” The Omochao were almost gone, and seemed like the battle was already won. “Hmm, I’d have thought if they were gonna attack they’d at least have a few more troops than… oh man…” Chonic said as he looked to the trees. More and more Omochao were flying into the clearing, and they were soon overwhelmed.

“It’s like they never end!” Chibi yelled as he slashed through an Omochao in front of him, pulling the sword back and stabbing it into one behind him. “They’re coming too fast.

“I know, and you definitely aren’t a speed… wait, that gives me an idea!” Chonic suddenly dashed out of his particular group of assailants and headed for the statue. He jumped over it, pulling the sphere out as he did, and threw it towards Chibi, yelling, “Chibi, quick, put that in the sword and use it!”

Chibi caught the sphere, and as ordered, shoved it into the first open spot on the blade. As it slid into place, he felt a great power welling up inside of him. As he griped the blade tighter, a burst of blue energy came out from him, annihilating the closest Omochao. He then bent forward, and ran through the throng, faster than he’d ever run before. He quickly defeated most of them, and what was left soon retreated.

“That was… amazing! What happened?” Chibi said after the last of the Omochao had gone.

“That is what the spheres are for. They unlock the true power of the blade. What you just got there was a taste of being the ultimate speed chao. Though of course, not as fast as me,” Chonic chuckled.

“So, when I get the other spheres, I’ll get other abilities too?” Chibi asked.

“I’d assume so. And with all of them combined, you can defeat whoever’s behind all of this.” Chonic then turned back towards the exit. “But for now, let’s celebrate our victory!”

The next morning, Chibi set out for the next garden. “The Red Sphere garden isn’t far from here if you take this shortcut.” Chonic said as he marked a path on Chibi’s map. “You might need to use the blue sphere eventually, but be careful. Using all that extra energy might wear you out, so use it cautiously.”

“Alright, I’ll be careful. Anything else?” Chibi asked as he strapped the sword to his back.

“Yeah, last night I sent out a messenger. He’ll be traveling to all the sphere villages to tell them you’re coming, and to warn them about the Omochao.”

“Good idea, thanks. Well, I’d better get going then.” Chibi waved goodbye as he walked off in the direction of the red sphere garden.

“Oh, and one more thing, be careful what you do in the next village. You didn’t here it from me, but power chao are known for their tempers.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!” Chibi called back.

* * * * *

“Oof, ow, that hurt,” Chibi muttered as he was slammed on the ground into a tree.

“Hey buddy, I said, “What’s your business here?”!” a voice said from above him, and he looked up at the deep red chao that was currently beating him around. Chibi merely smiled a little and raised his hand as he was about to speak, before a fruit fell off the tree and hit him on the head, knocking him out.

* * * * *

“So, those sphere things give him special powers. Hmm, maybe he’s a little more dangerous than I thought. Better take care of this before the boss finds out.”


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