The Cyan Sphere.

Chibi was coming in at a straight plummet on the side of the mountain, gaining speed with every second. He figured if he built up more speed by just falling, he’d be able to speed off right away towards the Cyan Garden. He looked intently at the ground as it rushed up to meet. Seconds before he would have impacted, Chibi quickly pulled himself up and shot away from the mountain, parallel to the ground. He turned to look at the mountain one more time, and turned back just in time to collide with a tree.

He fell to the ground, rolling around with pain. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. That really hurt. Ah, gotta… get back…. up,” Chibi said as he tried to get steady. He stumbled away from the clump of trees back into the large clear area he meant to fly through. He pulled out the Blue Sphere and activated it as well. He knelt down, and then took off running, trying to go as fast as he could. Just as he figured he could not get any faster, he jumped into the air and took off.

Once he had reached a good altitude and was gliding on the air currents, he pulled out his map and tried to figure out which way to go. “Let’s see, I’m heading from the mountain this way,” Chibi said, drawing a line with his finger out from the mountain to where he was. “And I need to get to the water ruiny places, cause White’s shortcut is over there.” He drew another imaginary line along the route White had drawn. “Cause the Garden is here, right by it. Hmm, doesn’t look like much of a shortcut, but oh well.” Chibi changed direction according to his planning, and flew off.

* * * * *

Soon enough, Chibi was nearing what some call the Hydrocity, and he realized why White’s shortcut was useful. Most of the area was sunken underground and underwater. And while in some places it was possible to enter through a whole in the ceiling, from the direction Chibi was coming that wasn’t possible. He landed down on the closest piece of land in front of the ruins.

“So the garden’s somewhere around here, eh? Wait, White’s shortcut says I have to go straight from here. That means…” Chibi looked at the lake before him. “I have to swim?!” Chibi yelled, flopping about in flustered excitement. “Ah man, and I hardly know how to swim! I’d probably drown or get stuck or something and I’ll never get the sphere and the Omochao will take over and everyone will say “Oh Chibi if only you’d been able to swim through a little water this wouldn’t have happened” and…” Chibi paused to take a breath. “Well… I’d better get it over with. Wait…” Chibi pulled out the Yellow Sphere. “I know the Cyan is probably swimming, and the spheres haven’t exactly been following the usual representative colors, but still it’s worth a shot.”

Chibi raised his hand in the air. “Yellow Sphere, activate!” He waited, but nothing seemed to happen. “Well, that was a big letdown,” Chibi muttered as he began to put the sphere away. “Hey, wait!” he exclaimed as an idea hit him like that fruit from the Red Garden. “If I use the Blue Sphere, I can run across most of the water. In fact, the garden might not be underwater, but on top of all this. And if I do have to go underwater I’ll just run through and I could try and use the White Sphere to float myself out!”

With that, Chibi pulled out the Blue Sphere, stepping back from the shore a few yards as he activated it. He then ran forward, and sure enough, he managed to slide over the water somewhat till he came to a stone wall. He grabbed onto some plants on it and managed to pull himself over the edge, spotting what appeared to be a chao garden. “That must be it! Hmm, maybe there’s an entrance under… wah!” He yelled as the plants broke and he fell into the water. After flapping around for a while, overcome by shock, Chibi let himself sink down as he looked for a whole in the stonework above him. Soon enough he spotted it, and tried flopping over to it while he descended. Eventually he hit the floor, the weight of his sword defeating the Chao’s natural buoyancy, and quickly ran the rest of the way to the hole, withdrawing the White Sphere. He focused his mind on himself, pointed up towards the light. Slowly his body began to rise through the water, and as he broke the surface he grabbed onto the edge and pulled himself up, sliding the spheres back into their homes.

He lay there for a moment, gasping for breath, then stood up to look around. Fortunately he’d chosen the right whole, as he soon spotted the garden a short distance away. There appeared to be a ring of rubble surrounding it, and just inside it a ring of trees. Chibi began to walk over to the garden, and when he got closer he realized that the chao had actually taken away and crushed some of the stone to plant the trees. No sooner had he fully entered the village than a swimming chao came running up to him. “Are you…” he began.

“Chibi? Yeah, and you guys got a message from Chonic saying I was coming, right?”

“Uh, yes. Now come with me! The…”

“The Omochao are already here and they’ve attacked the place where you keep the sphere. But they probably haven’t taken it, right?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course they took it! Some weird tough guy showed up after the initial strike and took it!”

“What? We’d better hurry then!”

“Exactly! Follow me,” the swimming chao began to run off. “My name’s Choggy by the way.”

“And let me guess, you… aren’t the Elder?”

“Yeah, our Elder is Chig, a purple swimming and power chao. He won’t be much help though.”

“Why, is he too fat?” Chibi asked, chuckling. For those who do not know, when a chao grows primarily in swimming then trains in power, they tend to become larger than most chao.

“Well, sort of, but really he’s just lazy. Alright, there’s the entrance,” Choggy said as he pointed towards another hole in the ground, a large rock the size of the opening sitting next to it.

“Don’t tell me, we have to go underwater…”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know how to swim…” Chibi shook his head to say no. Choggy sighed. “Well, it’s not a long swim, I’ll just drag you along. Hold on.” Chibi grabbed Choggy’s hand, and the two dove into the water. Choggy’s swimming power was definitely better than Chibi’s sink and rise style, and they quickly reached an underwater door, which led up into a large room similar in style to the other garden’s sphere rooms. Except in this one the sphere was already taken.

“You said some big guy came and took it?” Chibi asked Choggy quickly. “Which one is he?”

Choggy scanned the crowd, then pointed him out. “There, the one in the back, with the funky symbol on his head.”

“Ahh, so you found me. Good job,” the culprit said in a deep, mocking voice as he started to float above the crowd. Chibi first noticed the shine of the Cyan Sphere in his hand, then looked at the rest of him. He was actually an Omochao, though he was different than the others. He had a similar color scheme to that of the Omochao, but his highlights and headball, which was spiked a like a Dark Chao’s, were black. He had a maniacal look to his eye, and on his forehead was a red logo that resembled a mustached Overlander. Chibi recognized it somehow, but couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Are you the one in command of the Omochao?” Chibi asked.

“Why, yes I am. And you must be Chibi Chaos, the one trying to stop us.”

“No, not trying. I am stopping you.”

“Well, yes, unfortunately, that seems to be true up until this moment. But no matter. We will win, and you will pay. But first I want to see how powerful you are.” The Leader extended his hand towards the floor and Chibi and Choggy watched as his hand changed into a cannon, which fired a quick laser blast at the floor, creating a whole, through which water began to slowly seep. “I like a challenge, so here.” The Leader threw the sphere to one of his subordinates. “I’ll tell you where to find me, if you can catch me!” he yelled as he dove into the water.

“Just great. Okay, Choggy, we gotta get that sphere back!” Chibi yelled as he spotted the Omochao holding the item in question. He drew his sword and activated the White Sphere. As he began to hover, he charged up energy into his hands as he brought them together, then quickly pulled them apart, tossing away a line of Omochao in front of him. He dashed through and quickly froze the Omochao holding the sphere and grabbed it from him. “Thank you,” Chibi said as he threw the Omochao across the room. “Choggy, take care of the rest of these guys, I’m going after the Leader!” Chibi yelled, running towards the hole as he slammed the sphere into the sword. He dove in, and activated the sphere underwater as he looked for which direction the leader had gone. He spotted a jet line of bubbles, and started flopping over to it as he felt the power well up inside him. Suddenly there was the usual explosion of energy, and Chibi blasted off.

Soon enough he caught up to he Leader. He began to swing with his sword, but the Leader turned around and blocked it with a blade coming out of his hand. “So you did catch up. You’re stronger than I thought.” The Leader withdrew and then slashed at Chibi, who blocked it. They exchanged a quick series of blows before the Leader jumped back, putting away his blade. “Definitely stronger than anticipated. I’ll have to prepare for our final battle.” The Leader suddenly blast forward up next to Chibi, and quickly whispered in his ear the location of his base. He floated away again. “I’ll be waiting for you. Farewell!” The Leader quickly threw something into the water that flashed, blinding Chibi as the Leader made his escape.

He got away! Well, at least I know where he’s hiding. And soon I’ll defeat him!’ Chibi thought as he swam back to the garden. Once there he found Choggy had already defeated all the Omochao.

“Did you get him?”

“Yeah, but he got away. But not before telling me where his base is. Once I get the final sphere, I’m gonna defeat him!”

“And I might just be able to help you with that. Let me take you to Elder Chig. He has a…”

“A shortcut to the next place right?”

“Yeah. Wow, you’re pretty good at this,” Choggy said as he jumped into the waterway leading back to the garden. Chibi followed, and when they surfaced they were met by Chig, who was in fact a large purple chao.

“Ah, you must be Chibi, the traveling guy,” Chig said in his low, slow voice. “I, uh, have a short cut thing for you. It’ll help get you to the next garden.” Chibi was already giving Chig the map when he asked for it, and the purple chao quickly wrote on it. Chibi thanked him and started heading for the entrance, waving goodbye. “Good luck!” Chig yelled after him. “Alright Choggy, I wanna tell you something…” Chig turned around to talk to Choggy, but the swimming chao had run off. “What? Hey Choggy, come back!” Chig called, running after him.


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