The Final Battle.

Chibi had already left the Green Garden area, taking to the skies and flying around the mountains, once again mumbling about having to keep going back and forth. Fortunately, he didn’t have to go far, and he knew exactly where he was headed. The Omochao’s was near the snowcapped mountains, nestled in a small valley with a lake. As Chibi flew in closer he spotted a collection of various buildings and elaborate piping routes. It appeared to be some sort air base. Chibi landed down, and began to seek out the Leader. It did not take him long.

“Good, you’ve finally arrived,” the Leader’s voice came from next to Chibi, who turned to face it. “Welcome to the domain of the Dark Omochao.”

“Is that what you’re calling yourself now? Well, it’s a lot catchier than “the Leader”. Your domain looks kinda… unused, I guess is the word I’m looking for.”

“Yes, well, the doctor really only used it in a failed attempt to launch his giant space station.”

“The doctor?” Chibi asked, having no idea what Dark Omochao was talking about.

“Yes, Dr. Robotnik, the one who built me,” Dark said, pointing at the symbol on his forehead. Instantly, Chibi remembered why it looked so familiar.

“Oh yeah, the human guy who attacked that one time when the guardian “borrowed” me! So, why did he send Omochao to attack my garden?”

“If I remember correctly, he was going to use them in some experiments. They are still here though, he hasn’t sent anyone to come get them.”

“Really? Then in that case,” Chibi drew his sword, “I’d better make this quick.”

“Very well then, give me everything you’ve got. Though you haven’t got a chance against me!” Dark Omochao responded, a blade extending from his hand.

“We’ll see about that! Blue Sphere, activate!” Chibi yelled as he charged Dark, bringing his sword up to slash downwards.

“Speed drive, initiate.” Dark said in a monotone voice. Chibi slashed at him, but Dark jumped to the side just as fast. Chibi launched a flurry of high-speed attacks, but Dark managed to dodge them with careful precision.

“Maybe I’ll try something other than speed… Red Sphere, activate!” Chibi said quickly, making an angled slash at Dark.

“Power drive, initiate,” Dark said in a monotone voice again, and brought his blade hand up, blocking Chibi’s slash.

“What? How did you possibly block that powerful of an attack?”

“I’ve upgraded myself to match and surpass your abilities. You can’t beat me!”

“Oh yeah, well try this! Purple Sphere, White Sphere, activate!” Chibi quickly tossed Dark away from himself, then took to the air.

“Hmm, I never did come up with a way to fully block the telekinesis. But still, I can at least combat him in the skies. Flight drive, initiate.” Dark Omochao’s back slid inward, and out came a jet pack device. It powered up, and Dark blasted after Chibi, who slashed at him with his sword. Dark brought his up, and the two went into a flurry of attacks, before Dark pulled up his other arm, which had changed into a blaster, which he fired at Chibi. Chibi wasn’t able to block it in time, and began to fall towards the lake.

“Cyan Sphere, activate!” He yelled as he broke the water’s surface. Dark was already after him, his jet pack changing into an underwater mode. He blasted in and again pounded at Chibi, who barely managed to dodge his attacks, but couldn’t launch an offensive of his own. Eventually Dark grabbed onto him and flung him out of the water.

Chibi flopped up on the shore, gasping for breath as Dark rose out of the water, standing in front of him. “Had to enough yet weakling? Face it, you can never beat me!”

“I won’t, give up…” Chibi said, struggling to stand. Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head.

Chibi, remember what you learned from the Chaos Chao.

“Elder? Is that you?”

Yes Chibi it’s me. You need to activate your full power.

“But how do I do that?”

Just listen to the Yellow Sphere, just as before.

“Alright, gotta just focus on the Yellow Sphere… that’s it!” Chibi fully stood up, and pointed his sword at Dark. “Get ready for a world of hurt. Yellow Sphere, activate!”

The Yellow Sphere glistened on Chibi’s blade, and Dark Omochao merely watched. “Yes Chibi, show me what you can really do.”

“Blue Sphere, activate! Red Sphere, activate! Purple Sphere, activate! White Sphere, activate! Cyan Sphere, activate!” Chibi continued, each sphere lighting up as he activated them. “And last but not least… Green Sphere, activate!” The Green Sphere lit up, and suddenly green energy began to run along the spheres, extending along the center of the blade to the tip. As it reached the very edge of the sword, there was an explosion of energy, which slowly formed itself into the shape of a chao head.

“Is that, a cocoon? Wait, it’s fading now. Alright Chibi, I’m prepared for whatever you can dish out.”

The cocoon slowly faded, and standing, or should I say floating, in the middle was Chibi, holding the sword, which had changed slightly, the spheres all now glowing in unison and a green band running along the center of the blade, and the hilt had taken on the shape of a Chaos Chao’s head. But the sword wasn’t the only thing that had changed. Chibi was now a Chaos Chao, but with much more power than your average Chaos Chao, as he was infused with the power of the spheres. “Alright Dark Omochao. Bring it,” Chibi said confidently.

“As you wish Chibi Chaos!” Dark Omochao yelled as he charged Chibi, blasting him with both arms as blasters multiple times before changing his arms into swords. Chibi, hardly moving from his spot, deflected all the energy shots with his sword, then blocked Dark’s double slash. Dark starting swinging each sword after the other one, but Chibi was completely unfazed. He merely held up his one hand holding the sword, and he brought his other hand up to his mouth, yawning.

“Is that all you’ve got? Cause I gotta get this over with, friends to save and all.”

“Do not mock me! I will beat you!” Dark Omochao yelled.

“Not anytime soon, I’ve already figured out your weakness.”

“And what’s that?”

“For one thing, you’ve been fighting my after image for a few seconds just now,” Chibi said as he disappeared. Dark Omochao began to turn around, but suddenly froze and fell to the ground. “And two, who powers a robot with a turn key?” Chibi asked swinging the key in question around on the edge of his sword. He then whipped it away, and flew into the lake. “That was so easy it was almost boring. I mean, I was expecting some giant super battle, like at the last second he’d whip out some more powerful upgrade but then in the end I’d beat him with some random technique or another hidden power. Oh well.”

Chibi shrugged as he began to sheath the sword. “I wonder? Will I lose my awesome Chaos Chaoness when I put this away? Guess I’ll just have to see.” Chibi slowly put the sword away, closing his eyes. “Well, I don’t feel any different,” he said as he opened his eyes, and looked down at his white and blue body, so similar to mine. “Awesome! I get to be a Chaos Chao, I get to be a Chaos Chao!” He continued chanting as he pranced around in a circle. “Oh yeah, friends to save. Right, now where would they be?”

Chibi went off in search of them, checking various buildings, until he eventually found the members of his garden all huddle in a warehouse. At first they were shocked that they were being save by a Chaos Chao. Then Chibi told them who he was. Then they were even more shocked.

“Wow, the little runt wound up saving us all.” “And he’s a Chaos Chao no less.” “”Whoa, is that a sword? Cool!” were just some of the various comments people. Eventually they calmed down and Chibi was faced with another problem; How to get them all home. His garden wasn’t big, but it was still a large distance for this group. He consulted the Yellow Sphere to figure out a plan, then realized he could somehow warp using the Green Sphere. He’d actually done it to get behind Dark as fast as he had, but he didn’t realize it at the time. After some experimenting, Chibi eventually figured out how to get to the village. Soon, all the Chao had been brought back the garden. There, Chiles congratulated him.

“Good job, Chibi! You’re quest is finally done!”

“Not quite Elder, I think there’s one more thing I must do.”

* * * * *

Chibi walked into the Green Sphere room. As he’d thought, there was also a stand for the sword here as well. He unstrapped the sword from his back, and began to place it in the stand.

“Ahh, Chibi, are you placing the sword here so that it may never fall into the wrong hands?”

“Yeah, I suppose you could say that. But more importantly,” Chibi said, putting the sword down and turning around. “I want to keep the spheres in one place. If I ever have to use this again, I’m definitely not gonna go all around the island looking for them!”

* * * * *

A few days later, in the house of two young echidnas…

“Hey Alerak, I’m gonna go check on Chibi, Haven’t seen him for a while,” Ekajra said as he stepped up to their back window.

“Yeah whatever, just be careful, I still haven’t fixed the camouflage device. Stupid ninja chameleon…” Alerak said, hardly looking up from his work.

A short while later Ekajra walked into the clearing of the Chao Garden. “Hey Chibi, you here?” He called. Chibi came walking over to him, but at first Ekajra didn’t recognize him. “Wait a minute… sweet! Chibi, you’re a Chaos Chao aren’t you! That’s flippin’ awesome!” Ekajra proclaimed as he picked up Chibi. “I must be one good Chao raiser!”

Sure, you just keep thinking that,’ Chibi thought, laughing.


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