The Green Sphere.

Chibi was sitting on the ground outside the ruins, examining Chig’s markings for a shortcut. It was not that the instructions were complicated and needed thinking through, or that there was a large amount of them. No, the reason was something much, simpler…

“How am I supposed to read this?” Chibi asked himself, throwing the map to the ground. All over the area around where he was and the mountain region were various scribbles and random words. Chibi could make out an arrow going from the Cyan Garden to a mountain past the White Garden, closer to the desert. But then there was an arrow pointing back the other way, and something that looked like a word. “I think that’s… down? So wait, do I have to go down somewhere? Underground, maybe. That’d make sense, I guess. But what’s with this?” Chibi flipped over the map, which had more scribbles on the back. First, there was what looked like squiggly spikes over something flowing. “Well, the spikes kind of look like… fire, so maybe the water or whatever is lava? Well, I’m pretty sure there’s a volcano that way, so that makes sense. And then there’s an arrow from the fire to this… spike and egg thing?” Chibi looked at the other drawing, which depicted a spiked ball across from an egg shaped object next to a diamond shape. “Why does that jewel shape look so familiar? Wait, it kinda looks like the emeralds… ah, I’ll just figure when I get there,” Chibi sighed as he packed up the map. “I’ll run to the mountain, then fly around it to the desert part and try and find a way into the mountain.” Chibi activated the Blue Sphere and blasted off.

After traveling all the way back to the mountain, where Chibi made a statement about having to go back and forth for no reason, he took off and flew around. Sure enough, as he had figured, beyond the ice-capped mountains were some of lower altitude and warmer climate. And beyond those was a desert. As Chibi was nearing the foothills he spotted a small garden and landed there. It turned out it wasn’t the Green Sphere garden, but the chao there knew how to get to it.

“A lot of us used to live there, but a while back the area got attacked by an Overlander and we had to leave. The Elder’s stayed behind to guard the sphere, and said to wait for the one who’ll come for it. Guess they meant you,” one of them said after showing Chibi the entrance. Chibi thanked him, and headed in.

Despite being in a volcano, the area was fairly cool. Whoever had built it had gone to great detail and created a beautiful area. Chibi could tell someone other than the chao had used this. He walked around and soon came to a room with some very large flower like stands, the most central being surrounded by green jewels. “Well, I’m probably in the right place,” Chibi said as he descended a small flight of stairs. He looked at the wall next to him, stared at it for a moment, than said, “Huh. So that’s what it is.” He pulled out the map and compared Chig’s drawing with the mural on the wall, which depicted a yellow spiked creature facing off against a large somewhat egg shaped figure holding an object shaped like one of my emeralds. “Hey wait, I didn’t notice this drawing before.” Chibi looked at Chig’s drawing and noticed very small square beneath the mural drawing. “Hmm, maybe this is the entrance to the garden.”

Chibi walked up to the wall and started feeling around beneath the mural. Sure enough, after some searching he discovered a part of the wall the slid in when he pushed it. He slid it completely away and began to walk through the corridor, which was lit by glowing green gems. Eventually he emerged in a large room, larger than all the other sphere rooms. Like the one in his garden, this room had all seven statues in a circle. The walls of the room were spotted with more of the glowing green gems, and by each statue was a gem corresponding to its color. “Yellow for Elder, Blue for Chonic, Red for Chuckles, Purple for CHiGHTS, White for, uh, White, and Cyan for, I guess Choggy. And finally Green for… three different chao?” Chibi questioned as he looked at the statue farthest from him.

On the pedestal were three chao types he had never seen before. One kind of looked familiar, like the mural from his garden of me, but the other two were completely foreign to him. One had two horns on its head and spikes along its arms. On its chest was a crescent like that of the Guardian’s, and its headball was a flame. The other had what looked like rabbit’s ears, and its headball was a halo.

“Ahh, so you’ve finally arrived.” A trio of voices, coming from nowhere, said in unison.

“Who was that?” Chibi asked looking around.

“What do you mean, we’re right he…” one of the voices said.

“Wait, we haven’t appeared yet,” another voice said.

“What, we haven’t?” the first said.

“Apparently not. Wait a second… there we go!” a third said. There was a sudden flash of light, and Chibi put his hand up to shield his eyes. When the lit dimmed down he looked, and standing in the center of the ring of statues was the three figures from the last statue.

“Greetings Chibi,” they said, once again in unison. “We have been waiting for you…”

“Okay, let’s just get his over with. You got Chonic’s message, yes as you figured I am Chibi, and now you’re gonna be somewhat flustered and wonder how I knew you were about to say that, and then you’ll something along the lines of “Hurry and follow me!” because the Omochao are already here, right?”

“What?” the figures said. “We received no message from the Blue Garden Elder. You are the one foretold, who was going to take up the Guardian’s sword when evil attacked. Just like in the legend. We have been waiting since the prophecy was told and the spheres separated.”

“Wait, seriously? Are you guys immortal like my elder?” Chibi asked.

“Elder Miles, of the Yellow Sphere Garden? Yes, though he was born that way. We become immortal after our transformation. You see, we have the form of the Guardian before we found the emeralds those many years ago. The beings who first discovered how to raise chao to be like us named them “Chaos Chao”.”

“Like what they call the guardian… cool! I guess the middle one of you kind of looks like him. So he must be neutral, which means you two…” he pointed at the white and black chao, “are, what do they call them…. hero and dark chaos chao?”

“That is correct,” the hero chaos chao said. “I am Sephy.”

“And I am Li’l D.”

“Some names you’ve got there,” Chibi said, stopping his laughter after he remembered what Chuckles did and realizing that these chao were bound to be very powerful.

“Yes, we were named that by an echidna who was kind to chao. Not the one sealed with the Guardian though. She came up with much better names…” Li’l D. said with a sigh.

“And what about the neutral one?” Chibi asked.

“I do not have a name. I’ve been around since day one, and I still don’t have a name,” he said. “But it really doesn’t matter, at least I didn’t wind up with something like theirs.” He pointed at his comrades, who both smacked him on the back of the head.

“Right, anyway, I should probably get the sphere and get out of here, before the Omochao show up.”

“Do not worry,” the chaos chao trio said, once again with their dramatic unified voice. “The Omochao cannot get in here. The only ones able to enter this room are the Elders, the Guardian, and you.”

“Okay, that’s good, that explains why they haven’t already attacked. But still, I know where their leader is, and I will beat him!”

“Very well then, over here,” the chaos chao moved toward the statue of themselves, and Chibi followed. The nameless one withdrew the Green Sphere and handed it to Chibi. “This sphere will give you the ability to use the Chaos energy. It also has another ability that will prove useful in your final battle. But that one you’ll have to figure out on your own.”

“Figured as much,” Chibi said as he put the Green Sphere into the sword. There was not as dramatic an explosion of power, but Chibi could feel power coming into him. “Hmm, this feels familiar. Interesting. Well, I’d better get going.” Chibi moved towards the exit, then stopped suddenly as he reached it. “I just thought of something,” he said as he turned around. “What does the Yellow Sphere do?”

“You haven’t figured it out?” they asked.

“Yeah, I seriously can’t figure out what it does.”

“The Yellow Sphere is the key to your power. Think back to when you got the Blue Sphere. When you activated it’s power, how did you know what do to?”

“Well, then it just kinda hit me. But after that, I don’t know, I just somehow knew what to say.”

“And what about all those times you combined powers. How did you figure out how to do that?”

“Well, I just did it. I didn’t know if it’d work, I just tried it. Actually… outside the Cyan Garden I tried using the Yellow Sphere, and a little while after that I got an awesome idea. Are you telling me the Yellow Sphere makes me smarter?”

“Not exactly. The Yellow Sphere is sort of like an instruction book to using the sword and the sphere’s together. When you use the sword it tells you how to use the spheres’ power. It’s also the key to unlocking their power. Even with the sword, you can’t use the other spheres without the Yellow Sphere.”

“Really? Wow. I guess that’s why the sword and the Yellow Sphere were both in my garden, right?”

“Exactly. And now that you have all the spheres, you can unlock their true power.”

“Hmmm, this is starting to get interesting. Alright, get ready evil Omochao leader guy! You’re about to get beat by my true power!”

* * * * *

Far away, the Omochao leader listened to Chibi’s words as they were sent by the small camera he’d snuck on Chibi at their last encounter. “You true power, huh? Well then, Chibi Chaos, I’ll just have to show you some true power of my own! Hooohohohoho… wait, what the?” The Leader quickly checked through his system files. “What? How dare he replace my maniacal laughter sound file with his! Stupid doctor…”


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