The Purple Sphere.

Chibi sat down against a pillar of stone. He had been running at full speed with the Blue Sphere for a while now, and needed a rest. While the Blue Garden and the Red Garden had been closer, especially with the shortcuts he got from Chonic, the other gardens appeared to be much more spread out. The one he was headed to next, the White Garden, was near the Ice Cap mountain region, and the Cyan Garden was somewhere around the old water city.

“Hmm, maybe I should go to the Cyan place first, it’s way closer,” Chibi thought out loud. “But Chuckles said to go to the White Garden, so there must be some order to this. But one thing seems strange…” He reached behind him and pulled out the map. “… where’s the Purple Sphere?! I can’t find anything marking where it’s garden is. All there is is this little purple, clown, horn thing,” he said, looking at the marking in the corner of the map. It was a purple circle, with what appeared to be horns coming off of it. There was also a purple crescent with some words nearby, but they were faded. “And I can barely read Ancient Chaonese anyway. It’s probably a clue or something… kinda looks like a flying chao. Oh well, I’ll just ask about it at the next garden.” He put away the map and grabbed the Blue Sphere again. “Alright, time to get movin’. Blue Sphere, activate!” The sphere lit up, and then Chibi dashed off through the ruins.

* * * * *

“So, he’s going to the White Sphere garden. Okay, we should be able to beat him. Troops, deploy! And bring your coats!”

* * * * *

The sun was setting, and Chibi was getting near the base of the mountain. “Here seems as good a place to stop as any,” he muttered, observing a patch of pine trees. He ran over to them and sat down, pulling out the Red Sphere. “Red Sphere, activate!” The Red Sphere’s power filled him and Chibi punched at the ground next to the tree, creating a depression just large enough for him to lay in. “Perfect! Alright, time for bed!” He took off the sword, keeping it close as he lay down in his cubby. “Tomorrow I’ll head up to the White Sphere garden, and then it’s on to the Cyan Garden and the Green Garden. But still, I wish I knew where the Purple Garden… was…” and with that Chibi fell asleep.

* * * * *

“What the? Where am I?” Chibi asked as he looked around. He was in front of a walled in area with a fountain, like a garden of some kind.

“Hey, you must be a visitor!” a voice, with a strange accent, called from above. Chibi looked up to see something purple flying down towards him. As it got closer he realized it was a high level flying chao. “Hey, my name’s CHiGHTS, what’s yours?” the flying chao said as it got closer.

Chibi was shocked for a moment but recovered and stammered, “Oh, uhh, Chibi. My name’s Chibi.”

“Chibi? That’s a funny name.” CHiGHTS said, doing a spin in the air.

“Hey, it is not funny! Okay, so it technically means runt, but that’s not my full name. It’s Chibi Chaos! You know, like the guy that protects the chao!”

“Chaos, eh? Well, anyway, what’re you doin’ Chibi? Well, you’re sleeping, that much is obvious, but…”

“What do you mean I’m sleeping? Where am I, anyway?”

“Oh you don’t know? Must be your first time here. This is the Dreamgarden. It’s kind of like the center place of all your dreams. See all that black stuff out there?” CHiGHTS pointed behind Chibi, and he realized he was on a floating island like his home, and beneath and around it was what looked like a sea of blackness. “You’re gonna want to avoid that. It’s where the Chaomarens come from. Lately, some of the dreams here got attacked by some strange Chaomarens I’ve never met before. They looked like Chaotopians, but were all metallic…”

“The Omochao! How’d they get in here?”

“They sound familiar? Well, this is your dream after all. Anyway, from what I overheard as I was passing by, they’re looking for some purple sphere. I thought they meant the Chaodeya, but apparently they aren’t.”

“So that’s it!” Chibi exclaimed. “This is where the Purple Sphere is! That solves one problem.”

“So you know what this sphere is they keep talking about?” CHiGHTS asked.

“Well yeah. You know, the sphere that goes with my sword that I have to collect according to the legend. I guess Chonic’s messenger wouldn’t have been able to get here, but wouldn’t you know as a chao, or Chaotopian or whatever, from the Purple Garden?”

“Well, actually, you see…” CHiGHTS began.

“Hahahaha! You thought CHiGHTS was a Chaotopian? Hilarious!” a sinister voice called from somewhere Chibi couldn’t locate. Suddenly a dark figure swooped in, another flying chao, but it seemed different. It had an evil air about it, and its headball was spiked. It had grabbed a hold of CHiGHTS and they flew into the walled off area, through the fountain, and the new presence pinned him to a door that was just sitting there. “Why hello CHiGHTS. Master Wisechao has been looking for you.”

“CHEALA, let me go!” CHiGHTS said, struggling to get away.

“Sorry, but I can’t let you interfere with Wisechao’s plans again. I still don’t know why you won’t just give up to fate and listen to him.”

“No way I’m gonna let myself be ordered around! That’s way too boring!” CHiGHTS spun up into the air quickly out of CHEALA’s grip. “Quick Chibi! I’ll hold of CHEALA! Go into that door over there! You might be able to find what you need there.”

“Right. Good luck!” Chibi quickly dashed for the door CHiGHTS had indicated, which had a circle above that was lit up, depicting a simple garden scene. He flung the door open, and dashed inside.

Instantly he found himself on a large platform with a garden situated in the middle of it. It felt like he was floating up in the sky. “Well, considering those two were flying chao, then that’s probably the ability that the purple sphere gives me. And there it is!” Chibi said, noticing the statue simply sitting in the middle of the garden. “Surrounded by Omochao… great, they beat me. Oh well.” He pulled out his sword, looking at the Blue and Red Spheres glistening there. “I just thought of something, what does the yellow sphere do? Maybe I only get to figure that out once I have ‘em all. But for now… Blue Sphere! Red Sphere! DUAL ACTIVATE!” The two spheres both lit up as Chibi dashed into the crowd of Omochao. They were caught off guard as he swung the sword towards the ground, sending a shockwave through the middle of them.

The Omochao jumped him, and he spun around, slashing as many as he could before jumping away. He landed back on the ground, punching one away and then slamming his fist into the ground, shaking it. An Omochao fired a gun at him, but he pulled up his sword and blocked it. He then charged the Omochao and headbutted it. The Omochao fell down, exploding as Chibi looked around. His headball then rapidly changed into a spiral, and staggering, he fell down. “Ow, maybe that wasn’t the best ide… woah!” He rolled to the side as a group of Omochao jumped towards him; he stood up and slashed them. “I gotta find the Purple Sphere and finish this.” He sidestepped another group of Omochao, and then spotted a lone robot headed for the edge of the platform. “Aha, caught ya!” Chibi dashed through the crowd towards the fleeing Omochao. He pulled up his sword and slashed the Omochao in half. The sphere went flying into the air, and Chibi jumped for it, and caught it.

Just as he went over the side of the platform. “Oh, not good not good not good!” Chibi quickly fumbled around with the purple sphere, sliding it into the blade. “I hope I’m right about this one’s power…” he said as the sphere lit up and the energy surrounded him. “Yes, this is it! I can feel it! Time to fly!” he yelled as he seemed to pull back in midair and blast up into the sky.

The sun shone behind him as Chibi stopped in mid-air, his newly enlarged wings spread out. Well, perhaps enlarged is a bit misleading, considering they were the same size as any flying chao’s, but they were still larger for him. He held his sword ready to strike and dove for the crowd of Omochao. He swooped through them, his sword slicing a large amount of the group before he pulled back up. Pretty soon the Omochao’s numbers had been whittled down to one. It stood on the edge of the platform. “How’d you get so powerful?” It asked as Chibi walked up to it, preparing to strike. “I must inform the leader. This increase is crazy.”

Chibi smirked as he thought of something his owner had mentioned once. “Crazy?” He said, looking the Omochao in the eye. “THIS… IS… ummm, a big floating platform!” He lunged forward and pushed the Omochao off the edge. “Heheh, that was awesome. Okay, time to get rid of the trash.” Chibi put away his sword but pulled off the Red Sphere, activating it alone. He walked over to the exploded remains of the Omochao and picked them up, throwing the rest of them off the platform. “Well, that takes care of that,” Chibi proclaimed, dusting his hands off before sitting down. “Woo, that really took a lot of energy out of me.” Suddenly Chibi heard a popping noise and turned to see a strange silver creature. “Huh, what’s this?” Chibi reached over and poked it. “Huh, feels weird. Kinda, sticky… woah, it’s stuck to me!” Chibi started flailing his arm around as more and more of them started appearing, sticking to him, and a ringing sounded in his ears.

* * * * *

Chibi quickly bolted awake and looked around. He was back under the trees where he had gone to bed, and it was now morning. “Woah, that was a weird dream. There was that Dreamgarden place, and the platform with the pur… oh yeah!” Chibi quickly pulled the sword out from its sheath. And sure enough, there was the purple sphere. “Sweetness!”

After a quick breakfast on some somewhat nourishing pinecones and packing up his things, Chibi was heading off to the mountain, where he would find the White Sphere.

* * * * *

“Hmmm, so even in his dreams he’s defeating us.” The “leader” said as he looked over a transmission from the dream world. “How is that even possible? Well, hopefully that sphere’s power isn’t as strong in real life. That was just a dream after all.”


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