The Quest Begins.

Throughout the years there have arisen many tales. Tales of heroes and villains. Of action and adventure. I bring you now one such tale…

Wait, who am I, you ask? Oh yes, I haven’t introduced myself. I am the guardian of the Chao and formerly the Master Emerald, the one you call Chaos. Now, continuing with my story.

* * * * *

In the dark confines of a laboratory, a strangely shaped human is working on another one of his creations. “Yes, just a final touch here and there and…” the scientist stepped back from his creation, laughing. “Perfect, my latest, greatest creation is complete. And with this, I shall take over the world!”

* * * * *

A young chao, of what is often called the Neutral variety, walked through a wooded area on the island, having just returned from exploring the area around his garden, as he often did. He appeared somewhat smaller than most chao, which was cause for the name given him by a young echidna that cares for him. The chao’s name is Chibi Chaos, named after me of course. I’ve had experience with this young on before, but that tale is for another day. Chibi hummed a tune as he walked along, and was soon nearing the clearing where his garden was. He stepped out of the mass of trees, and opened his eyes. The sight that met him was incredibly shocking.

All of his fellow chao were gone, and the garden was devastated. The trees were burning, the pool in the center drained, and large holes spotted here and there on the ground.

“Ch… cha chao!” Chibi exclai…

Wait, what do you mean you can’t understand the language of the Chao? Oh very well, I’ll translate for you, though I don’t understand why a simple “chao” or “lroo” is so hard to understand.

“Wha… what happened!” Chibi exclaimed as he ran through the garden. “Where is everybody? Oh man, this is really bad. Wait, what about…” Chibi quickly turned and ran for a small cave on one end of the clearing. He ran through the opening and descended a flight of stairs as the cave went down into the ground. “Elder! Elder, are you here?!”

“Yes, young one, over here,” a voice called. Chibi turned towards it and ran to find the source of the voice standing before a large door, split down the middle. The Elder was strange compared to most chao, as he had a form unlike most others. He was a yellow color, his hands, feet, and face white, and his face also had a sort of fluffy frill coming off the sides, which extended down into a long beard. Instead of a central head spike, he had two large ones on the sides that looked like ears, and from his forehead came three little sprouts, almost like hair. He beckoned Chibi over to him.

“Elder! Something terrible has happened!”

“Yes, I know young one,” the Elder said.

“Well, what was it? Who could’ve done something like this?”

“Strange, unnatural creatures. Their attack was sudden and fierce. They came in from all directions, even the sky.”

“What were they?”

“They were… Omochao.”

“Omochao? But, I thought they were made to be good, why they randomly attack us. The most violent I’ve ever seen them be was when they start a race, and all that is is just firing a little gun.”

“Yes, it is very strange, but not entirely unpredictable.”

“Wait, you mean you saw this coming?”

“Not exactly. All will be explained. Come,” the elder turned and directed Chibi to stand next to him. Now calming down slightly, Chibi looked more closely at the large doors in front of them. The metal look of it gave it a heavy feeling, and it’s black-gray color contrasted greatly with the earthen brown of the cave walls. Carved into the door was a mural, depicting the face of a neutral chao, and extending from its headball were six more, circling the head.

“What’s with the funky mural?” Chibi asked, turning to the Elder, who appeared to be in deep thought.

“All will be explained.”

“Sure it will.” Chibi muttered. The Elder heard him, but ignored the comment as he raised his staff and tapped it against the door. He quickly said something in a language Chibi did not understand, and which I shall not translate, and stepped back. “Well, this is certainly strange.”

“What, the fact that nothing happened whatsoever?” Chibi asked, half-sarcastically.

“Yes actually. Normally the doors swing open dramatically, usually accompanied by a flash of light, which blinds us for a moment, making whatever we end up seeing a lot better. But I guess this hasn’t been used for a while.” he sighed, and then walked forward, placing his hands against the door. “Come now, and help me push.”

Chibi quickly ran up to the door, and, struggling with all their might, the two pushed open the doors. Light, seemingly coming from nothing, streamed out, and as the doors slid into their resting places, Chibi looked around the chamber they had entered.

It was an expansive, circular room, almost completely bare apart from the red carpet coming from where they stood, which was actually made of a strange red grass, that lead up to a ring of seven chao statues. And in the middle of them was a pedestal, with a single beam of light descending on it. The Elder began to walk towards it, and Chibi quickly followed. They soon ascended the stairs in front the pedestal, and Chibi gasped as he saw what was on top of it.

Just in front of them, a single edged sword stuck out of the ground, its sheath lying on a stand just behind it. “What is this?”

“The object of your quest. A mighty blade, brought forth to be used by only a select chao.”

“Wait, since when did chao use swords? I mean, for one thing, how do we hold them?”

“Well, the blade was originally constructed to be wielded by the Guardian. Now, let me explain.” The Elder took a deep breath, and then continued. “Long ago, the chao did not always live in the area around the great emeralds. In fact, they were very nomadic. Back then, they had to find a way to defend themselves, and they constructed this.” He gestured towards the sword. “Later, after the great emeralds were discovered and the chao began to live there, protected by the Guardian, and for a while the echidnas as well, the sword was no longer needed. But it was kept, just in case. And now is the time for you to use it.”

“Me? You seriously expect me to use this?”

“Yes. Ever since the day you hatched I knew something was different about you. And now that you are the only one from this garden remaining, I believe that you are the one destined to take up this blade again.”

“But I thought you said this blade was originally made for the Guardian.”

“It was, but from before he took on his current form after we discovered the great emeralds. Back when this was forged, he was the leader of all the Chao. And, there was something different about him.” The Elder pointed towards on of the far walls and Chibi turned to look at it.

Taking up nearly the entire wall was a mural, showing two chao, one with very straight edges, and another that was white with liquid-blue highlights and a headball that was bright like the sun. And in its hand was sword. “Huh.” Chibi said plainly. “Well, guess I might as well get this over with.” He turned back towards the sword and grabbed onto the handle with both hands. He then closed his eyes, and pulled up quickly. The sword came out of the stand quickly, maybe a little too quickly. The momentum pulled Chibi backwards and he fell down. He quickly stood back up and examined the sword.

The handle was wrapped with black cloth, and the guard was shaped like a chao’s head. On the blade there was an engraving of a chao head, and where the headball would be there was a deep recession, six more like it in a line going down the blade.

“What’s with the holes?” Chibi asked.

“Those are the next part of your quest. Come this way.” The Elder began walking towards the statue directly behind the pedestal. Chibi quickly followed, picking up the sheath as he did so. Looking at the statues more closely, Chibi realized they all looked as though they were holding something. And the one in front of them was. There was also another interesting fact he saw.

“Hey, this one kinda looks like you.”

“That’s because it is.”

“Elder say what?” Chibi asked, looking at the Elder with a look of complete confusion.

The Elder laughed. “Yes, allow me to explain. I am… quite a bit different than most chao. For example, the fact that I look like a fox. But there is also something else. I am immortal.”

“Seriously?! Well, that would explain why you’re so old.”

“Yes, I’ve rarely seen other Chao like my self, so we must be a rare type. I’ve also never produced an egg. But that’s beside the point. Now, you were asking about the depressions in the blade. They are meant to hold these.” The Elder reached up to his statue and grabbed a small yellow sphere out of its hands. “These spheres un-lock the true power of the blade. There are seven of them, spread throughout key gardens on the island, colored yellow, blue, red, purple, gray, cyan, and green.”

“Hey, just like the emeralds!”

“Yes, quite an interesting coincidence. Now, Chibi, I am finally done with the explanations. Now we get to your mission. It was foretold that something like this might happen, it is depicted in the mural. You must now take this blade and seek out the other spheres. Then, using their power, you will defeat this enemy. I only hope the other gardens have not suffered the same fate as ours.” The Elder handed Chibi the yellow sphere, which he placed in the first hole and then sheathed the blade.

“Get some marbles, beat up a few baddies, and save my friends?” Chibi strapped the sword across his back. “This’ll be easy.”

* * * * *

Out in the woods, a chao walks around, seeming to be completely out of energy. On his back is a sword. Suddenly he falls to the ground. He gets up to his knees and then throws his arms up. “This is gonna take forever!”

And so, Chibi’s quest began. Taking my blade, he now sets out to find the other gardens on the island. But how will he fare when he is alone and enemies are ever present?



Next Chapter.


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