The White Sphere.

“Ugh, Chuckles wasn’t kidding when he said this was gonna be quite a climb,” Chibi said as he paused momentarily in his ascent. He looked behind him at the ground, and realized he’d better get moving. He had barely gone a foot. “Okay, time to use this. Red Sphere, activate.” Chibi felt the power course through him and he began to pull himself over the rocks, speeding up the mountain.

A short while later, Chibi was resting on a ledge, attempting to catch his breath. “Man, at this rate, I don’t know how long this is gonna take. And what if the Omochao beat me. I mean, some of them are equipped with like rockets and… wait, that’s it!” Chibi slapped his hand to his forehead. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier!” He pulled out his sword, putting the Red Sphere back in its slot and removing the Purple Sphere. “Why climb when I can fly? Purple Sphere, activate!” Chibi hunched down, waited for the power to come, then jumped into the air, instantly blasting off up the mountain. “Oh yeah, this is way easier. Now I’ve just gotta find the garden. Let’s see here…” Chibi scanned the side of the mountain as he went up, looking for any sign of a chao garden. Soon, he spotted some movement. “That must be it.” He turned around in mid air and shot down towards an outcropping of rock in front of a cave. He landed down, and quickly put the Purple Sphere back into the sword as he looked around the garden.

Or, at least, what garden there was outside. Already at the base of the mountain there was some snow, but up here it blanketed the ground. There were a few trees here and there and some little buildings, but Chibi could tell the majority of the garden was inside the cave. He began walking towards it, wondering what kind of chao would want to live up here, when his answer came running out of the cave.

“Are you Chibi, the wielder of the legendary blade?” asked a white chao, wearing a black and gray striped hat asked as he came towards Chibi.

“Yes, that’s me. Is the White Sphere here?” Chibi asked.

“Yes, but something terrible has happened! A bunch of…”

“A bunch of Omochao showed up and went for the sphere?” Chibi asked, cutting the white chao off. He nodded. “So they did beat me. Hmmm, for some reason I could tell this was gonna happen, like a pattern… okay, don’t worry, I can help you guys beat them. Take me to the sphere room.”

“Right. Follow me.” The white chao ran off into the cave, and Chibi quickly followed. “So, your name is Chibi?”

“Yeah, how about you?”

“My name’s White.”

“White? My, how original,” Chibi said sarcastically, chuckling a little.

“Hey, it’s not my fault. People just aren’t as creative with names in my time.”

“Wait, did you say, your “time”? What are you, some sort of time traveler?”

“Actually yes. This garden is populated by chao and their children from the future. The future we live in is a harsh, bleak place. Life is a struggle, and people live without hope. How did this happen?” White looked at Chibi for a moment. “No one will answer me directly. But they always point… to the flames.”

There was a moment of silence, and then Chibi broke out in hysterical laughter. “I’m sorry dude, but that was just so dramatic it was funny. You practice that?”

“Hey, it’s the truth! Why do you think we live up in all this snow? Constantly living around fire gets really annoying after a while.”

“Yeah, whatever. You’re all from the future. Let’s just kick some Omochao butt.”

“Agreed. The sphere chamber is just over there.”

“And I can see the Omochao! I’m going in!” Chibi drew his sword and activated the Blue Sphere, blasting off towards the passageway. There was a crowd of Omochao blocking the way, but Chibi simply pointed his sword forward and shot through them. The explosions of the ones he went through coupled with the tight space of the corridor took care of the rest. He soon emerged in a large circular room, similar to those in the other gardens. Except this one was already jam packed with Omochao. “Alright, this’ll be good.” Chibi gripped his sword tighter, got into a fighting stance, then dashed into the crowd, slashing them to bits.

Halfway to the statue he did a spin move to clear the area around him, then jumped into the air towards the statue.  Amazingly the Omochao hadn’t yet taken the sphere. He began to rotate in the air, building up momentum, then slammed down just behind the statue, smashing a group of Omochao. He turned around to see an Omochao moving towards the sphere. He back-flipped over the statue, and activated the Red Sphere in midair. He slammed his fist down into the Omochao, which was crushed under the pressure. Chibi’s fist slammed into the ground and a shockwave went out, destroying the Omochao around him.

Meanwhile, White was busy trying to force his way back into the room. He punched and kicked a few Omochao out of his way, and was at the end of the hallway when he got fed up with it. “That’s it. I didn’t want to use this with an outsider, but this is getting annoying.” White slowly started glowing green, then pointed his hands towards two Omochao that were jumping at him. They suddenly stopped in midair, surrounded by a green glow. White slammed his hands together, and Omochao, smashed into each other. “Oh, yeah, that’s good,” he smirked as he started to lift off the ground slightly. He floated into the room, picking up Omochao and launching them around.

Chibi did not notice however, as he was too focused on his battle and trying to protect the sphere. So focused, in fact, that he didn’t notice the Omochao jumping his from behind. “Chibi, look out!” White yelled from across the room. Chibi turned just in time to see an Omochao propelled by White knock his assailant out of the air. “Now get the sphere already!”

“Oh yeah, right. It’s attack, fight, sphere, win. Forgot the order for a second.” Chibi quickly jumped up onto the statue’s pedestal, grabbed the White Sphere, and slammed it into the slot on his sword. The power started to flow inside him, and he began to rise off the ground. “This is awesome. So let’s see, if White can do that crazy moving thing, is that the power?” Chibi pointed on hand towards an Omochao and focused on it. It started to glow white, and Chibi flicked his hand up. The Omochao flew into the ceiling and slammed back down to the ground. “Sweet. Let’s do this.”

Chibi jumped off of the pedestal and swung his sword. A group of Omochao jumped towards him, but he stuck his hand out at them and they stopped. He thrust his hand forward and they slammed into the wall. He spun around, slashing the Omochao around him, then released his sword mid spin. It blasted off through a line of Omochao. Chibi focused on it, and brought it back to his hand, slashing an Omochao in front of him. “Bring it!” he taunted, charging his enemies.

Soon enough the Omochao had been dispatched. Chibi and White piled them up into a corner and compacted them into a block. “Man, that crazy controlly, movey thing was awesome. What was it?”

“It’s called telekinesis. It’s when you move stuff with your mind,” White explained.

“So can everyone in your garden do that?”

“No, actually. I’m not sure why the power is that. It might be because I’m the one who guards the sphere.”

“So, you’re the Elder?”

“No, are you crazy?! The Elder is a chao from your time. He used to guard this sphere by himself, but when we came from the future looking for a home, he took us in.”

“Huh, interesting. Well, this power is certainly gonna be useful. So, I’m assuming that you have some kind of shortcut to the next village, right?”

“Huh? Well, yeah. How did you know?”

“Oh, just a lucky guess,” Chibi said, pulling out his map.

“When the Elder told me to wait for you, he said to tell you to head this way to get to the Cyan village.”

“Cool,” Chibi said as he put away the map. “Speaking of the Cyan village, what kind of chao live there?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I heard it’s mostly swimming chao.”

“That makes sense. I’ve got speed, power, flight, tele… whatever…”


“Yeah, that. But one thing I don’t understand.” He drew his blade and pointed to the first sphere in it. “I wonder what the Yellow Sphere does. I mean, usually yellow represents swimming chao, but then again green is running for some reason.”

“Maybe you’ll only figure it out once you’ve got all of them.”

“Yeah. Well, I’d better get a move on if I want to find out then!” Chibi said, sheathing the sword. “Off to the Cyan Sphere Garden!”

“Good luck!” White called after Chibi as he left the cave, activating the Purple Sphere and flying down.

“So, that was the guy? You didn’t tell him about us being from the future, did you?” A purple chao asked as it walked up to White.

“Burn! Yeah, I did,” White sighed, taking off his hat. As it slid off his head, five leaf like growths flopped up on the front of his head. “I don’t think he believed me though.”

* * * * *

“Aghh, that guy just keeps getting stronger! At this point I doubt anything can stop him from getting the rest of the spheres. Hmmm…” The leader of the Omochao bent over in thought. “Maybe I’ll have to fight him myself. In that case… let’s just see how strong you really are!”


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