Island Garden.

It was a bright sunny day. The Flickies were singing, the trees swayed in the gentle breeze, and the people were enjoying it to its fullest extent. Including Ekajra, who was currently lying on the roof of his house, basking in the sun. “Oh yeah, this is great. Finally, a break from all the drama. What with the running away, and my brothers crazy inventions… yeah, definitely need some relaxation.” He stretched, yawning, and then sat up quickly. “Heh, but you know what goes great with relaxing. Doing stuff.”

“Well then go do something and stop talking to yourself! It’s really distracting!” Alerak’s voice came from down below. Ekajra moved over to the edge of the house, where he could see Alerak sitting in a chair, working on some random gadget. He jumped down, and walked over to him.

“So… what cha working on?” He asked.

“Well, it’s a…” Alerak looked like he was about to say more, but Ekajra cut him off.

“You know what, never mind, I’m just gonna go walk.”

“Suit yourself,” Alerak shrugged. Ekajra turned away, walking off towards the woods, hands in pockets. He entered their shade and simply strolled for a while, before taking to the trees. He jumped from branch to branch, until he’d come to an edge of the woods, the vast Sandopolis Dessert in the distance. He’d decided he’d never want to go into that place again and turned back around. It was getting later in the afternoon, and with the sun beating down he jumped back down into the forest. He stopped to listen, and just walked around, enjoying the sounds of the forest. “This is great. Flickies chirpin’, leaves rustling in the breeze, little voices laughing…” as he said this, he stopped. “Wait, voices laughing?” He closed his eyes and listened. There it was again, the sound of laughter. “Hmm, wonder who that is. Might as well check it out.” He started walking in its direction, and was soon coming up on a clearing. He leaned against one of the trees and leaned in carefully. And what he saw surprised him a bit.

In the clearing there were a few small palm-like trees with large nuts on them, and a clear cool lake at the opposite end. But walking around the clearing were some creatures Ekajra had only heard about. They were short, round, and blue and yellow.

“Chao!” Ekajra gasped. “So, this must be a Chao Garden. Wow, I never thought I’d happen to find one in the middle of the forest here. Hmm, maybe I can raise them, that would be awesome.” Ekajra slowly walked into the clearing, looking around. Some of the Chao noticed him, but didn’t seem to care about his presence that much and continued with what they’d been doing.

Ekajra sat down and leaned against one of the palm trees to watch them, but a short while later he felt something pushing against him. He turned to see a little Chao pushing against the tree next to him. “What are you doing little guy. Let’s see if I can remember… Chao. Small creatures related to the great beast Chaos… ummm, something about trees, let’s see.” Ekajra racked his mind to remember what he’d read about Chao long ago. “Oh yeah! They knock down the nuts from these trees, which only grow in their gardens. But you seem to be having a little trouble dude.” Ekajra chuckled as the Chao stuck its tongue out at him and kept pushing. “Heheh, here, let me help.” Ekajra stood up, and pushed against the tree quickly. A large nut fell down, he caught it, and bent down, handing it to the Chao. “Here you go buddy.” The Chao said something, and took the nut, digging into it with glee, smiling at Ekajra when he came up for air. “You are pretty cute. Hey, maybe I could raise you. But what about a name, hmmmmm, well, you seem a lot smaller than the other Chao around here, so how about Chibi C, Mini Chaos.” Ekajra pat the newly named Chibi C., who starting rocking back and forth. Ekajra laughed. “Well, now that you’ve got a name, how about we have some fun. I’m gonna raise you to be big and strong.”

“Chao chao!” Chibi C. exclaimed, standing up as Ekajra did. He then started jumping up in the air, flapping his little wings, but he couldn’t quite fly.

“You want to get up high don’t you. Alright, come here.” Ekajra grabbed Chibi C., and set him up on his shoulder. Chibi C. smiled and grabbed onto Ekajra’s dreads. “Alright, let’s go. You can visit my place. We shouldn’t be too far.” Ekajra walked out of the garden, Chibi C. waving to the other Chao. Luckily Ekajra had been right about not being too far. In fact, they were pretty much on the edge of the forest. It was just short ways walk and they were on the outskirts of the city, and from there Ekajra walked to the house. “Hey Alerak, check out what I got.” He said as he walked up to where Alerak was still working.

“This better not be something weird or I’m gonna…” he stopped as Ekajra set Chibi C. on the table. “A chao?”

“Yeah, I found a garden not too far from here. I helped this little guy out and he kinda just stuck to me. Cute, isn’t he?”

“Heheh, yeah, he kinda is.” Alerak said, petting Chibi C. “So, are you going to keep him here?”

“Maybe. I’ll probably take him back to the garden, but if wants to stay here he always can. Yeah, I can tell with my help this guy’s gonna grow up to be big and strong.”

“Well, it’ll certainly be interesting. Hmmm, I think I’m gonna take my work inside, it’s getting dark. You coming?” Alerak picked up his stuff and turned towards the house.

“Yeah, I think I’ve had enough fun today. Come on C.C.” Ekajra held out his arm and Chibi C. walked up it, sitting on Ekajra’s shoulder again.

“C.C.?” Alerak asked.

“Yeah, it stands for Chibi Chaos. Pretty neat huh?”

“Chibi Chaos… yeah that is a pretty good name. Who knows, maybe it’ll mean something when he’s older.”

“Yeah, I’ll just have to wait and see.”



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