Knife Fight.

Dehr held onto Reipar with both hands and charged towards Ekajra. He made a large horizontal swing, and Ekajra jumped up quickly to dodge it, slashing down with his knife. Dehr brought Reipar up incredibly fast and blocked, Ekajra’s knife getting trapped in the groove of the blade. Dehr twisted around, wrenching Ekajra along with him, and sent Ekajra flying.

Ekajra managed to turn around in mid air and landed on his feet, skidding for a few feet. He immediately started running as he regained his balance, and whipped his chain out towards Dehr. Dehr swung Reipar around, the chain wrapping around it. He pulled back sharply, but Ekajra was ready this time and jumped up as he did so, speeding towards Dehr, his knife aimed carefully. Dehr let go of Reipar with one of his hands and brought up a large knife, its edge heavily serrated, and diverted Ekajra’s knife. Ekajra however grabbed onto Reipar and flipped over Dehr, flinging the axe away.

“Feh, great, now I’ll have to waste time looking for that later,” Dehr mumbled, grabbing a strangely shaped machete. Ekajra was already running at Dehr full force, his chain whipping around like an angry snake. He started swinging it towards Dehr, who quickly jumped from side to side to dodge it. But while he was focusing on the chain, Dehr hadn’t noticed Ekajra had gotten right up to him, and Ekajra slashed at Dehr’s midsection. Unfortunately he didn’t cause much damage, but he did succeed in knocking off a multitude of knives from Dehr’s cross-belts.

Dehr swung down with the machete, but Ekajra quickly ducked and slid around him, swinging his leg out and tripping Dehr as he did so. The combination of Dehr’s swing and Ekajra tripping him knocked him severely off balance, and he fell backwards, the machete falling out of hands. Ekajra kicked it away before Dehr could get up and get it.

“Hmm, you’re actually a lot better than I thought you’d be,” Dehr said as he stood up, reaching into his coat for more weapons.

“Yeah, well, you’re not so bad yourself. Though of course, you are using a lot of big weapons against my little knife,” Ekajra said in a mocking sort of tone.

“Are you suggesting something?” Dehr asked, the anger already showing in his voice.

“Oh of course not. I certainly wouldn’t imply that you hide behind all those weapons, even against some one with hardly any.”

“Alright, that’s it!” Dehr yelled. He grabbed a fighting knife, with small holes running along the side of the blade, and the dull edge bearing hook-like features. He began to spin it around, his finger in a larger hole near the handle. “How a bout we just make this a straight knife fight then?” He put the rest of his hand on the knife, getting into a fighting position.

“Sounds fine to me,” Ekajra replied, pleased his plan had worked. He quickly rapped his chain back around his arm, hooking it back together. “Let’s do this!” He ran at Dehr, and made a diagonal slash with his knife. Dehr brought up his knife and caught Ekajra’s in one of the grooves on the back. Dehr then delivered a punch to Ekajra’s stomach, and he fell back, but rolled away from Dehr and got up quickly.

Dehr slashed down at Ekajra, who brought his arm up quickly to block the attack. He pushed against Dehr and knocked him backwards for long enough to get up and swing at him. Dehr blocked it, but Ekajra attacked again, going into a series of quick diagonal slashes, alternating between left and right. After a while of this Ekajra suddenly slashed horizontally, and Dehr, not expecting it, had to simply jump back quickly. However, the tip of Ekajra’s knife nicked him, just enough to draw blood.

Dehr reached toward it, brought his hand up to look at the blood on it, and laughed. “Well, good job, you actually managed to land a hit on me. Not much of one though.” ‘Stings like crazy though. Man I hate small wounds, they’re so annoying.’

“Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time,” Ekajra said as he charged Dehr again. He slashed with his knife while simultaneously bringing his other fist up. Dehr could only block one attack, and he chose the knife. And Ekajra’s fist quickly came up towards Dehr’s face, delivering a sharp uppercut to his chin.

Dehr was flung into the air, and landed hard on his back as Ekajra ran towards him. Dehr didn’t move until Ekajra was almost on him, when rolled back and sprung forward, kicking Ekajra hard in the chest with both legs. He flipped back onto his feet as Ekajra slid back. The two then ran straight for each other. Ekajra slashed first, an upward strike, and Dehr blocked it with the dull edge of his knife, twisting his hand around to thrust at Ekajra. Ekajra bent to the side to dodge it, then spun around, his leg headed for Dehr’s head. Dehr brought up his free hand and blocked it, gabbing Ekajra leg and throwing him towards a tree.

Ekajra landed in the upper branches, and waited there for a moment to catch his breath, hidden from Dehr. “Come on Ekajra, you can’t stay up there forever,” Dehr said, reaching for his shotgun. “I wanted this to be a straight knife fight, but if you don’t come down, I’ll have to blast you out.” Dehr began to make some changes on his shotgun. “No? Alright then, just don’t die on me, you’re worth quite a lot,” Dehr said as he aimed the shotgun for the tree. Its barrel began to glow blue, but stronger than before. And when the gun fired, Ekajra found out why.

He quickly jumped out of the tree to the ground as a massive blast of energy hit the tree. He quickly checked himself out. ‘Well, my fur’s a little singed, but other than that I seem okay,’ he thought, fixing some of his more fried hair. ‘Dang, that was flipping strong. But I guess it is a shotgun, so it would normally fire like that.

“Oh great, I think I did kill him,” Ekajra heard Dehr say. “Better go find him.” Ekajra laid in wait, his knife at the ready, until he saw Dehr’s shadow enter the forest. He quickly jumped him, punching him in the face and slashing sharply across his chest. Dehr managed to knock Ekajra away as they tumbled back into the clearing, but he lost the knife he was using in the process.

“Alright Dehr, let’s just do this the old fashioned way,” Ekajra said as he put away his knife.

“Hmph, no weapons? Well, this will certainly be interesting,” Dehr said as he got into a fighting stance. Ekajra ran towards him and began to deliver a series of quick punches at random locations. Dehr dodged them, ducking this way and that, then made a quick side quick, hitting Ekajra in the stomach. Ekajra grabbed onto Dehr’s leg and began to spin around, flinging him high into the air. Ekajra jumped up, first hitting Dehr with an uppercut, then delivering a series of quick punches before spinning around above Dehr and kicking him to the ground. Weighed down by his weapons, Dehr hadn’t flown very high, but it was enough distance to make the downward attack hurt a lot more.

Dehr stood up slowly, dusting himself off, as Ekajra got ready for his attack. “That was a pretty good attack there. You’ve got me really riled up now,” Dehr said, looking at Ekajra. He brought up one hand, and pulled his fingers in towards himself. “Bring it.”

“Hey, that’s my line!” Ekajra said as he ran towards Dehr, a strong punched aimed for his face. Dehr grabbed Ekajra’s fist and brought his knee up into Ekajra’s stomach. Ekajra coughed up a small amount of blood, but recovered and grabbed Dehr’s shoulders, slamming their heads together. Dehr was momentarily dazed, and Ekajra twisted around him, elbowing him in the back of the neck. Dehr fell forward, and Ekajra picked him back up and flung him a few feet away.

Dehr landed on his feet and did a back flip/handstand combo and sent two quick kicks into Ekajra’s face and chest before landing back on his feet. Ekajra staggered for a moment, just long enough for Dehr to launch a series of kicks and punches before roundhouse kicking Ekajra to the ground and placing his foot on his chest. “So, Ekajra. Ready to give up so I can take you to those Legion guys?” Dehr said, leaning in as close to Ekajra’s face as possible while still keeping his foot firmly pressed down on Ekajra’s chest.

“The Legion? So they are the ones who hired you!”

“Well, yeah, who else would hire a mercenary to go after a Legion traitor. And those guys pay good too for a banished civilization.”

“Well, you won’t be getting any of it!” Ekajra yelled as he grabbed Dehr’s foot, and with a sudden surge of strength pushed him off. Dehr fell backwards, but managed to catch himself. But Ekajra had already gotten up before Dehr could fully steady himself, and punched him in the face, causing him to fall back completely. Ekajra then stepped on Dehr himself, leaned in, and said, “There’s no way I’m getting dragged back there. Especially not by you.”

“We’ll see about that. I never lose a bounty,” Dehr said as he pushed Ekajra off, rolling away. They both ran at each other at the same time, and Dehr brought his leg around for a kick. Ekajra grabbed it and moved to punch Dehr, but he twisted around and barely dodged it. However Ekajra spun around with a kick of his own, hitting Dehr’s side. Dehr, in return, punched Ekajra in the stomach, yet again, causing him to double over in pain.

“Why… does everyone… always aim… for my stomach?” Ekajra mumbled to himself.

“Every good fighter knows that your stomach is a weak place for most people,” Dehr said, jumping at Ekajra and swinging his leg down for his head. Ekajra threw his hands up and grabbed Dehr.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Ekajra said, tipping back and slamming Dehr to the ground. He quickly slid away and stood up, gasping for breath. Dehr twisted around and jumped up, facing Ekajra. “Alright Dehr, this time you’re going down for good,” Ekajra said, drawing his knife.

“I doubt it. I won’t lose, and I will finish this job,” Dehr countered, drawing a large double-edged knife.

The two got into their battle stances, then with a roar, charged each other. Their knives met each other, and the combatants went into a flurry, neither wanting to be the one that slipped up.


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