Author’s Notes

Hey, just wanna say some things (hopefully) before you start reading my fiction.

First of all, Ekajra’s Tales is based in the Archie Universe. But to be more accurate, it’s more of an alternate take on the Archie Universe, combining things from long ago when I originally wrote these stories in my head, current developments(though these probably won’t show up till later in the series), the games, and whatever little I know about echidna society and Angel Island in the Archie comics. Really, the main inspiration for the Ekajra’s Tales setting is the world of Ellie-Za’s fanfics, just without any of her stories ever happening.

Secondly, I know my character sucks. And I embrace that fact of life. Notice the tag-line. Believe me, he was a whole lot worse when I originally created him. Geez, I can barely even bring myself to think about it. But in 2007, maybe even 06, when I started working on Emerald Shrine and actually typing up the stories and decided to make Ekajra, you know, better, I realized that the thing that made him a rip-off was incredibly crucial to his character. So I worked around it. For that reason, I will hunt you down and destroy you using all of my internet and pie related powers if you start bashing any of my characters like crazy. Constructive criticism is great, but flaming is never good. Got it?

 Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I hope you enjoying reading Ekajra’s Tales, and all my other fanfiction.

Jake/Ekajra/The Author    


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