“Hey nice save there. You must be that Alerak kid the Constable mentioned. What is that thing anyway?” One of soldiers said, pointing at Alerak’s weapon.

“Oh this? Just some incredibly powerful EMP guns. They’re supposed to just deactivate the robots, less damage to the area then. Though I think I might need to turn the power down.” Alerak looked over at where the robot was. The blast had actually destroyed it.


Ekajra and Black Chaos charged each other. Ekajra took the first attack aiming a punch for Black Chaos’ head, but he brought up an arm to block it, and then swung his other arm around to hit the side of Ekajra’s head. He grabbed it, and then quickly spun around, throwing Black Chaos. He hit the ground, but quickly spun up and charged Ekajra, who was standing still. Black Chaos flung his arm forward, extending it to hit Ekajra, but he ducked at the last second and ran towards Black Chaos as fast as he could, coming up with an uppercut while the robot was still off balance. Black Chaos flew up, and Ekajra jumped up after him, getting above him and drawing his knife. He grabbed a hold of the closer thing to Black Chaos’ neck, holding him still as they began to fall, and plunged his knife into his head. Ekajra spun around just before they hit the ground, sending Chaos flying away. Ekajra landed on his feet and smirked as Black Chaos stood up.

“Hey, guess what I got.” Ekajra said, throwing the fake emerald up and down. He held it tight, and with a quick punch from his metal arm, shattered it. “Now that you don’t have that extra power, this might be a little easier.”

“Oho, so you think!” Eggman said, flying back over to the fight. “Don’t you remember what happened earlier. The fake emeralds gain power from the Master Emerald shard in him. It may not be unlimited, like when the emerald is full, but it is still quite a lot of power. As you take the emeralds away all that power gets focused more directly into him. In addition, he gets smaller, so his armor is more concentrated. With the fake emeralds he may be more powerful on a large scale, but for hand to hand combat it would appear that this is the best option. You have no chance!”

“We’ll see about that.” Ekajra said, getting into a battle position. Black Chaos charged at him, much faster than before. Ekajra was caught off guard as Black Chaos rammed into him headfirst, then began to pummel him, before delivering a swift roundhouse kick, sending Ekajra flying. He recovered, landing on his feet and sliding before running back at Black Chaos, whipping his chain out. He flung it towards Black Chaos, who held up an arm to block it. The chain wrapped around his arm, and Ekajra quickly pulled on it, bringing Black Chaos to him. Before he could do anything, Ekajra started to rapidly punch Black Chaos, still keeping a firm hold on the chain. He stopped, and grabbed the chain with both hands and spun around, slamming Black Chaos into the ground.

Ekajra wrapped his chain back around his arm, as Black Chaos stood up. “Had enough yet?”

“Not quite.” A robotic voice said, coming from Black Chaos.

“Wait, you can ta…?” Ekajra began, but stopped as he felt something behind him.

“Yes, I was designed with a voice chip. I just don’t usually have much to say.” Black Chaos said, hitting the side of his arm against the back of Ekajra’s head. He began to fall forward, but recovered and turned around in time to barely dodge a punch. He then began to start weaving around constantly to avoid Black Chaos’ attacks, trying to find an opening. But soon he stopped, and felt cold concrete behind him.

“Well, that’s a little unfortunate.” Ekajra muttered to himself.

“Yes, quite.” Black Chaos said, before starting up his attack, quickly punching Ekajra into the wall continually. Ekajra managed to block some of the attacks, but eventually decided that he wouldn’t be able to attack in this situation, so he quickly ducked down, swinging his leg to trip up Black Chaos, and then ran, turning back to face his opponent, who was already coming back at him. Ekajra also ran forward, and they both met, immediately throwing themselves into a flurry of punches and kicks. Ekajra managed to hold on for awhile, but Black Chaos soon gained the advantage, and after a few well aimed punches he grabbed Ekajra, flinging him away.

Ekajra crashed into a wall, creating a small crater, and slid to the ground, some blood trickling out of his mouth. He wiped it away, panting for breath. “Well, that sucked. This guy’s tougher than I thought. Worse yet he can talk! If I know evil robots he’s gonna start mocking me pretty soon.”

“So, had enough yet? You said this would be easier, but it would appear your statement was inaccurate.”

“Knew it. Dang it, what am I gonna do! I’m practically out of energy, I don’t know if I can fight him anymore.”

Perhaps I can be of assistance.” Chaos said, flying over. “When this all started, I thought there was something about you that reminded me of the guardians. I realize now that you seem to have some deeply hidden chaos energy in you. I may just be able to tap into it, and temporarily increase your power.

“Really? Heh, failed experiment, yeah right. I do have Chaos powers. Oh, I wish they could see this.” Ekajra grinned.

Well yes, you do have the powers, but they’re so deeply buried, and probably not even that much, that you would rarely be able to make use of them.” Chaos pointed out, Ekajra’s grin fading.

“Well, whatever, as long whatever you’re gonna do makes it possible to beat him, we might as well get on with it. I’ve heard it’s another common villainy thing to stand there and watch while we come up with a way to beat him, but he’s fairly knew to this and I’m not sure if it always applies.”

Yes, if we are going to try it, we should do it quickly, but I must warn you, the effects might be incredible, I don’t know if your body can handle it.

“I can’t handle it? You must not no who you’re talking to.”


“Sir, can I go destroy them.” Black Chaos said, what sounded close to impatience in his voice.

“Come now Black Chaos, isn’t it much more fun to just watch them as they try to come up with some pitiful plan of a way to beat you.” Eggman said, laughing.

“Very well sir, I will wait.”


“So, that’s it?” Ekajra said.

Yes, I just hope I will be able to do it in this weakened state. Also, I have never actually done it before.

“Well, that’s reassuring.” Ekajra said sarcastically. “Well here I go.” Ekajra reached down towards Chaos, placing his hand on the Master Emerald shard. It flashed slightly and soon came out of Chaos into Ekajra’s hand. The chao then began to change, and went back to being normal Chibi C. “Hey buddy, glad to have you back. Now I need you to go wait over there, and stay out of trouble.” Ekajra pointed to a small pile of rubble from where he hit the wall, and Chibi C. quickly ran over to it.

“Hmm, now, let’s see about this.” Ekajra stood up, passing the shard between his hands. “Well, nothing’s happened yet. Chaos didn’t really tell me anything other than to take the shard. Let’s see, what to do? Well, I maybe I need to hold it in my hand dramatically.” Ekajra gripped the shard tight in his fist.


“Hmm, what’s this? He’s standing up, I wonder if he plans on fighting more.” Eggman said.

“Sir, I am detecting a strange level of energy.”

“What kind? And from where?”

“Energy type, Chaos. Source… the target.” Black Chaos pointed at Ekajra.

“What has he got there? It looks like an…?” Eggman stopped as he quickly shielded his eyes. A bright light had suddenly begun to surround Ekajra. As it dimmed, he looked over at where Ekajra was.

“Status report, sir?”

“I’m fine. What is going on with that Legionnaire kid?”

“Sir, I am detecting even stronger chaos energy readings.”

“This, this can’t be possible!” Eggman said, as he began to realize what happened.


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