Chaotic Changes.

“This is impossible! Who are you?” Eggman said, pointing at where Ekajra stood in the dimming light.

Who am I? Hmm, I wonder.” Ekajra said, his voice having a dual tone to it. He folded his arms, thinking. “Well, Chaos Ekajra has a nice ring to it.”

“But, how can you have a super form. The Chaos Emeralds aren’t even here!”

“Super form? Is that what this is?” Chaos Ekajra said, looking himself over. “Well, it definitely looks cool.” He said. And he had changed a bit. His left arm was glowing green, and the metal parts of his back seven dreads were glowing the colors of the different Chaos Emeralds, as well as his dreads having grown longer. His fur also had slight green tint to it, and was glowing a bit as well, and his wounds appeared to be healed. His knuckle spurs had grown closer to the normal size, and around him there was a noticeable green aura, especially by his right hand, where the emerald shard was imbedded in his palm.

“This is a bit of a set back. But no matter. I shall still destroy you. Black Chaos, go!” Eggman pointed at Chaos Ekajra forcefully and Black Chaos immediately began to run towards him.

Time to try out the new powers. Hopefully I can hold on long enough to beat this guy.” Chaos Ekajra ran towards Black Chaos, his speed being increased as well. He took the first strike, punching Black Chaos in the face. The water armor crumpled in a bit before Black Chaos was sent flying. He landed on his feet, sliding, but Chaos Ekajra had already run up on him and began to deliver a flurry of blows to Black Chaos middle. After a while of this he ducked down, kicking Black Chaos up into the air. Chaos Ekajra then ran up the nearby wall and jumped off, gliding towards him, punching him into the ground “Wow, I can glide! This could prove useful.

He looked down at Black Chaos, who was already on his feet and was swinging his arm up. Black Chaos fist flew up and almost hit Chaos Ekajra in the stomach, but he turned to the side barely and it hit more to the side. But Black Chaos had predicted this, and while he pulled his arm back down, he withdrew the armor, and managed to cut Chaos Ekajra on the side. The pain distracted him and he broke out of his gliding position and began to fall to the ground. “Dang it! Better make use of this!” As he fell he spun his body around, going into a fast spiral, and slammed both fists into Black Chaos, pummeling him into the ground. Chaos Ekajra jumped back and got ready, drawing his knife as Black Chaos stood up.

“You are a bit tougher, I will give you that. But you are still not quite a match for me.”

We’ll see about that.” Chaos Ekajra swung his knife at Black Chaos, focusing his energy into it. And as swung downward a green line of energy followed the slash, and as he finished it separated sending a crescent of green energy at Black Chaos. Caught off guard, the crescent slammed into him, creating a deep cut in his armor and damaging his metal core slightly. “Wow, I didn’t think that would happen. This is just a ton of discoveries. Ahh, dang it, gotta stop talking to myself.” Chaos Ekajra ran for Black Chaos as his armor was repairing and began to punch him there while he could. Black Chaos was ready this time and started to dodge and block the attacks, and the two soon descended into furious close combat.


“They just keep coming!” An EST soldier said, shooting at the incoming horde of Egg Pawns.

“Just keep up the fighting! They can’t be never ending, and they’ll have to retreat eventually!” The commander said from mound of robots he’d just shot down.

“Besides, my friend is doing a little fighting at the source. Hopefully he can quicken this thing up.” Alerak said rapidly firing his guns. “Man, I shoulda made these things automatics!”


“You just won’t give up, will you?!” Black Chaos said, dodging one of Chaos Ekajra’s punches and throwing his own.

Nope, not until you’re a pile of scrap metal, and well, whatever that liquid is!” Chaos Ekajra said. He leaned back to dodge the punch, and then came forward with both arms. Black Chaos caught them and the two began to shove against each other. Chaos Ekajra focused all his energy into his arms, trying to shove Black Chaos to the ground. His hands started to glow a deeper green, and steam began to rise from Black Chaos’ hands, the liquid disappearing. Chaos Ekajra continued pushing and burned his way down to the metal before Black Chaos shoved him away.

“That was interesting trick, but I won’t let it happen again.” Black Chaos held up his arms, like he was going to repair the armor, but nothing happened. “What’s happening?” He examined his hands. “The armor creation systems on my hands, they’re destroyed. It can’t produce any more!”

Destroyed?” Chaos Ekajra said to himself. ‘Of course. I must have burned shut wherever it comes out. If I keep doing that… ’ He slammed his hands together as he figured out his plan. “Hey drippy, guess what? I just figured out how to beat you.

“You are just lucky that some of the system failed. It certainly won’t happen again.”

You just keep thinking that.” Chaos Ekajra said, pulling his now glowing hands apart as he got ready to run. Black Chaos charged him, but he ducked to the side and grabbed his arm, shoving down into it as he burned away the armor, grabbing hold of the metal and flinging him away while he charged up power again. Black Chaos turned to him, his right arm now completely armor less, and charged again. This time Chaos Ekajra grabbed his left arm, burning it away. The next attack he got rid of Black Chaos’ feet, and then the rest of his legs. The horns were next. After getting the middle on one attack he grabbed hold of the other two horns, and burning through them began to spin around, throwing Black Chaos up into the air. He folded his arms as Black Chaos slammed into the ground. “Well, looky here. Now, who was it that said that their systems wouldn’t fail again.

“No, I’m not done yet. You will never defeat me!” Black Chaos said, standing up. He had managed to spread the water armor over the rest of his body, but it was spread so thin it wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Really, cause to me it looks like you’re pretty much beat. Time to finish this.” He held up his right hand, which had so much energy charged into it that there was actually a ball of energy around it. He started to run for Black Chaos, aiming his attack up just right.

“No, this can’t happen. Nothing could’ve possibly gone wrong with this plan!” Eggman said.

You know what I’ve learned Eggman? You should never say nothing can possibly go wrong…” Chaos Ekajra was in front of Black Chaos now and continued running. His hand went straight through what was left of the armor, and he grabbed a hold of the Master Emerald shard in Black Chaos’ center. “…cause that’s usually when things go wrong.” With one last lunge he ripped the emerald shard out of Black Chaos. He stood up, while Black Chaos started to shake behind him.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Black Chaos let out a yell of pain as he burst into flames, vibrating sporadically. He then fell to the ground in a burning heap of metal.

“Curses! Another one of my plans foiled! And it wasn’t even by that blasted hedgehog! Well, I can still try and get rid of you.” Eggman began to rapidly press buttons in his Egg-mobile, and soon a voice rang out in the room.


“Hohohooooo! Farewell fool!” Eggman turned his Egg-mobile away and started to fly out in a hurry, yelling into a microphone. “All troops attacking Angel Island, retreat now!”

Dang it, the place is gonna blow! Gotta find a way out!” He ran over to Chibi C., and picking him up, began to frantically look around the room, but was unable to find a quick way out. “Better just improvise.” He started to run for the nearest wall and slammed his fist into it, shattering it. He then jump out of the building, doing flips as he fell to try and ease the fall, and landed on his feet. “And he sticks the landing! Oh yeah, very cat like right there. Woah…” he began to shake as he suddenly felt weak. He fell to his knees and felt his power fading. His aura died down and his fur returned to its normal color, as well as some of his old wounds reappearing. He opened his fist, the two emerald shards falling out of it. “Oh man, that really wiped me out. Heh, guess I’m back to normal. Oh well.” He stood up, grabbing the shards. “It was fun while it lasted. Now to get these back to…”

“Back to where, might I ask?” A voice said from behind Ekajra, he whipped around, expecting an enemy, and as far as he was concerned he found one.

“You…” Ekajra said quietly.

“No answer, eh? Alright, how about this. Surrender the emerald pieces now. I don’t really trust them with a Legionnaire” Knuckles said, pointing a fist at Ekajra. Without saying anything Ekajra ran straight for Knuckles, aiming a punch right for the guardians face. Knuckles grabbed it however, and his eyes widened in shock as he examined the hands.

Spurs? And on his chest, a black guardian symbol?’ “Alright, just who are you? I sensed a large amount of chaos energy here and came to investigate, so are you behind it?” He asked, looking Ekajra in the eye. He didn’t say anything, but simply jumped back, dropping the emerald shards and running off into the forest, picking up Chibi C while he ran. “Hey wait! He got away. Well, I’ll figure that out later, what’s important now is to restore the Master Emerald.”


“Wait you ran into the guardian? What did you do?” Alerak asked as he handed Ekajra some food. He’d just got back from the trip, and was filling Alerak in on what had happened.

“Well, obviously I tried to fight him. Guess I was too weak from the fight though, otherwise I would’ve kicked his butt.” Ekajra began to dig into the food.

“Heh, I doubt that.” Alerak muttered.

“What was that?”

“Nothing. So, what was Eggman’s big plan?” Ekajra told Alerak about Black Chaos, and how he beat him. “You went into a super form?!”

“Yeah, so.” Ekajra said, stuffing more food in his mouth.

“Well, that’s supposed to be really rare. Only people with their own chaos powers or lots of experience with it can do those. And normally you need the Chaos Emeralds and a ton of power rings.”

“Well, Chaos just tapped into my latent chaos energy. It was mostly him, he even said I wouldn’t be able to do it normally.”

“Well, it’s still interesting. Maybe some research is in order…” Alerak trailed off into thought.

“No way! I am not letting you test anything on me! Not since last time!”

“Oh come on, that was just a little mistake.”

“Little mistake! It was not! I mean, I was…” Ekajra stopped as there was a knocked on the door.

“Here catch.” Alerak passed him the camouflage device, which he quickly slapped on.

“Alright, I got it.” Ekajra jumped off the couch, and walked over to the door, opening it. “Yes?” He said tiredly.

“You Ekajra?” A large green crocodile said.

“Uhh, yeah, why?” Ekajra said cautiously.

“Alright Espio, grab him!” The crocodile said to the air next to him. Ekajra suddenly felt something grab hold of him, but he couldn’t see what it was. “Don’t worry. If you come peacefully we won’t have any trouble. We’d rather not get into a fight if we don’t have to.”

“Hmm, alright, I’ll do this your way. I don’t really know what you, two I guess, want, but can we make it quick. I’m feeling a little under the weather.”

“Yeah, this’ll be quick, don’t worry.”

“Okay, just a sec.” He turned towards the inside of the house. “Hey Al, I’m gonna go out for a bit.”

“Yeah, whatever. Just don’t push yourself.” Alerak said from the table. He was obviously deep in thought.

“Okay let’s go. Just tell the invisible man here to let me go.”

“Very well. I’ll let you go, but I’m keeping my eye on you.” A voice said from out of the air, but its source soon appeared to be a purple chameleon, who let go of Ekajra. “Let’s go Vector.” The chameleon, Espio, said to the crocodile.

“Yeah, Knux is probably wondering what’s taking us.” Vector said, walking away and indicating for Ekajra to follow. But he didn’t move.

“Knux. That sounds like it’d be short for Knuckles, as in the guardian.”

“Made the connection, did you. Is that a problem?” Espio asked.

“No, not at all. Let’s go.” Ekajra started to follow them, a smirk on his face.


They eventually arrived at a small house. It didn’t really seem like someone lived there often. “Alright, this is it.” Vector said, and walked up to the door, opening it and beckoning Ekajra inside. He stepped in, and was quickly welcomed by being grabbed by someone. He turned to see an armadillo was holding him. The armadillo lifted him up, and carried him over to a chair, setting him down in it carefully.

“Yeah, that’s a great welcome. Let’s see, I take you’re the Chaotix then?”

“Wow, he’s pretty quick on the uptake.” A small voice said. A bee floated down by him. “I don’t see what’s so special about him. The tattoo on his chest is cool though. Kinda looks like Knuckles’ symbol.”

“If what Remington told me is true, it isn’t a tattoo.” A voice said from the other side of the room. “So we meet again.” Knuckles said as he walked up to Ekajra. “At least I think so. Are you sure this is him, for one thing look at his arm.” Knuckles pointed at Ekajra’s arm, which was still camouflaged.

“I think I have a reason for that.” Espio said, pulling a kunai knife out. He flung it at Ekajra’s arm, and the knife passed just by it. But it hit the camouflaging device spot on, knocking it off, uncovering Ekajra’s cybernetic parts.

“Hey, he is another one. Who would’ve thought some one else would try leaving.” A female voice said from another part of the room.

“Another one?” Ekajra looked over at the source of the voice to see a pink echidna standing there, her left arm and one of here dreads clearly visible as begin cybernetic. “Wait we weren’t the first ones to leave?”

“We? Knuckles, you didn’t tell us there were more.” She said, turning towards Knuckles.

“Really, thought I did. Yeah, Remington got his information from this kids friend when they first got here.”

“I knew going the cops was a bad idea.” Ekajra muttered to himself. “But seriously, why am I here? Don’t trust me or something?”

“A little, but I just want to know what your story is. For starters, how did you get that guardian symbol and the knuckles spurs?” Knuckles said, leaning in to look Ekajra in the eye.

“As much as I hate talking to you, it’d be great to tell you about how much you ruined my life.” With that Ekajra quickly went into practically telling his whole life story. When he finished he looked around at everybody. “So, are we done here. Gonna go expose me right, lock me in prison or whatever.”

“Actually, no. Remington promised to keep you guys a secret, he didn’t even tell me.” Knuckles said, muttering something to himself after that. “But we figure as long as you’re here, maybe you could help us out. I’m definitely not asking you to join the Chaotix, that would be crazy…”

“Good, cause I’d never join your group!” Ekajra yelled.

“I figured that. But there’s a lot of stuff going on around the island, and any extra help would be greatly appreciated. What happened a little while ago is proof of that.”

“Well, what do I get out of it? Not that I’m interested.”

“In return, we’ll try and help keep you guys a secret. The people were concerned enough when one former Legionnaire came, and that’s not considering the circumstances either.” Knuckles and the pink echidna looked at each other smiling. Ekajra noticed Vector roll his eyes. “So, what do you say.”

“Well, as long as I don’t have to actually work with you, I can help you guys out. It’ll give me something to do at the very least. Nothing ever happens around here!” Ekajra started laughing at his inside joke. “Well, anyway, now that that’s done, I’m gonna go home.” Ekajra got up from the chair, but quickly turned around, walking to the wall. “Alerak might want this back.” He said, grabbing the camouflage device, which had been stabbed into the wall by the kunai. He then turned and walked out the door, heading for his house.


“So, how was it?” Alerak said as Ekajra walked in.

“You knew what that was about, didn’t you?”

“Yes, actually. Sorry, maybe I should’ve filled you in.”

“That would’ve probably been a good idea. But here, I brought you a present.” Ekajra walked past the table where Alerak was sitting and dropped the broken camouflage device in front of him.

“Ahh man! That took forever to perfect!”


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