Land Ahoy!

“So, where do we go first?” Ekajra asked.

First we must get off the island. The quickest way would be west. It’s not exactly where the island usually meets any nearby land, but it is a straighter path, and if we go in the right direction we won’t have to travel through much of…

“Sandopolis Zone. I’m familiar with that place. Yeah, we’ll go you’re way.” He turned west and started running, trying the cover as much distance as he could while it was day. He made it quite a ways from the city as the sun was beginning to set, and camped out on the edge of the Marble Garden Zone.


Meanwhile, back in New Megaopolis, Eggman was adding the very last touches to his creation. “And now for the power source.” He grabbed a box, and flipping it open revealed a long, pointed, and relatively thick green gem. “This should be enough to power it. I can always use those fake emeralds if I need more power. But for now…” He took the gem and slid into a slot on the metal contraption, and reached over, pressing an almost comical large red button next to the machine. There was a whirring noise, something that sounded like water pouring out of a faucet, and Eggman began to laugh. “Hohohohohohoooooooo! Yes, it is marvelous!”


“I thought you said this would be a straight path.” Ekajra said as he looked around. They had reached the edge of Marble Garden Zone, and he was currently examining the many hills before him.

It is straight in terms of direction. I never said the land would be flat.” Chao pointed out. “Now get going!

“Alright, but you’d better hold on tight.” Ekajra jumped off the ledge he was standing on, and immediately began running down a deep incline. It pulled up suddenly and his momentum sent him flying towards another hill. Luckily he was able to turn in time, landing on his feet, but had to start running instantly. “This crazy! How am I supposed to tell where I’m going!”

Do not worry, I know this island like the side of my brain.

“The side of your… oh yeah, got it. Well, I hope your directions are better than Alerak’s, or Eggman is gonna have one easy day.”


Back in Echidnaopolis, Alerak sneezed. “Ahh, excuse me. Now, what were you saying?”

“Yes, well Alerak, were happy you’re glad to help. Of course, we are prepared for this sort of thing, but from what you tell me this might get bad. If there’s anything we need, we’ll be sure to contact you immediately.” Remington said from behind his desk.

“Of course. And don’t worry about Eggman. Hopefully Ekajra should take care of him. If he doesn’t get lost without me there to tell him where to go.” Alerak got up from the chair he was in, and walked out of Remington’s office, laughing to himself.


It was already late in the evening as Ekajra started to see the hills begin to thin and jungle was up ahead. “Wow, I actually got pretty far. Might as well camp here tonight.” He took off his pack and started to set up camp and make supper. As they ate, he turned to Chaos. “So, how do you figure we actually find Eggman’s creation.”

Well, he will likely have moved it to elsewhere from where he built it. I will attempt to seek out the emerald shards powering it, and then we’ll be able to find it.

“Well that sounds like a good way of doing it. Just hope you’re able to find him. It would probably be better if we had some kind of powered, long range sensor.” At almost that exact moment the communicator, which he had put on earlier that day, started to beep. He reached up in his dreads, and flipped it on.

“Hey, am I coming in okay?” Alerak’s voice said.

“Yeah, I can hear you. What is it?”

“Just thought I call in for a status report.”

“Everything’s good, we should reach the mainland by tomorrow. Chaos has an idea of how we’ll find what we’re looking, but there’s a chance it might not work.”

“Wait, did you even look in the pack?”

“Yeah, for food mostly. Why?”

“Well, I should’ve thrown a chaos energy scanner in there. It’s round, kinda looks like a huge watch.”

“Seriously?!” Ekajra quickly picked up the pack and started looking in some of the other pockets. Sure enough, he found it. “Yeah, I found it. When did you make this.”

“I was working on it last week. You know, that really nice day when you found the chao garden.”

“That’s what you were working on? Is there anything you aren’t prepared for?”

“Ummm, not being prepared?”

“That made no sense.”

“Yeah, well, you asked, anyway, I’ll check in tomorrow. Night dude.”

“Yeah, bye.” Ekajra flicked off the communicator, and then laid down, looking up at the stars.


“Alright, my latest and greatest creation.” Eggman said from his Egg-mobile. “This base is specially designed for you. So always report back to here. For now though, I can’t think of much for you to do. For all we know, that blue hedgehog or his friends might show up. But they certainly won’t be able to defeat you!” Eggman laughed as he flew away to another part of the base. “Nothing can possible go wrong with this plan!”


Ekajra was dashing through the trees with incredible speed, Chaos struggling to hold on. He’d spotted the edge of the island from one of the last large hills, and was eager to get there.

Could… you… slow… down!

“Hey, you’re the one who was always in a hurry.” Ekajra smirked. “Besides, we’re here.” He stopped, jumping out of a tree and looked around. They were standing on the edge of a cliff, and looking over Ekajra could see where the mainland attached to island.

Hmm, we are fortunate. Normally the island would hit mainland closer to the northern mountains of Ice Cap. That is if anywhere at all.

“Wait, the mainland is usually closer to Ice Cap? I we even hit it?! Then why’d you have me go west.”

I had a strong, oh what is the word, hunch?

“You made me come this way on a hunch! What if you were wrong?!”

When you have been stuck on one island for a few millennia, your hunches about it are generally good.

“Hmm, I suppose that makes sense. Well, just don’t do anything like that again. Let’s get going.” Ekajra started to walk along the coast until he came to where an outcropping of rock blocked him. He bent down, and slid back so he was hanging off the cliff. He then climbed over, pulled himself up, and climbed into a cave. He was off the island.


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