A New Mission.

New Megaopolis, deep down in one of Eggman’s facilities. “Hohooo, finally, it is complete.” The doctor said, looking at his latest creation. “Hopefully it will be as good as the original. At least this won’t betray me.” Eggman laughed again. “Now, to get a power source.” He flipped on a nearby monitor, an image appearing on it. “And I know just what to use…”


Ekajra was leaning against a tree, watching the chao as they walked around, Chibi C. playing nearby. He walked over to Ekajra holding a ball, which he handed to him. “You want to play? Alright, catch!” Ekajra threw the ball up in the air. It went a few feet away and Chibi C. ran to pick it up. He caught it as it was coming down and then threw it over towards Ekajra, who picked it up and threw it back. “These are the kind of peaceful days I wanted. None of the extreme drama I’ve been getting since I left.” A large grin crossed his face as he threw the ball back to Chibi C. “It’s probably bad to say this, but nothing can possibly go wrong.”

Right on cue, Ekajra felt something weird, but ignored it. But he couldn’t quite ignore what came next. It started as a light vibration in the ground, but began to grow more and more powerful. Soon, it felt like a huge earthquake, and as Ekajra looked around things around him started to hover slightly, including him. He quickly drew his knife and stabbed it into the ground, pulling himself in and punching his other fist into the dirt. Slowly the rumbling stopped and everything landed, mostly, softly on the ground. Ekajra looked around. The chao seemed to be okay, but he couldn’t find Chibi C. Searching frantically he found him a few yards away, looking intently at something.

“Wooh, you’re okay.” He sighed. “What do you have there?”

Chibi C. turned around, holding a long and thin green gem in his hands. Just as Ekajra started to lean in to get a better look it started to glow and Ekajra had to back away as it flashed brightly. When the light dimmed he looked back down, and where Chibi C. had been there was a small cocoon like object where the chao had been. It started to pale in color, and as it disappeared it revealed Chibi C. standing there, the green gem in his stomach like a badge. And his appearance had changed dramatically.

He was mostly white, with some light blue highlights on his stomach and feet. His hands were blue and appeared to be water, as well as his head point, which was topped with a brightly glowing orb, and his eyes were a light green. “A Chaos Chao! Wow, guess that name actually means something now. Who would’ve thought… wow, this is awesome. But I still don’t know what that earthquake was. It’s not like we’d get any, considering the island is in the sky. And that gem C.C. has, it must be what caused him to turn into a Chaos Chao. But, how would it….”

Hmm, this is quite an interesting circumstance I’m in.

“Wait, who was that?!” Ekajra said, whipping around to where he thought he heard the voice.

Ahem, echidna, down here.” The voice said. Ekajra looked down to see Chibi C. looking up at him intently.

“Chibi C.? You can… talk?”

No, the child you were caring for can’t talk. And neither can I, at least not physically.

“’The child I was caring for?’ Who are you?”

My apologies, I forgot to introduce myself. That last time I really spoke to someone was many millennia ago.  I am the one you call Chaos, guardian god of the chao.

“Ch… Chaos? As in the water thingy that was sealed in the Master Emerald?”

Well, it is not so much sealed anymore as I have made it my home, but yes, I am the one you speak of.

“I’m not quite following this. Why are you here? And how? Did something happen to the…” Ekajra stopped. “Oh, I am gonna kill that guardian if I ever get the chance!” He yelled as he realized what happened.

So you figured it out. Yes as you may already know, when the Master Emerald is broken, it is scattered around the world, along with its power, and so the island falls from the sky. The one behind it’s destruction this time is once again the one called Dr. Robotnik. I am not sure what he plans to accomplish, but I am sure he will use my gem as a power source of some kind.

“So, why are you telling me all this? Why not get your guardian to help you out? Of course, if I remember this isn’t the first time this has happened, so maybe you don’t trust him much anymore…?”

Actually, I was attempting to find him. Normally I am scattered among the shards, but something about this time seemed different, so I focused myself into this shard to try and find the guardian. I wound up in this garden, and when you came over to this child, something about you caused me to believe you were him, so I tried to come out. But my power was weakened, and I had to inhabit this body.

“Thought I was the guardian, eh? Heh, there’s a reason for that.”

Well, I don’t need the explanation. This could turn out well. The guardian is no doubt already searching for the shards, so we can go after Dr. Robotnik and try and stop whatever plan he’s come up with.

“Yeah, well, I don’t really feel like helping you out. I say let the guardian actually do his job for once.”

You obviously don’t like the guardian, I can tell you are one of Dimitri’s followers…

“Hey! I left them! Don’t you bring the Legion into this!”

Still, as I was saying, you obviously dislike the guardian. If you help me out, there is a chance you may run into him and some point.

“Get a crack at the guardian… hmm, I like it. Alright Chaos, you’ve got a deal.”

Good, then let us begin immediately.” Chaos started to squat down, but after awhile got up again. He started rapidly moving up and then, up and down, before getting incredibly frustrated. “I will just have to walk then!” He then started walking away, but his small chao feet wouldn’t carry him far.

“Okay, let me help out.” Ekajra took a step, catching up to Chaos immediately, and then grabbed him with one arm, scooped him up onto his shoulders, and started running into the woods, taking to the trees.

Hmm, a powerful being like me being forced to ride on the back of someone else.

“Ahh, shut up! If I didn’t pick you up, we’d never have even gotten out of the clearing! No wonder you never talk to anybody.” Ekajra muttered to himself. They soon arrived at his house. And Alerak was immediately at the door.

“Ekajra! Are you alright? What with the earthquake, well I guess it wasn’t really and earthquake, but seriously, are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, stop spazzing out. Anyway, I figure you already know what happened?” Alerak nodded. “Okay, good, well first of all, I’d like to introduce you to someone.” Ekajra reached back and grabbed Chaos, setting him down.

“Is that Chibi C.?”

“Well not really…” Chaos was looking intently at Alerak, and eventually started flapping his arms around before turning to Ekajra.

You echidna’s have lost you’re touch with the chaos powers. You tell him what is going on, but make it quick, we must get moving!

“Alright, dude, I need to tell you some stuff.” Ekajra took Alerak and walked over away from Chaos, who was waiting by the door, and explained what was going on.

“Hmm, I see. Wait here a second.” Alerak ran over to a closet and started fumbling around. “Aha, here it is!” He came back with a backpack, which appeared to already be packed. “Here, you’ll need supplies. There should be enough in there to last you awhile, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find something if you run out. There’s also a communicator in there which should work long distance.”

“Always prepared, aren’t you? But what’s the communicator for.”

“Well, what with everything going on, I’m going to stay here and help the EST out. The island is a lot more vulnerable when it’s down, I’m sure. So they may need my help, I do technically work for them.” He shrugged. “Anyway, you’ll be able to handle this by yourself, and besides you’ve got him with you.” Alerak nodded towards Chaos.

“Yeah, but I don’t know how much help he’ll be.” Ekajra muttered.

I heard that! Are you ready yet, there is no time to lose!

“I’m coming, I’m coming. Well, see you later dude.”

“Yeah good luck.” The two exchanged a quick series of high fives and other random hand motions, and Ekajra picked up the backpack, grabbed Chaos, and walked out the door.



Next Chapter.


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