The Attack.

“Hmm, well, this is a lot less interesting than I thought.” Ekajra commented as he stepped out of the cave. He looked around, finding a wooden building of sorts by some train tracks which ran by what looked like a house. But it didn’t look like anyone had been here recently.

Hmm, it appears the island landed nearby the human archaeological site that explored the island when I was last released. Those train tracks should lead to a city.

“Alright, I suppose we might as well start there. Oh, wait a sec.” Ekajra reached into his pocket, pulling out the scanner. “Let’s just check this out quick.” He turned it on, and after a short while it started beeping, and as Ekajra expanded it’s range, a blip of energy showed up. “Uhh, let’s see, if I’m reading this right, there’s a fairly large amount of energy… that way.” He pointed, and looking up realized he was pointing at the direction the train tracks pointed. “Well, that’s convenient.” Ekajra started walking towards the tall building of wooden planks which led to the stairs, Chaos flying up and landing on his shoulder. They got onto the tracks and started to walk along them. “I just hope a train doesn’t come by.”



“That was amazing! Just as I had predicted, your powers are great. Nothing can possibly stop you. Alright emeralds, return.” Eggman pressed a button in his Egg-mobile, and soon seven gems, looking exactly like the Chaos Emeralds, flew to him. “Alright, in the meantime, I think I shall go to Angel Island. They’re bound to have a little lower defenses as long as they’re in the sea.” He started to fly away. “I’ll send a drop ship there first, and maybe I will follow later. Ahh, and you.” He turned back towards his creation. “I will leave you in charge of the robots that are staying here. Stop anyone who trys to infiltrate the base. Though I do not believe they will be much of a match for you!” Eggman flew away, laughing maniacly.



“And, done. Alright, that should do it.” Alerak said, leaning back in his chair, examining his latest inventions. “These should be able to take out Robotnik’s robots easily.” He then moved them away from the table and began to pull out more building materials. “On to the next one.”


“Hey Chaos, I see a light ahead, I think we’re getting close.” Ekajra said, as they were nearing the end of the tunnel. When he stepped out, he found they weren’t quite there yet. But in the distance he could see a city. “It might not be a good idea to just head right in there, I think I’ll stay hidden as much as I can. Let’s see, maybe I can avoid the city all together.” He consulted the scanner, which indicated the source of the energy was beyond the city, but also more to the east. “Good. I’ll stay on here till I reach the coastline and then just head along there.” He started to run down the track, eager that he was getting closer to the end, and also closer to possibly meeting up with the guardian.

He soon reached where the bridge began to go into a tunnel, and climbed down over the edge. He swung under the bridge, and holding on tight began to ease himself closer to the sand a short ways away. He jumped down, landed on the beach, and began to walk along the coast. The sun was starting to get lower in the horizon, but he planned to be away from the city before setting up camp. He started to run, ducking behind whatever he could to avoid anyone noticing him. By the time it was dark, he was on the outskirts of town. Deciding that was good enough, he stopped for the night, and set up camp in side a small cave.

He was awoken the next morning to a loud noise. He quickly ran outside the cave, looking around. He soon found the source of the sound up above him. A large ship, vaguely resembling a fish, was flying in the general direction of where he’d just come. And it was coming from where he was headed. “Eggman! He’s making his move. But at least this confirms it, the base is that way.” He ran back in the cave, grabbed his pack and Chaos, who was already awake, and dashed out. He needed to get to that base quickly and stop whatever Eggman was planning. ‘Wow look at me, being all heroey. After this, I am taking a long vacation.’ He thought, laughing to himself.

Around the middle of that day he saw a large building rising up in front of him. And on it’s front, big and bold, was the logo of the Eggman Empire. As he got nearer, Ekajra ducked behind a tall metal pillar and examined the situation. ‘Alright, there’s only two guards out front, but I have no idea how many are inside. I’d reckon not many, that ship I saw was likely carrying most of the troops here. So it should be easy to penetrate the defenses, but I still have to worry about the possibility of some super robot thing. From what I’ve heard of this guy, that’s usually what this is all about. So, that’s probably at the top of the base.’ He looked up at the building, setting down his pack. “Looks like we’ve got a long way to go. You ready.”

Yes, let’s do this.” Chaos said, grabbing on tight to Ekajra’s dreads.

“Let’s see here, stealthy, or full on mega assault. Well stealthy seems like a good idea, but we’ll see what happens.”

Just don’t do anything crazy.

“You obviously know nothing about me.” Ekajra smirked, as he drew his knife. He started to moving closer, dashing here and there, from cover to cover. Luckily it seemed the robots hadn’t noticed him. Once he was close enough, he jumped out from his hiding spot, stabbing one of them in the back of the head. Before the other even reacted he’d jumped off the one he’d stabbed and slashed that one down the middle. He turned towards the base as the two exploded. “Well, that went well, but now how do I get in.”

He started searching around the door, feeling for an opening or keypad of some kind. “Hmm, must be hidden. Well, there’s always plan B. Better using my left arm, less pain that way.” He pulled back his arm, and mustering all the strength he could, pulled himself forward, punching the door. When he looked up, he was happy to find he’d made a nice dent. “Alright, maybe one more time.” He did the same thing, and this time there was a small hold between the doors, barely large enough for him to fit his hands in. He shoved them in, and pushing as hard as he could began to force the doors open. Finally he had made a gap large enough for him to slip through sideways. “Hahahaha, that was way too easy.” He smiled as he slid in, but the smile quickly faded as he looked around, he was immediately surrounded by a group of robots, all of them holding guns. “Great.” He drew his knife again, and ran towards them. He stabbed the nearest one, and using it’s body as a shield he unhooked his chain, and then threw the robot at the others, whipping his chain around, hitting them before he came by and destroyed them completely.

He looked around the room. There wasn’t much there, it appeared to be a hanger where the ship he’d seen earlier, as well as some small fighters, had been stored. But at one side he noticed some stairs. “Hope those take me to the top.” He ran to them, and began to dash up the stairs. Fortunately these seemed to be a main staircase for the building, because they continued to head upwards, stopping at various points where there were doors. Unfortunately, this also meant robots were able to pour out from all levels at him. As he ran up the stairs, they were coming down. Ekajra had to run up the stairs, slashing and twisting around to fight them while he continued to head up as fast as he could. He knew they were trying to stop him from getting to the top, which meant that there was definitely something important at the top.



Alerak opened the door quickly as heard a rapid knocking on it. Standing there was an EST soldier, looking very battle ready. “Alerak, I presume?” He said. Alerak nodded. “Okay good. Constable Remington sent me for you. We’ve just picked up something. An Eggman Empire dropship is headed our way.”

“So, he is attacking. Alright, tell the Constable I’ll be there to help out. I’ve just gotta finish the last touches on a little “gift” for Eggman.”


“Take this!” Ekajra yelled, punching the last of the robots in the face, sending it falling down the stairs. He’d reached the top, at least as high as he went before the ceiling, nearly out of breath, and had taken care of most of the robots that had come for him, outrunning the rest. He turned towards the door by him. “So, the big guy should be behind here.” He opened the door, and stepped in, panting for breath, looking around. The room was almost completely bare, everything colored white, though it seemed to have a strange green glow. It was also fairly large, the ceiling went up very high, and near one end was a large Overlander in some kind of hovercraft. “Heh, I was wondering how he survived with all those stairs.” Ekajra ran over towards him. “Hey you, Eggman! Over here!” He called once he saw the man was looking in the other direction.

“Aha, you’re finally here, but… wait, who are you?” He asked as he looked at Ekajra.

“Heh, expecting someone else? Name’s Ekajra. I’m here to stop whatever you’ve got going on. So can me make it quick, I don’t really feel like being here much longer.”

“Hmm, abnoxious little… I was hoping for Sonic or possible that fool Knuckles to come. But that’s okay, I can use you as a guinea pig to test it.” Eggman started laughing.

“Test what?”

“My latest, greatest creation. Come forth, Black Chaos!”


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