The Battles Begin.

“Come forth, Black Chaos!” Eggman pressed a button on his Egg-mobile.

Black Chaos?” Chaos said, peering out from behind Ekajra. The floor panels nearby where Eggman was floating began to lower, and another platform had begun to rise up. On it was some kind of skeleton of a robot. And in it’s center was a green shard of the Master Emerald.

“And now, activate!” The robots large red eyes flicked to life, and it began to create a strange black liquid. And soon it had formed into a familiar shape.

It, looks like me!” Chaos exclaimed. Ekajra looked at the robot in shock.

“Ahh, do you like it. Yes, I combined the experimental GUN Artificial Chaos projects basic design, created by my grandfather of course, with some of my own knowledge of Chaos, and created this. It has much of the originals power, as well as some others. For instance, this black liquid around the chassis is specially created by me to be super strong, and nearly impenetrable. Plus, it is completely controlled by me, unlike the actual version.”

Chaos flew out from behind Ekajra and started floating infront of him, flapping around angrily at Eggman.

“Does the little chao not like me insulting it’s guardian. Oh that is just hilarious. Well anyway, although I’m sure you will hardly last a minute, I might as well just have Black Chaos fight you.” Eggman pressed a series of buttons, and Black Chaos began to move, the chassis spreading out. “Infact, I’ll just let you face it at full power!” Eggman pulled out a silver case, and flipping it open revealed seven gems. “This fake Chaos Emeralds may not be as powerful as the originals, but they can still increase my robot’s power.” He flung them down to Black Chaos, who absorbed them, and began to change. “Of course, he can’t become the great water serpent like the actual one, but he can still change to be more powerful. Well, good luck fool.” Eggman flew away to a far corner to watch, as Black Chaos began to grow. He soon much larger than before, though retained his basic shape other than some rearrangements of horns, and along the chassis the fake emeralds could be seen, glowing as their power fueled him. Black Chaos gave off a growl, shaking it’s head.

“Heh, you’re not that tough. Under all that weird water you’re just a flimsy metal skeleton. This won’t take long.” Ekajra grabbed Chaos and put him down on the ground. “Stay here, I don’t want anything happening to Chibi C.” Ekajra then turned towards Black Chaos, leaning low, began to run towards him, pulling back one arm for a punch. “Eat this drippy!”


“Heh, these robots are exploding with one shot. This is almost funny.” And EST soldier said, blasting one of Eggman’s robots out of the sky before it even hit the ground.

“I know! Robotnik must’ve underestimated our defenses. Too bad for him.” Another replied shooting some more robots before nonchalantly swinging his pistol in his hand, thinking there weren’t any robots by him.

“Hey, watch out!” The other yelled, pointing towards the robot standing right behind his friend. The soldier turned around, just in time to see a blast of energy obliterate the robot.

“Hey, did I miss anything?” A voice said from where the blast had come from. The soldiers looked over to see a young echidna standing there, two large guns in his hands, both of them attached to a pack he had on his back. He fixed his glasses, smirking at them. “So, want some extra fire power?”


Ekajra hit Black Chaos right in the chest, aiming for the Emerald Shard. His fist sunk in briefly, before the liquid recoiled and he was sent back. “What the? Alright, I’ll just try again.” Ekajra ran toward Black Chaos again, but this time the robot reached up an arm, blocking the attack, and then came up with the other arm, punching Ekajra in the stomach. Ekajra gasped for breath as he was hit with hard metal, and Black Chaos threw him back. “Ackk, ahh man, you jerk. Taking down your water for a moment just to hit me with metal. Well try this!” Ekajra ran at him again, drawing his knife, and slashed, managing to penetrate the liquid. But before he was able to attack again, Black Chaos punched him, once again without the liquid surrounding his metal arm. Before Ekajra went far, Black Chaos came up with his bare metal leg, and then once again punched him, sending Ekajra flying.

“This is not good. I can barely get past that liquid armor, and whenever it’s lowered, he attacks, like he’s purposely trying to cause more damage, even to the point of weakening himself.”

I do not think that is it.” Chaos said from where he was still sitting. “I believe that, at least in this form, he cannot more fast enough to attack while he has his armor up. Have you noticed he has barely moved from that spot this whole time, even you are knocked down?

“Hey, you’re right. But how does this help, I still won’t be able to really damage him.”

Not now, but you may be able to weaken him. If you can time it right, right before he attacks the Emeralds controlling whatever he is using are exposed.

“And if I knock them out, maybe even break them, he’ll slowly get weaker. That sounds like it’ll work, I’ll just have to try I guess.” Ekajra got up, and then ran towards Black Chaos, but this time he didn’t attack right away, and when Black Chaos noticed this, he came forward with one of his arms, attempting to hit Ekajra. “There!” Ekajra yelled, jumping up to dodge the attack, and landed on Black Chaos’ arm, hanging on as he drew his knife, and stabbed at the nearest Emerald joint. He got his blade in the crevice where the Emerald was, and as Black Chaos shook him off, he managed to dislodge it, pulling it with him as he was thrown away. He fell to the ground, and as he slide away he smashed the Emerald on the ground repeatedly until it broke completely. He looked up to see Black Chaos had shrunk slightly to accommodate for the loss of power in his one arm. “Well, looks like it actually worked. Just gotta keep this up.”

He attacked again, this time getting the Emerald in Black Chaos’ other arm, followed by the ones in his legs, and finally the ones in his two horns, and all that remained was the one in his head, where the actual Chaos’ brain would be. “That’s gonna be hard to get. The horns were bad enough, but it’s not like he’ll attack with the middle of his head. Maybe I can just fight him like this, he’ll be weakened enough.” Ekajra drew his knife, and ran for Black Chaos, who quickly moved to block the attack and tried to make his own, but Ekajra grabbed his arm, which still had the liquid covering it. “So, you can actually fight now. Good, it was getting boring just ripping out your gems.” Ekajra made a move for the gem in his head, but Black Chaos flung him to the ground, and the threw him away into a wall. Ekajra hit it, coughing as he slid to the ground.

“What was that? It’s like he’s gotten stronger now that I got rid of his extra power sources. He’s certainly fast now, but I think his armors weaker. It’s lighter in color, and I think whatever was in there to make it hard was what made it black.” Ekajra stood up and charged, Black Chaos, doing the same. The two collided, and instantly went into a flurry of attacks. Ekajra had begun to gain the upper hand, and stabbed at the Emerald in the head. He hit it, and tried to pull it out, but Black Chaos knocked him away before it was completely dislodged. Ekajra watched as the liquid moved up around the gem and pulled it back in. “Really trying to hold onto that aren’t you? Well, I’m gonna get that out of you eventually.”


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