Family Reunion.

The next day dawned a slightly cloudy morning, with the occasional cloud of fog drifting through the city. The news that morning predicted that rain was coming, but rain or not the construction job Ekajra was at would still work that day. So Ekajra reported in for another long day of work, and it seemed to him that no one else had noticed his guardian features, or maybe just didn’t care. Whatever the reason, he wasn’t questioned about it, and when they stopped for lunch he went off aways to avoid any inquisitive minds. They got back to work, and as the hours went on, the fog and clouds grew thicker.


A short ways away, in the forests around the city, a figure dashes past the many trees. Weaving in and out it speeds over the ground, when after a quick turn it is about to come face to face with a large pine. There’s a flash of silver, a rustling noise, then a large crash as the figure continues to move forward, the tree falling behind it. ’Heh, too easy…’


Eventually, the fog had become to thick to work, and seeing as how they;d already gotten plenty done earlier, the boss decided to call it a day. As everyone packed up and left, Ekajra was just about to leave, when he thought he heard a voice. He focused on it, and he could definitely hear somebody talking. And it was calling for him.

Ekajra… come over here…” The voice called, sounding obviously mysterious.

“Who are you? Show yourself.” Ekajra called looking around, trying to find exactly where the voice was coming from.

I will, just get over in the woods.” The voice called back, a little louder and losing some of the mysteriousness in it’s voice. Ekajra tuned towards it, and jumped back just as something flew towards him. He looked down and dug into the ground was a knife, the handle ending in an arrow. ‘Heh, nice.’ Ekajra thought as he walked into the woods in direction the arrow had been pointing. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small phone like device, and pressed a button on the side, talking into it. “Hey, Alerak, you there?”

There was a short silence before Alerak’s voice answered back, “So, I guess the walkie-talkie I whipped up worked? What’s up?”

“I’m not quite sure yet. Could you get to the woods right by the construction site where I’m working? And try to stay hidden.” Ekajra put the walkie-talkie back in his pocket as he entered the woods, still staying straight in the way the arrow had pointed, soon noticing a clearing ahead. He drew his knife, ready for anything as he entered it. “Alright who are you?”

“Hmm, I thought you’d have recognized me by now…” A robed figure stepped out of the shadows of the trees, putting his hand up to his hood, pulling it back, revealing he was and echidna, who looked similar to Ekajra, but older. “…little brother.”

Ekajra let his knife slide back in his arm as he realized who was standing in front of him. “Akaja, is that you?”

“Who else?”

“Dude! It’s great to see ya!” Ekajra went over to Akaja. “So what are you doing here, anyway?” Ekajra asked after a quick high-five.

“Well, for one thing, I wanted to see you. You guys didn’t even tell me you were gonna up and leave. Plus I wanted to show you may latest invention.”

“Always with the inventions, you’re almost as bad as Alerak.”

“Well, this one probably my best ever. It’s sort of a weapon so… how about it? A little sparring match, I figure it’d be the best way to show it off.”

“Allright bro, you’re on!” Ekajra jumped back, getting into a fighting position. “Whenever you’re ready.”

“I think I’ll warm up a little before I bring out my invention. I’ll let you have the first move.” Akaja slid into a battle stance, holding his right hand up, fingers pointed up as he pulled them back slightly. “Bring it.”

Ekajra ran straight for his brother, punching at him with his right arm. Akaja dodged it, but Ekajra bent down, standing on his right hand and kicked Akaja hard in the stomach. He skidded back a few feet but recovered quickly and ran up, punching Ekajra up and kicking him into a tree. Ekajra got up quickly, unhooking his chain as he ran at Akaja. Ekajra jumped in the air, swinging the chain down at Akaja, but he grabbed it, pulling Ekajra in. He’d thought this would happen, and tried to punch him, but Akaja grabbed his fist. Only now, he was in a little problem. No more arms to block with. Before he could do anything Ekajra swung back and hit Akaja hard in the stomach with both legs. He let go of Ekajra, who jumped back, as the wind was knocked out of him. “Heh. That was pretty good.” Akaja said, standing up straight.

“You’re pretty good yourself. Was that enough of a warm up for you?”

“Well, I think it’s good enough. Now check this out.” Ekajra got ready as Akaja reached into the small pack at his side. But instead of withdrawing some sort of weapon, he pulled out what looked like a computer chip.

“That’s your awesome invention? You said it was some new kind of weapon.”

“Oh, it is, this is just the controller.” He reached back behind his head with the chip. “I just put it right here, jus below the skull…” he flinched slightly as he pressed down before pulling his hand away. “It hooks up to your brain and you’re cybernetic implants, allowing you to control it with you thoughts.”

“Control what, all you did was put a chip on the back of your neck.”

“Of course, sorry, I forgot to activate it. All right then…Deathblade Armor, activate!” Just as he said this, some sort of silvery metallic substance spread over his body, indeed creating armor, leaving only his muzzle and eyes exposed, his spines also falling back freely. “Heh, pretty cool, isn’t it?” Akaja said with a smirk.

“Yeah it is! How does it work?” Ekajra said, an amazed look on his face.

“It’s designed using nano-technology, that’s means it’s really small, and is formed by these little tiny robot’s that multiply and spread over the user’s body giving them this armor. And it’s all controlled through your thoughts, thanks to this little chip.” He tapped where the chip on the back of his neck was.

“Allright, that’s cool and all, but you said it was a weapon, this is armor. And for that matter, where’d you come up with that name. ‘Deathblade’ armor, was it?”

“Well, the death part is just to make it sound cooler. But the blade part, comes from this.” He held up one arm, focusing on it as the metal started to ripple, the nanites moving, and off to the side of his arm formed a crescent shaped blade.


“I know. So, shall we continue our fight?” Akaja held up to bladed arm.

“A knife fight, then? This’ll be good.” Ekajra drew his knife, crouching low to the ground. “Let’s do this!” He held his arm low as he ran at Akaja, the blade creating a line in the ground. “Take this!” He yelled as he pulled his arm up, slashing at Akaja.


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