Sibling Rivalry.

Alerak ran through the forest as fast as he could, he had even engaged the boosters he’d installed in his legs. ’Dang it! I hope I’m not too late!’

* * * * *

Ekajra slashed up with his knife but Akaja blocked it, catching it in between his own blade and his arm. He twisted and was able to pull Ekajra up slightly, grabbing him and flinging him towards the nearby tree. “Sorry bro, not this time!” Ekajra said as he turned, stopping on the tree before launching back at Akaja. He slashed with his blade, and Akaja blocked with his own, having now changed it into a longer blade that jutted straight in front of his arm, similar to Ekajra’s. They stood there for a moment, Ekajra really holding himself up by pushing the blades against each other, then disconnecting as Ekajra jumped back and landed on his feet.

They dashed at each other, slashing quickly, sparks flying as their blades connected. They whirled around and slashed again, going into a flurry of slashes, this way and that, up and down, left to right, never letting up, as the fog began to thicken.

Ekajra jumped back, panting, Akaja doing the same. Once they’d regained their breath they dashed at each other again, once again engaging in rapid fire slashes. The whole time Ekajra was frantically looking for an opening. Unfortunately, Akaja found it first. He pulled his arm back and punched Ekajra right in the stomach, sending him sliding back. He recovered quickly however and ran back at Akaja, ducking right in front of him. He was caught off guard, and was an easy target as Ekajra kicked upward, sending him into the air. He got on his feet, jumped up, and proceeded to punch and kick Akaja higher and higher. Soon he reached his limit, and then lunged upward as best he could, kicking Akaja back towards the ground. But he was able to grab a hold of Ekajra’s ankle and pulled him down beneath him throwing him away, and they both hit the ground on opposite sides of the clearing.

They stood up, both gasping for breath. “Heh, pretty good there dude…” Ekajra said, looking at his brother.

“Well, you almost had me there, that was an interesting technique.”

“Thanks, I have been keeping up with my training.” He stood up again. “Shall we continue?”

“Let’s.” Akaja said as the fog cleared away, the occasional droplet of rain falling here and there. The two brothers charged at each other, punching and kicking, blocking and parrying. Ekajra spun around and got Akaja in the back, but he replied with a swift kick at Ekajra as he regained balance. Ekajra jumped in the air, drawing his knife again, and then slashing it downward at Akaja, who blocked it and then grabbed Ekajra’s arm, slamming him into the ground. Ekajra got up and went fro a low kick at Akaja before jumping up fully and then sending a punch towards his face. He grabbed Ekajra’s hand and was about to hit him in the stomach, but Ekajra grabbed that fist and then pulled himself up and over Akaja, grabbing onto the his head with his feet as he did a hand stand, and flipping him over into the ground as he stood back up. The rain was beginning to come down a little harder now.

Akaja stood back up, holding out both arms. “How about a little dual wielding?” He asked as he formed a blade on each hand.

“Fine by me.” Ekajra said, holding up his arm blade. Akaja took the first move, running at Ekajra, who blocked the blades with his whole arm. Akaja pulled one arm away and was going to slash at Ekajra again, but he jumped back. They charged each other again, Ekajra realizing he was having a hard time fighting Akaja when he was using two blades.

The rain was coming down fast. The two fighters stood, staring each other down. One ran towards the other, who blocked, and they began to fight rapidly. Ekajra decided to only way to overcome Akaja was to attack first, and so now he tried to keep up his barrage. Akaja was having no trouble blocking Ekajra’s attacks however, and soon grabbed a hold of his arm, switching it back to a hand, and flinging Ekajra down to the ground. He slid quickly, the ground muddied from the rain, and slashed up at Akaja just as he reformed the blade. He blocked, but Ekajra pushed hard against him, backed off, slid around, and kicked him in the back. Akaja fell forward, landing in the mud.

“How was that?” Ekajra said, smirking.

“Hmm, you got me. Nice.” Akaja stood up, the mud sliding off the armor. “That was a good move, but it’s time to…” The rain began to fall in sheets, and there was a sparking sound, and if you were behind Akaja, you could see a faint spark. “Aghh!”

“Dude, are you okay?!” Ekajra yelled, running over to help his brother as he started to fall to the ground.

“Ughh, ahh… hmhmhm… yes, as I was saying, it’s time to finish this.” Akaja looked up, an evil grin on his face, and then slashed straight across with his arm. Ekajra jumped back just in time to dodge it. But wasn’t as lucky with the next one. Akaja had run straight at him, and Ekajra slid to the left, getting a cut along his chest and onto his right arm.

Standing to his full height and looking down, he noticed the wound, blood coming out. “Dude! What are you doing?! I thought this was just a little fight for fun! We’re not gonna going slashing each other up, are we!”

“Fool! There is no time for fun in battle!” Akaja yelled, a strange, almost metallic, tone to his voice.

“Akaja, what are you talking about!”

“Once again, you fool! Heheheheheeeeh…” Akaja laughed silently, his head down. He then looked up, his eyes red. “Your brother is not here. The one you are speaking with is the new master of this body, the one you know as Akaja. I… am Deathblade!”

“What… you’re kidding right? The armor?” Ekajra said, shaking his head. “Heh, yeah right, the armor is controlling you right?”

“You say it as if it is impossible. Very well,” he retracted his blades, and created a chair of nanites next to him, sitting on it. “I will take the time to explain it. As you know I am composed of nanites, normally controlled by the host body. Ofcourse, I am much too strong, the creator never figured I’d overpower him. Silly really, connecting a powerful machine to your very being.” Deathblade chuckled.

“Hey over here!” Ekajra yelled brining Deathblade’s attention back. “So, you’re controlling my brother, got it.” Ekajra got into a fighting stance. “Now I can wail on you as much as I want!” He ran straight at Deathblade, who jumped up off his chair, the nanites spreading out into a wall in front of Ekajra. He ended up punching straight through it, as Deathblade landed back a few feet away. The nanites came back to him, and he formed them into a long curved blade on his hand, as well as a spike ball on the other. He ran at Ekajra, made a slash with the blade, which Ekajra dodged, and then slammed into the ground with his mace. There was a large explosion of mud and water as Ekajra ducked out of the way. But he had no time to think as Deathblade slashed again. Ekajra slid back, getting a slash on his cheek, just below his eye, barely avoiding a much more serious injury. He grabbed a hold of Deathblade’s arm, attempting to throw him, but he sent himself around Ekajra’s hand, stopping him. He pulled away, and Deathblade landed on his feet again. Ekajra stood up, and looked his opponent in the eye. “Alright, this is it. I, am going to beat you, you parasitic little joke of Legion technology!” He yelled, with especial spite when he mentioned the Legion.

“Come now, you don’t want to insult your brother’s work, do you?” Deathblade said mockingly.

“Oh, I’m sure he didn’t intend for this to happen.” Ekajra said, holding his knife arm up. Deathblade held up his right arm, turning the other into a similar blade. The two faced each other, crouched down, and then charged. The rain pouring down around them, mud and water flying up with each step, their blades connected. They kept evenly matched for a while, until Deathblade smirked, and then came up with his right arm and slashed a deep cut in Ekajra’s left arm, just below his shoulder. “Aaaaaaaagggghhhhh!” Ekajra yelled in pain, falling back, clutching his arm. He fell to the ground, and Deathblade stood above him, laughing.

“Did you really think you could defeat me? I am perfect!” he held up one arm, pointing it at Ekajra’s face. “And now you die…”

Pistol shots fired through the woods. Deathblade whirled around, nanites spreading rapidly, not even fully formed into a shield by the time they blocked the bullets. They melted into the armor as Alerak came bursting out of the woods landing next to Ekajra, who had fallen unconscious. He picked him up, looking over at Deathblade, who did nothing. And then he spoke. “Take him. It’s no fun when they’re such an easy target. But when he wakes up, tell him Deathblade will be waiting for him. That is, if he thinks he’ll have a better chance.” Deathblade turned and disappeared in to the forest. Alerak picked up Ekajra, and ran off as well. Ekajra moved slightly and looked up at Alerak. “He’s gonna pay,” he said, and passed out again.


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