The End?

I am not finished! I am perfect! You beings are nothing compared to me! I can not lose!” Deathblade yelled. His tail flicked out, wrapping around Alerak. He brought him up to his face, and then threw him away. Ekajra ran over and caught him just before he hit the ground. Deathblade had begun to thrash about, bending this way and that.  He seemed to be melting, but it was actually the nanites moving rapidly. And then, he started changing. The nanites formed into a blob, and started to come together back into the form of an echidna, but as they were getting closer spikes and blades of all kinds blasted forth from all over his body, what would be his eyes glowing completely red, and he started to grow taller, till he towered over Ekajra and Alerak.

“Wha… what’s going on?! I thought you said that chip was gonna deactivate him!”

“It should’ve! He must be trying to resist it, so much that it’s messing him up more, and he can’t keep his transformations straight! I’m sure this’ll over load him eventually, but if he attacks in that time, well, we’ll have to hold him off somehow. Good thing I brought some extra fire power.” He reached behind his back and pulled out a laser shotgun. “He won’t be able to absorb these shots like he did my regular bullets.”

“Good thinking.” Ekajra drew his knife, and looked at the still thrashing Deathblade. “Wonder when he’s gonna attack.”

“I’m thinking now, run!” Alerak yelled as Deathblade ran towards them. They both jumped to the sides as he crashed into the trees. He turned around and started to run towards them, and pulled into a ball, rolling speedily. Alerak pointed the shotgun at him and was taking aim when he sprung out of the spin, jumped into the air, and started coming down at him spinning again. Ekajra jumped over and pulled Alerak out of the way.

“Where’d he learn that! That looked like one of those moves those hedgehogs usually due!” Alerak wondered. “He must be trying anything he can think of, watch out!”

“Here he comes!” They jumped to the sides again as he came towards them, and started spinning on one foot rapidly, his tail lashing around at them. Ekajra managed to grab a hold of it, and as Deathblade spun around again it was yanked away. The nanites collapsed and exploded. “He’s falling apart! If we can knock off parts of him he’ll be easier to beat.”

“Yes! He’s spread his nanites so thin that they have less strength…” he jumped to the side as Deathblade lunged at him, and fired off a round from his shotgun. “…, and the chip is preventing him from making more!”

“Perfect! This monsters going down!” Ekajra jumped at Deathblade with a newfound energy, now knowing how to beat him. He slashed at one of the farthest out spikes, and the nanites flew away, exploding. He then grabbed two more and spun around, kicking away various blades before Deathblade shook him off, but he held on tight and pulled off the two spikes. Deathblade charged at Ekajra, but Alerak was ready and blasted him in the back, destroying most of the back. Ekajra ran forward, slashing away the spikes that started to extend towards him, and punched Deathblade straight in where he guessed was the stomach, and came up, pulling a lot of the nanites away with his knuckle spurs. He jumped back, whipping his chain away from his arm, and then swinging at Deathblade. He knocked away quite a bit of him, before wrapping the chain around Deathblade’s arm and holding him down. “Now Alerak!”

Alerak aimed the shotgun for the other arm and fired, obliterating much of it as Ekajra jumped away. The two looked at Deathblade, who was down to only the basic covering, looking more like his perfect form, other than the missing tail and a few random blades here and there. “Like I said, you’re done for.” Ekajra said, looking him in the eye.

Maybe… but I’m not finished!” Deathblade growled in a beastly voice. He ran at Ekajra, his speed having increased due to the loss of weight. And before Ekajra could dodge, Deathblade had grabbed him, an arm on each shoulder. He pulled his leg back, long blade on his knee pointing at Ekajra. He swung up, and Ekajra barely dodged, the blade going into his side, leaving a deep wound. There was blast from Alerak’s gun and Deathblade’s grip loosened so Ekajra could throw him off. He landed on his back, the nanites beginning to fade away. “I… will… return…” Deathblade’s voice growled, as he started to laugh.

Ekajra raised his blade arm, when he heard a voice in his head. “Yesss… finish him off… he is weak…” ‘Wait, what? No I can’t! Akaja is under there!’ He put away his knife and looked down as Deathblade’s laugh, with the rest off his nanites, faded away, leaving Akaja there, unconscious. The wounds from the battle showed on his body. His robe was town to shreds, and there were burns and cuts all over his body. Not only that, but strange marks, similar to the shape from small beetles in wood, showed up at various parts of his body. Ekajra looked over to Alerak, and then raised his hand in a thumbs up sign. Alerak did the same. “Let’s get my bro to our house.”

“Good idea.” Alerak put his gun behind his back, and moved to help Ekajra pick up Akaja.


“You sure you’re not going to be coming back to the Legion then?” Akaja asked, as he stood with Ekajra and Alerak behind their house, after he’d healed slightly and had been bandaged up.

“Positive. When I left I told myself that I’d never turn back. This is it for me.”

“Alright then.” He moved towards Ekajra and held up his arm. Ekajra reached up and grabbed Akaja’s hand. “See ya, little bro.”

“Yeah maybe. You just make sure Deathblade stays under control. That guy’s is one heck of a fighter.” Ekajra pointed at the bandage around his middle.

“Don’t worry I don’t think we’ll be seeing him for a long time.” The two smiled at each other, and then Akaja turned around, waving his hand behind himself towards them, before disappearing into the trees. Alerak then tapped Ekajra on the shoulder.

“Uhh, Ekajra, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Yeah, what is it.”

“Well, you know how I told you before that the injury to your arm wasn’t as bad as it seemed.”


“Well, when I was fixing you up, I noticed something, and took a closer look at it. And it seems like…”

“Like what?” Ekajra asked, concern in his voice.

“…, it seems like when Deathblade slashed you, he still hadn’t gotten complete control of his nanites, and some of them wound up in your arm.”

“What! You mean, I’ve got some of Deathblade inside me!” Ekajra then remembered the voice he’d heard before. “That would explain it…” he muttered to himself.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, it’s not enough to cause any real harm and tried to suppress it enough. The only danger would be if you got injured enough in that arm, in which case he might get out. Best-case scenario however is you can actually control it. But remember, this is still part of the corrupted version, so there’s the chance it’ll take over. So be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure I can handle this. I mean, I beat the guy when he wasn’t in my body, should be easy to keep him contained.”

“I hope so…”

“Oh don’t be such a downer. Come on, let’s get something to eat. I’m in the mood for some pie.” Ekajra turned back into the house, and with a sigh, Alerak followed him. But then Ekajra stopped short.

“What’s wrong?” Alerak asked, walking around in front of him.

“I just realized I’m out of a job again.”


Elsewhere, in downtown Echidnaopolis, an older echidna sat at his desk, writing on a piece of paper. “Note to self:” it read. “Never hire Guardian wannabes.” He leaned back and sighed. “There’s never good help these days. I’m sure he was busy having the time of his life instead of working. See if I hire him ever again!”


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