True Form.

Ekajra looked at the enemy in front of him. “Heh, so, you’ve changed again.” And he, in fact, had. First of all his entire body, even the face, was covered. His dreads had grown longer and sharp, fanning out behind him, allowing passage for the spines that now protruded from his back. On each shoulder was a large curved horn. From each knee and elbow extended a long, flat blade. His hands and feet were clawed, and on his wrists were three crescent shaped blades, one on either side and another on top. Lastly, his long tail curled back behind him, ending in a curved blade.

Do you like it? Yes, this my true form. Deadly looking, yet still functional. Shall we test it out?” Deathblade smirked before bringing a mask up over his face.

“Well, you’re not the only one that got some improvements. I’ve acquired some new tricks too. This is one of them…” He pulled on his chain, and put the end of it up to where the area his knife was stored started. It was let as a hatch opened, and holding it down, he drew his knife. But instead of simply extending from his arm, it shot out at Deathblade, connected by his chain. Deathblade jumped at the last second to dodge it, and the blade embedded in a tree. “…, and here’s another!” Ekajra jerked his right arm back quickly, the chain doing the same, and then it started to move on it’s own, reeling him in towards the knife. It reconnected with him, and he pulled out his chain, swinging it up at Deathblade. He caught it as he came towards the ground, and pulled Ekajra in. He slashed with his knife, but Deathblade easily blocked it, catching it in his tri-blades. He twisted his arm and Ekajra was thrown away.

He landed on the ground, swinging his arm around to wrap his chain back around his wrist. He latched it and then ran towards Deathblade, knife up. Just before he reached him however, he jumped up quickly. Deathblade was caught off guard and Ekajra spun around in the air and slam down on Deathblade’s head with his leg. He landed in front of him, and ducked down, sliding his leg along the ground, tripping Deathblade up. The ground was still wet from the rains, and Ekajra slid beneath him, and kicked him again, sending him higher. He got on his feet and jumped up, punching Deathblade. He blocked this attack though, and spun around in the air, slamming Ekajra back into the ground. He stood up as Deathblade landed, and before he could recover, Ekajra ran at him again, punching him with both arms. Deathblade slid back, and Ekajra ran at him again, bombarding him with punches. Eventually Deathblade grabbed Ekajra’s fists, and flung him into the air, and then kicked him away.

It’s seems that I’ve underestimated you. Now I’ll have to get serious.

“Hmm, you should really be going full out at the beginning. Makes the fights a lot quicker!” Ekajra ran at him again, as there was a crash of thunder, and it started raining again. He punched at Deathblade, but he simply flung Ekajra away. He was headed for a tree and turned in mid air, jumping off of it. He slashed at Deathblade when he got close, but he grabbed the blade and flung Ekajra down to the ground, and then kicked him away.

Ekajra stood up just in time to dodge Deathblade charging at him. He stabbed into the ground with his tri-blades and did a hand stand, swinging around to kick Ekajra in the stomach. He then got on his feet to look down at the being below him.

“Gah, I’m not done yet!” Ekajra said, getting up again. He jumped back, drawing his knife as Deathblade ran towards him again. He swung down at Ekajra, but he was ready and blocked the attack. He pushed Deathblade back, and then slashed at him again. He parried, but Ekajra came from below and punched him in the stomach. Deathblade grabbed his arm and flipped him over himself, but Ekajra broke free and landed on the ground, slashing up at Deathblade. He caught him on the arm, some nanites flying away as he did so. Deathblade came up with his arm and knocked Ekajra away. He then held up his hands, and changed them both into long blades, flat in line with his arm.

Against your short knife, these should be a better weapon.

“Whatever you want.” Ekajra said at ran at him again. Deathblade slashed down with both arms, but Ekajra held his arm up, blocking it. He pulled his leg up from the side, catching Deathblade in the hip. He buckled slightly, which gave Ekajra enough time to slip around behind him and slash him in the back. Deathblade fell forward, and Ekajra looked down at him. ‘Now would be a good time to use that…’ He thought, reaching towards his pocket.

Taking a break, are we?” A voice said from behind him. He whirled around just in time to see Deathblade behind him, who hit him with the flat side of his blade, sending him away, but flicking it at the last second to cut Ekajra just enough to make him bleed.

Ekajra hit the ground on his back, and stood up, panting. “You’re faster than you look.” He said, but then ducked quickly as Deathblade proved that point by stabbing at him, the blade probably aimed for Ekajra’s head. He came up and caught Deathblade with an uppercut. He went in the air, but flipped back, landed on his hands, which he changed his arms back to, and then flipped again onto his feet. The second he landed he charged Ekajra knocked him away towards a tree. But before he could hit it, Deathblade had ran forward and grabbed him around the neck slamming him into it.

Hmph, you are weak.” He pulled Ekajra away from the tree and slammed him into the ground. Ekajra attempted to stand up, but Deathblade kicked him down again, keeping his foot on Ekajra’s stomach. Ekajra grabbed the foot and tried to pull it off him, and Deathblade pulled it away, lifting Ekajra up. He then punched him, grabbed him by the neck before he went to far, and threw him back to the ground, slamming him on the back. Blood came up from Ekajra’s mouth as he impacted, and he started gasping for breath.

“I’m… not… finished… with… you…” he said, leaning forward to look at Deathblade. He noticed something, and then smirked, looking down, his hand moving towards his pocket.

Not finished with me? You can barely stand up, and you still want to fight.” He raised one of his arms, changing it back into a long blade. “Did you really think you had any chance of beating me in my perfect form?

“No…” Ekajra said, looking up. Deathblade noticed the smirk on his face, and what could’ve been a questioning expression showed in his eyes. “…, but he does!” He pulled his hand out of his pocket, throwing something towards Deathblade. He moved his head to the side to dodge it, but that wasn’t where it was headed. Instead it flew into the hand of someone waiting in the tree’s that jumped down behind Deathblade.

“Hey Deathblade, I’ve got a present for you. Goodbye.” Alerak slammed the chip onto the back of Deathblade’s neck.

What the… Agghhh!” Deathblade yelled, as the hip activated. “No! I will not be defeated! By you weaklings!

“Face it dude, you’re done for.” Ekajra said, standing up.


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