Urban Warfare, Mental Mayhem.

Alerak carefully aimed his gun at the charging Deathblade. Laser bullets bounced off his metallic body as he brought up his arm to block, spreading out a shield of nanites. He stopped running and jumping into the air, flipping over Alerak. Alerak followed him with his gun, and Deathblade deflected the blasts with quick hand movements as he spiraled towards Alerak. Alerak jumped back as Deathblade stabbed his clawed hand toward him. It dug into the ground, sending up small chunks of debris. Alerak quickly fired on Deathblade again, but he pulled out of the ground in time to dodge Alerak’s attack.

Deathblade leapt into the air, grabbing onto a flagpole jutting out from the side of a building horizontally. He swung around it and perched on top. Alerak already had his sights set on him and opened fire, but Deathblade jumped away, onto the next-door building’s roof. Alerak immediately gave chase, looking for a way to get to the roof.

* * * * *

Ekajra ran at Deathblade, drawing his knife. He made for a quick vertical slash, which Deathblade easily blocked. Ekajra was already planning his next move, however, and pushed off of Deathblade’s arm, spinning around to slash Deathblade from the side. Deathblade could barely dodge, and Ekajra managed to slash into his sides, sending nanites flying off the edge of his blade. It appeared as though the Deathblade inside his mind was composed entirely of them.

“That was a good attack. I’ll be sure to watch out for it next time. That is, if you even get another opportunity,” Deathblade said as he extended his arms into two long, thin blades. The curved up at the tip, almost becoming hooks. He charged, slashing with his right arm. Ekajra quickly blocked it and tried to punch Deathblade in the stomach. Deathblade brought his other arm around and caught Ekajra’s arm with the curve of his blade. He then spun around, throwing Ekajra away.

Ekajra had anticipated this, and managed to unhook his chain, wrapping it around Deathblade’s left sword as he was thrown. He fell to the floor and rolled sideways, getting to his knees, quickly jerking the chain as he did so. Deathblade was pulled off balance and thrown across the room. He shrank the blade Ekajra had grappled and escaped. With a quick flip he landed back on his feet as Ekajra pulled his chain back to himself, spinning it around his arm. He grabbed the end of it as it got to him, holding it tightly in his hand. “Your move Bladey.”

* * * * *

Alerak ran across the roof, jumping over oddly placed boxes, switching to his plasma rifle. Deathblade wasn’t far ahead of him, and all Alerak needed was one good shot. “You can’t keep this up forever. Even a machine like you has to make a mistake eventually,” Alerak said as he steadied the gun, still running as Deathblade neared the edge of the roof.

* * * * *

Deathblade dashed towards Ekajra, changing his weaponry along the way. The thin curved blades straightened out and widened into doubled edged. As he brought his arm up to strike, the blades bent into wave blades. Ekajra whipped his chain at Deathblade, but it was deflected. Ekajra blocked Deathblade’s swing with his knife and tried to push against Deathblade. He found an opening and quickly flung his chain towards Deathblade’s ankle. It wrapped around, and Ekajra pulled Deathblade up off his feet.

* * * * *

Deathblade reached the edge of the building and launched himself over the edge just as he was about to reach the other side, some strange force jolted him and he lost his balance, stumbling forward in mid-air. This was immediately followed by a small explosion on his back knocking him face first into cement. “Curses, I was worried something like this would happen. I’ll have to finish him off quicker, or things might get complicated out here,” Deathblade said as he slowly stood up, regrowing the area that had been destroyed by the blast.

Alerak had already reached the edge of the previous building, engaging the boosters in his legs as he jumped off. Simultaneously, he clipped the rifle to his back and switched back to the submachine gun, opening fire on Deathblade. He jumped back in time to dodge the rain of bullets as holes riddled the roof. Alerak landed on the roof and ran after Deathblade, firing at him. Deathblade had by now built up a large shield extending from his back, which was deflected most of Alerak’s shots.

Deathblade jumped off of the roof into a narrow alley below, and Alerak followed. He once again engaged his boosters, using them to slow down and he landed quickly, still chasing his prey. Deathblade turned back and was surprised to see Alerak still following him. “Why can’t I get him off of me. Very well then, I’ll just have to switch to the offensive.” There was a sharp turn in the alley up ahead, and Deathblade dashed to the side as he came to it, growing out crescent blades on the sides of his arms.

Alerak saw this happen but and ran ahead full speed, getting ready to turn on the fly and start firing immediately. Unfortunately this didn’t happen as Deathblade slammed him into wall across from where he’d turned before Alerak could make his move.

* * * * *

Ekajra jumped back away from Deathblade, wrapping his chain around his wrist before it could be used against him. He locked it into place and got ready for the next attack. Deathblade slowly stood up, his body shifting. “I didn’t want to use my full power in here to save energy for my destruction, but you leave me no choice,” he said, as he took on the same form that he currently had outside the mind.

“Ah yeah, your “true form” right? This’ll be fun.”

“Yes, for me, certainly,” Deathblade said, extending the new knuckle spurs on his hands out straight forward. “I must say, these are a nice touch. Shall we continue?” Deathblade immediately warped in front of Ekajra, slashing him across the chest. Ekajra fell back, blood soaking his fur, but worked past the pain and got to his feet in time to block Deathblade’s next slash. He stopped the pair of spikes with the flat side of his knife. Immediately he jerked his arm to the side quickly, freeing the tip of his knife from one of the spurs, then slammed his knife in-between the spurs. Ekajra grabbed Deathblade’s arm, avoiding the crescent blades, and flipped him onto his back.

Ekajra immediately jumped on Deathblade for a second attack but was thrown off. Deathblade jumped to his feet, grabbing Ekajra by the neck. Ekajra’s hands immediately flew to his neck, grasping at Deathblade’s hand, trying to free himself. Deathblade hoisted Ekajra in the air. “And now to finish you off. I told you you wouldn’t win.”

“Don’t be so sure!” Ekajra somehow wrenched free from Deathblade’s grip and flipped backwards, kicking him in the face. Deathblade stumbled backwards, and Ekajra charged, pummeling him with quick punches.

* * * * *

Alerak slowly pulled himself out from the wall, bricks, crumbling down behind him. “Okay, that one hurt.” Alerak quickly came back to his senses and looked around. Deathblade was no longer in front of him. In fact, Alerak couldn’t see him anywhere. “Unless…” Alerak looked up just in time to dodge Deathblade slamming into the ground. He fired on him, and plasma blasted away sections of the armor, but it quickly regrew. “This isn’t working, but I need to weaken him more!”

Deathblade ran at Alerak, slashing and thrusting rapidly. Alerak fired off rounds where he got the chance, but Deathblade was attacking too fast. And with their cramped fighting area between the tightly packed buildings of the city, Alerak was having trouble dodging. “I’ve got to get out of here!” Here activated his boosters, floating into the air somewhat and firing at Deathblade. The mechanical menace jumped at him, and Alerak pulled out three small spheres. He threw them at Deathblade, and they hit him square in the face. Upon impact, smoke began to pour out of them and Deathblade fell to the ground, giving Alerak time to run out of the alleyway into a more open street.

Deathblade got to his feet quickly. He had no trouble seeing through the smoke, his eyes were enhanced by the nanites after all. But the strange beeping noise coming from the smoke bombs and the lights flashing on them was what worried him. It almost sounded like a countdown.

This suspicion was confirmed when the spheres exploded around him. Alerak smiled as he turned around in the middle of the street to see the damage. More smoke poured out from between the buildings as a figure emerged. Portions of Ekajra’s actual body could be seen in small areas where the armor had actually been blown off. It was quickly covered up as Deathblade stormed out from the alley, clearly angered.

“You actually managed to destroy part of me. I’m impressed. But now it’s time for me to finish this,” he said, as spikes began to spread out all over his body. “Let’s see you get through this!”

“You’d better watch out, I just might!” Alerak yelled back, firing his gun. Deathblade ran straight at him, ignoring the fact that hot, speeding laser bullets were whizzing by and into him. He simply focused on his goal and ran forward. Alerak barely had time to dodge as Deathblade brought up his arm, extending his hand out to a fine point and thrusting downward.


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