The Escape

Midnight, in a darkened city. All was quite, other than the occasional footsteps of a guard patrolling the corridors of various buildings, or the tinkering of a technician working late into the night. In one such building, which doubled as not only a place of residence, but a lab, as it seemed many buildings did, there was hushed sound of rushing feet. Two figures moved through the hallways, they’re black robes swishing around them as they ran, as they came upon a turn in their path they stopped short. One of them moved forward, what looked like a small blade coming out of his sleeve. He leaned against the wall and carefully looked over, observing the area ahead. ‘Hmmm, one guard, looks tired. Should be easy.’ He thought as he turned around the corner, creeping low to the ground until he’d gotten right up behind the guard. He quickly stood up and knocked the robed cybernetic echidna hard on the side of the neck, catching him before he hit the ground and laid him down gently, so as not to make too much noise. He walked back and motioned for his partner that the area was clear. He walked up and they continued to dash down the halls.

They met few guards, which made sense they weren’t in a place of great importance. The lab located here didn’t work on very advanced projects, and the residents where mostly just the scientists and technicians, as well as their families and a few other groups of people. So the two continued to make their way through the halls, taking out a guard here and there, but had eventually found their way to the entrance of the complex. One of them, the one who had taken out the guards reached forward and pressed a button next to the door, but it didn’t open. “Dang it! They’ve locked it up!” He yelled in hushed tones.

“Well, that’s kinda obvious, but don’t worry…” the other said, reaching into his robes and pulling out a small computer like device. “I came prepared. This should only take a second.” He opened up the casing around the switch and began to fumble around with the wires inside until he had hooked up his computer and began typing away, numbers popping up rapidly as he worked. A short while later he’d gotten the code and unlocked the door. His partner reached out his hand and pressed the button.  This time the door slid apart easily, the cold night air rushing in. He pulled off his hood, as the air rushed past him blowing his dreads back. “Alright Ekajra, that’s enough messing around, let’s get out of here. This was your idea anyway.” The other one said, standing up now that he’d unplugged his device and replaced the cover.

“All right, let’s get out of here.” The echidna, Ekajra, said as they walked out. The other one had now pulled out a digital map of a the city, as well as the entire island, finding the quickest paths, and also the ones farthest from the parts of the city where they were more likely to be seen. They dashed through alleys and jumped over fences, making their way to the edge of the city. “Alright this is our way out.” The one with the computer said.

“Alerak, there’s quite a few guards over there. I’m gonna go take ‘em out.” Ekajra said.

“All right, be careful.” Alerak said, stowing his computer. Ekajra walked forward, and unhooked a chain on his wrist, letting it unwrap a little before he grabbed it again. He swung it at the group of guards, knocking out some of the less attentive ones, but the others he quickly took care of. But as he stood up, he noticed one running off. “Hey Al, I think they know were making a run for it.”

“Did figure out who you were?” Alerak asked running up and quickly started working on disabling the barrier blocking the entrance.

“If they saw my hands, I’m sure they do.” He said, examining the backs of his hands. And it was true, because one look at the pair of spurs extending from each certainly said something was different about him. “Curse these things. If we ever run into the Guardian out there, I’m gonna give him what he’s got coming.” Ekajra said, punching one fist into the other.

“Heh, you may have his some of his DNA, but he’s still way stronger than you’ll ever be. He’d kick your butt.” Alerak said with a smirk.

“Don’t remind me.” Ekajra replied turning around as Alerak stood up, the barrier sparking as it disappeared for a brief period as they rushed out and ran for what seemed like ages till they’d reached a jungle. They found a small cave and went in, resting for the night, finally far away from the Dark Legion.



Next Chapter.


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