The desert seemed to be the longest part of their travels, and by far the worse, but soon they’d reached the end. But, once again, they were a little off, and had wound up in a forested area, with many strange plants, not the least common being the various mushrooms.

“Alerak, you got something to say about this?” Ekajra asked on sight of the forest.

“I don’t know, this thing must’ve been broken, but I’ve got it right this time. It’s this way. I suppose we might as well go through the forest.”

“This better not lead anywhere else. Ice Cap, Red Mountain?”

“Nope, they’re the other direction, now let’s go.”

“Hold up, I’ve got a better idea, I’ll just climb up on of these trees and check it out.” He located one of the taller trees he could find and stood in front of it. He walked around, looking it over, and found a spot he thought best to start climbing. He raised his fist and dug his spurs into the tree, and began to climb up. Eventually he reached the top and stood on top of the highest point that was stable enough and looked around. He then jumped back down, going in-between the tree and another close by in a zigzag pattern, landing softly on the ground.

“Find anything?” Alerak asked while Ekajra stood up.

“Yep, cities that way.” He pointed into the woods. “If we head straight through it should be easy to find.” They turned and walked off into the strange woods.

Although it was mush easier to get through here than the desert, food and water was much easier to get to, and they’d found an oasis on the edge of Sandopolis, there were still plenty of obstacles. The area was very hilly, and there were various places where they kept getting stuck and had to go back. They soon found that certain plants could help them, and once they took advantage of them the way through was a lot easier. The only other thing they had to deal with was more of Robotnik’s robots, left here from long ago. They popped out of the ground, blew them back with large winds, and from time to time attacked while they were trapped in strange net like plants. But a few days later they noticed the forest began to thin out, and as they came to the edge of the woods they looked out and there was the city, Echidnaopolis.

“Finally, now we can get some real food. Pie, here I come!” Ekajra yelled and was about to make a run for the city when Alerak grabbed him.

“Hold on a second there pie boy. What d you think you’re doing running into the middle of the city, the way you look.”

“Your right, the guardian symbol might confuse them.”

“Not that, your arm. One look at that and they’ll realize who you are, or at least used to be, and you’ll be locked up faster than you can say ‘extra whipped cream please’.”

“Oh yeah, sorry, forgot about that.” Ekajra shrugged as he walked back into the seclusion of the woods.

“All right then, I say I go in, I’d be able to pass off as normal, seeing as how my legs are hidden, and look around the city.” Alerak said.

“All right, just be careful.” Alerak nodded and walked out of the woods, and into the city. As he had planned nobody seemed to notice him, he looked normal enough, and as he looked around the city he was rapidly thinking of a plan. ‘Well, I could just buy a home, but we don’t have much money. Wonder what we’ll do for a job… well, we can think that up later. Aha, that’s it! The police! If I go to the EST, tell them who we are, maybe they’ll let us stay if we give them information on the Dark Legion. It seems like the easiest way, maybe I’ll have to…’ He turned and started walking off into the direction of the EST headquarters.

As he approached, he noticed no guards and simply walked in. When he entered a young female echidna at the front desk asked him what his business here was. “I’d like to speak to someone important, I really need help.”

“Well, it looks like Constable Remington isn’t busy at the moment, I can tell him you’re in need of help. Can you tell me anything about it?”

“Oh, it’s of the black robed persuasion.” Alerak said simply.

“You mean… oh, well, you should see him this instant. This way please.” The echidna stood up and directed Alerak down a hallway that they walked to the end of. She knocked on the door. “Sir, there’s some one here to see you, and they say it’s very important.”

“All right, let them in.” A voice came from inside. They walked in, and the echidna from the front desk continued up to the Constable while Alerak stood there. She leaned over to him and whispered in his ear about the subject of the visit. He thanked her and she left the room. “Please, sit down.” Remington said, motioning to one of the chairs in front of his desk. “So, it seems you have some information on the Dark Legion.”

“Uhh, sorta, more that I need the EST’s help.” Alerak said, not taking a seat.

“Why, did one attack you, or were you threatened?” Remington asked, now seeming more interested in the teenager’s story.

“No, I am, or well, was one.” He lifted up the leg of his pants revealing his cybernetic leg. “My friend, he couldn’t come now he’s way too obvious, his arms metal you see, he decided to leave the Legion. He wasn’t the most popular one around if you know what I mean, I was his only friend really. We just want your help in getting safely housed here. We don’t want to scare the public, and I’m sure you don’t want them at your necks either.” As he finished, Alerak finally took a seat.

Remington thought it over for a while, before turning back to Alerak. “Well, I think I can believe you, we can certainly house you here, it’s not like if you where spies it’d make a difference, the Legion already knows the location of the city. But, is there anything you can do to help us? Information, maybe?”

“Well, we wouldn’t know much, but I am a technician, and I can lend you some of the Legion’s technological power, as much as I can.”

“Hmm, well then, I can’t see how it would hurt to at least give you a house on the edge of the city. You two wouldn’t be the first Legionnaires we let live here. So, yes, I think we’ll help you.”

“Oh, thank you sir!” Alerak said standing up. “When can we expect this to happen?”

“As soon as we find a house. Is there anyway to contact you?”

“Oh, you can message my computer, I’ll give you the code, it should be able to connect to yours.” Alerak quickly pulled a note pad and pencil out of one of his pockets and wrote down a series of numbers. He tore off the sheet of paper, handing it to the Constable as he thanked him again.

“Of course, just don’t forget your part of the deal. If we ever need you help, we can find you.” He shook the paper. “And were getting you and your friend your house anyway. You can leave now.”

Alerak thanked him again as he walked out the door. Once he was out of the heart of the city he ran towards where he knew Ekajra was waiting. “Dude, I got us a house.”

“Really, where?” Ekajra asked, jumping down from a tree in front of Alerak.

“I’m not sure yet, I got the EST to help and…”

“What, you got the cops! How can you trust them!”

“I said we’d give them any info we could on the Legion, and I might lend them some of my gadgets and such. And besides, the guy I talked to said we wouldn’t be the first former Legionnaires they housed.”

“Really? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, I’ll have to hope you knew what you were doing. When do we find out where the house is?”

“They said they’d contact us as soon as they found one, I give them my computer’s code.”

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait then.”


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