The E.S.T. soldiers were ready, guns pointed towards the group approaching the city. Their black robes billowed in the wind, and they appeared to have weapons of their own. “Halt!” one of the E.S.T. called out. “What is your reason for coming here?” he asked.

The robed figure at the front smirked from behind his hood, and pulled out a small spherical object. He pressed a button on the top, and threw it to the ground. Suddenly a blinding flash of light erupted, and disappeared just as fast. But as the soldiers regained composure, the robed group was gone. “Sir, the intruders have made it past us,” the commander said over his com-link.

“Very well,” Remington replied. “Don’t worry, if they after what I think they are, I’ve got it covered. Just don’t let any more past you.”

“Affirmative, sir.”

* * * * *

Ekajra had finished up his training and headed back to Mighty’s main room, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, and sitting down. “So, any news?” he asked.

“Nope, so far so good,” Mighty replied. “We might even get through this without any attacks on the Princess.”

“Wow! That would be awesome!” Yin said.

“Sounds boring to me,” Ekajra and Yang said in unison. Ekajra looked over to the panda, who was obviously back to normal, and said no more, taking a gulp from his water.

“Well, I’m gonna go look around outside a bit, just to be sure,” Ekajra said, standing up. He walked over to the door and left, beginning to walk around the house.

* * * * *

The dark figures moving quickly through the city, hidden by their advanced cloaking devices. One of their scouts had found something promising, and they were moving in on what they hoped to be their target. “Alpha team come in, what is you position?” one of the figures said, putting his hand to his ear.

“This is Alpha. We are at the target’s supposed location. No confirmation of target, but we have found something just as good,” the voice of Alpha team’s leader said.

“What is it?” the Beta leader asked.

“Remember those two kids who left a little while ago? The freak and his friend? We believe one of them is here.”

“Which one?”

“The freak.”

* * * * *

Ekajra rounded a corner of Mighty’s house. Considering it was more of a circular shape, there wasn’t much of a corner to round, but as he walked into the backyard he was quickly knocked to the ground. He rolled backwards and got on his feet, knife drawn. He looked around, but no one was there. “Alright, whoever that was, show yourself!” he yelled, walking forward slowly.

“Hmm, so it is the freak. It’s good to meet you… traitor,” a voice came from in front of Ekajra.

“Ah man… you’ve got to be kidding me… let me guess, cloaking devices?” Ekajra said, and a chuckle came from in front of him.

“You’re pretty smart. And yes, it is as you feared. It’s us…” the voice paused, and there was a series of shimmers like on a hot summer day and slowly a large force of black cloaked echidnas began to appear before him. The speaker, who was in front and obviously the leader, removed his hood, revealing a large amount of cybernetics as he raised his right hand. “The Dark Legion!” The squad leader brought his hand down, pointing towards Ekajra.

Instantly, the force surged around their leader, headed straight. Ekajra looked at the mob coming towards him, and had only one thing to say. “Great…”

He slashed the first Legionnaire to reach him, spin kicking a few more. One tried to get him with a laser sword, but Ekajra dodged it and elbowed him in the back of the neck. He punched another one in the stomach, slashing at a couple more, and spun his chain around him to clear some space. “Is that all you guys got?”

He was immediately answered by a blaster shot, which grazed his right shoulder as Ekajra tried to dodge it. He whipped his chain in the direction of the shot and grabbed the weapon, flinging it away into another Legionnaire’s face as they began to converge on him once again.

It was about this time when Mighty decided to get outside, and was immediately swept into the fray. He grabbed a Legionnaire by the wrists, spinning him around and knocking down more of the cloaked cyborgs, before flinging the helpless echidna into the crowd. He charged into the group, rolling along the ground for a brief moment before spinning out and tripping a circle around him. He stood up and began to pound on the opposition.

The squad leader had jumped to the other edges of the fight, hand next to his communicator as he ducked behind a tree. “Beta team, come in. This Alpha. We’ve met resistance. The traitor, as well as Mighty the Armadillo of the Chaotix.”

“Any sign of the other Chaotix or the Guardian?” the Beta leader called in.

“None. The traitor and the armadillo are likely the only ones guarding the target, probably to keep a low profile. What is your ETA?”

“5 minutes. I assume the princess is now unguarded inside the location?”

“If my theory is right, then yes. Move in quickly and get out.”

“Affirmative. Over and out.” The Alpha leader stood up from his position and charged back into the battle, gun drawn.

* * * * *

The Beta leader continued on, a confident smile on his face. Soon he would accomplish his mission, and show his commanders just what he could do. “Soon, I’ll get you back for all the trouble you’ve caused me.”

* * * * *

Ekajra knocked back a Dark Legionnaire, and ducked quickly as another one jumped at him. He fell to his back, kicking up into the Legionnaire’s stomach, and continued forward, pulling himself back up. He blocked another attack, throwing the Legionnaire into one of his comrades who was about to fire on Ekajra. “They just keep coming! How many of these guys are there?”

“Heh, this is nothing,” Mighty said, Grabbing two Legionnaires and spinning around, flinging them into the crowd. “I’ve fought a lot worse before.” He sidestepped a laser blast, running forward to take out the Legionnaire who’d shot it. “Though usually the rest of the Chaotix are with me.” He jumped on top of a Legionnaire, slamming him to the ground as he worked his way through the crowd. “So, you’re doing pretty well, all things considered.” Mighty rolled up into a ball again, diving into a Legionnaire, grabbing a few more and throwing them as he got up.

Ekajra elbowed a Legionnaire in the face, and slashed at two as they came towards him. They fell to the ground, and Ekajra jumped past them, whipping his chain around another, who he flung up into the air. The soldier fell to the ground, taking a few of his comrades with him. Ekajra proceeded to bash his way through the horde, but it seemed to never end.

* * * * *

Meanwhile inside the house, Yin was waiting, hiding in a small corner of the room behind a couch and chair where Mighty had told her to stay. “I hope everything’s alright. Mighty-san and Kajjy-san have been gone for a while,” she said to herself. There was a sudden bang on the door, and Yin crouched down lower. Another bang and the door flung open, falling off its hinges. Two cloaked figures carrying a battering ram walked in, and stepped to the side as another entered.

“No sign of the target, sir,” one of the first to enter said to the third.

“We’ll see about that. You go search the rest of the house, and you go inform the rest of the squad to aid in the fight,” he said, ordering the other two next to him. He then stepped further into the main room, removing his hood, his left eye glowing a bright red as he looked around the room. He began to walk towards the corner of the room, his gaze resting on the small space between the furniture. He glanced down, and smirked. “Got ya.”

* * * * *

Ekajra had just cleared a space around him, and glanced over towards the side of the house as he heard a commotion. A whole other squadron of Legion soldiers, though slightly less than the first, was coming around the corner. “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Ekajra said, bending to the side to dodge an attack, before slashing the Legionnaire.

“Wait, if this is another squad, then they’ve probably come for,” Mighty thought out loud as he continued to fight. He quickly whirled around to the house as he thoughts came together. “No! The Princess!”

“Oh, looking for this?” a voice called from the top of the house. There stood a Dark Legionnaire, his cloak whipping around him in the wind. And in his cybernetic right hand he held up Yin.

“Let me go you…” Yin said as she squirmed in his grip. “Yeah, you jerk, let us go! Or I’ll slash your arm off and rip out your normal eye!” Yang added, trying to grab her tonfa blades, but her capturer took them before she could.

Ekajra turned to look at the one standing atop the roof. The purple echidna, with the glowing red eye that was all too familiar to him. “Well, you certainly bounce back quickly… Shadow Claw!”


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