“You sure bounce back quickly, Shadow Claw!” Ekajra yelled, pointing to the purple echidna on the roof.

“Hmph, it’s good to see you again as well traitor,” Kage said, looking down at Ekajra.

“You know him?” Mighty, who was now closer, asked.

“We’ve met,” Ekajra replied.

“Oh, we’ve certainly “met”. You and that low-life mercenary have caused me quite a bit of trouble… ”

“Hm, I hardly did anything, but whatever,” Ekajra mumbled to himself.

“But I’ll get my leaders’ trust back, after I take care of the Princess here,” Kage extended his claws, which slid just past Yin’s face. She squeaked slightly as the cold metal touched her face.

Ekajra and Mighty immediately tensed, but they didn’t need to react as someone else took care of it. “Kage! Enough with the theatrics! You know you mission, now do it!” the Alpha squad leader yelled.

Kage withdrew his claws, and his face took on its usual emotionless expression. “Yes, of course sir.” He flung Yin over his shoulder, and jumped off of the roof.

“Heh, if you think I’m just gonna let you get away…” Ekajra said, attempting to jump towards the roof. He was immediately knocked down by the Dark Legion soldiers around him.

“And if you think we’ll let you get away, traitor…” one of them began. However, he was cut off as rapid laser fire exploded around them. A few Legionnaires fell to the ground, and Ekajra and those still standing looked to the source, atop another house’s roof.

“As cheesy as it sounds, I might as well follow the pattern,” the newcomer said, resting his gun on his shoulder, “but if you think you’re going to get away with that,” Alerak brought the gun back down to his hands, “you’ve got another thing coming.” He immediately opened fire on the crowd again.

“Nice save dude!” Ekajra called.

“Well don’t just stand there!” Alerak yelled. “Get the princess!”

“Oh yeah! Let’s go Mighty!”

“You go on ahead! I’ll help hold these guys off!” Mighty called from the crowd, throwing a Legionnaire as if to demonstrate his point.

“Alright, whatever you say. I’ll take care of Kage.” Ekajra ran in the direction Kage had gone, punching his way through the fight.

* * * * *

Kage ran towards the edge of the city, a small group of soldiers with him. His com-link began to beep, and Kage put his hand to it.

“Kage, the other traitor has come and helped the freak break through. He’s currently pursuing you,” the Alpha team leader reported.

“Understood. We’ll watch out for him,” Kage replied, turning off the communicator. “Everyone be on the lookout, that traitor could attack from anywhere!”

“How about I just go for the back!” Ekajra yelled as he jumped off of a low building. The group of black clad echidnas turned to face him, but didn’t have quite enough time to react before Ekajra grabbed onto to one their heads. He twisted around and slammed the Legionnaire’s face into the ground, jumping back as the others shot at him.

“Hold your fire! We can’t draw unwanted attention. And speaking of which, how could I have forgotten. Activate your cloaking devices!” Kage commanded, and quickly the standing Legionnaires turned on the aforementioned devices, and they disappeared from sight. Ekajra attempted to grab one before he ran off, but was tripped by the Legionnaire he had taken out, and lost him.

“Dang it! Should’ve seen that coming,” Ekajra said, mentally slapping himself aside the head. “I gotta figure out where they went… hey, you!” Ekajra turned and picked the fallen Legionnaire off the ground. “Where are they going? And while I‘m asking questions, what do you want with Yin anyway?”

“Ha, what makes you think I’ll answer you, traitor!” the Legionnaire yelled. Ekajra spun him around and slammed him into a wall, holding him up by his neck.

“I’ll try again. Where did they go?!”

“I’m not scared of you, you weak little failure of an experime…aghh!” The Dark Legionnaire yelled, before Ekajra tightened his grip, knife pointed at his captive’s head.

“Where are they headed?!” Ekajra yelled, anger burning in his eyes.

“T-the oasis on the edge of Sandopolis. I’m sure you know the one, just to the west of the city,” the Legionnaire finally stuttered.

“Yeah, I think I’ve got an idea. Thanks,” Ekajra said, putting away his knife. However, he immediately slammed his fist against the side of the Legionnaire’s head, knocking him out. Ekajra threw him to the ground, and ran in the direction he’d been directed. “I’ve got to find a shortcut, beat them there.”

* * * * *

“Sir, I think we’ve lost him,” one of the Legion soldiers accompanying Kage said as the dashed between trees.

“Don’t let your guard down yet. He’s already jumped us once, it’s likely he’ll do it again.” Kage said. “Keep the cloaking up until we reach the rendezvous point.”

“Hey you! Let me go already! I said put me down!” Yang yelled, trying to attack Kage, but with little success.

“Sorry princess, but I can’t do that. You’re going to help us in our plan. As soon as we hand you over to those foolish terrorists that hired us to get you.”

“What do you mean terrorists? I’ll rip ‘em to shreds, they can’t take me!”

“We’ll see about that.”

* * * * *

Ekajra jumped from treetop to treetop. He’d figured what oasis they were heading to, and hoped that the shortcut he was taking would allow him to catch up to Kage. Soon the trees began to thin, and he could see the desert stretching out before him.

He jumped to the ground, sliding down the side of the tree, and began to slowly move to the end of the forest. The ground became harder, and soon he was standing on a thing layer of sand. He headed towards the oasis, looking for any sign of Kage or whomever he was meeting up with. As he neared the oasis, he heard a noise, and dove behind a fallen pillar from some ancient construction. He peered over the edge and looked for the source of the noise.

A helicopter was flying in, and landed a short distance from the oasis. Out of it came a group of various Mobians, all dressed in a similar uniform. “Hmm, these guys sure seem organized. This definitely isn’t a small time operation. But then again, the Legion is involved,” Ekajra said to himself. “Now where’s Kage?”

His question was soon answered as footsteps began to appear in the sand, coming from the forest. Soon, Kage and his group materialized. They walked to the oasis water’s edge, and three of the terrorists came to meet them.

“So, you must be the Legionnaire known as Shadow Claw,” one of them said.

“Yes, that is me,” Kage replied. “We’ve successfully captured the princess, as requested.” Kage set Yang down, keeping a firm grip on her.

“Ah, perfect. We’ll take it from here, thank you,” the leader of the group said, motioning to one of the others to grab the Princess. He moved forward, taking her from Kage. “And now, as you must understand, we should be leaving.”

“Yes, of course, and good luck to you,” Kage said, an evil smirk crossing his face.

“How about a bit more bad luck instead?” Ekajra said as he came running towards the group. He slammed into Kage, knocking him over. Yang’s tonfa blades fell to the ground.

“Gah, you persistent little… you are not going to stop me anymore!” Kage yelled, turning to face Ekajra. He put his right arm in front of himself, his claws sliding out, as well as a few more additions. His fingertips became sharp, three wide blades stuck out of his shoulder, and two more longer blades appeared in between his usual three. “This time I’m going to finish what I started!”


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