Mighty jumped into the air just as two Legionnaires attacked him, and they instead hit each other. He landed back on the ground and hit another Legionnaire with an uppercut. He quickly ducked down into a ball as another Legionnaire swung a sword at him. He jumped up, kicking him in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Alerak was still unloading on the hoard. “Man this is a lot easier than I expected!” he called as he rapidly reloaded his blaster’s energy cell.

“Yeah, you should know as well as I do that these guys usually send larger numbers,” Mighty replied, slamming two Legionnaires’ heads together. “And you’ve got someone with a lot of experience on your side.”

“Make that a few more,” a voice called from seemingly nowhere. Suddenly a line of Legionnaires fell to the ground one by one in Mighty’s direction.

“Ah, I should’ve known you guys wouldn’t let me handle this alone. And I also should’ve known you’d be the one following me,” Mighty said as a purple chameleon appeared in front of him, “…Espio!”

“Well, I am a chameleon after all,” Espio replied, throwing his fist up and hitting a Legionnaire behind him in the face.

“So where’s everybody else?” Mighty asked, quickly spin-kicking the encroaching soldiers around him.

“Knuckles is dealing with a problem elsewhere, but the rest of the Chaotix are on the way.” Espio threw a handful of shuriken, taking out some more Legionnaires.

“Geez, you could at least act like this isn’t that easy!” Alerak yelled as he fired at his attackers.

* * * * *

Ekajra stood there, speechless, as the dust settled around Kage, who had an evil grin spread across his face. He quickly snapped himself back to attention, saying, “Yeah, definitely do not want that to hit me.”

“Face it, you’ll never win against me. And…” Kage stopped abruptly, turned, and looked back at the oasis. The oasis where the group of terrorists and Dark Legionnaires was still standing, watching the fight. “Well don’t just stand there!” Kage yelled, “Get the princess out of here!”

The group stood there for a second, then made a sudden movement as if they’d all just woken up. The terrorist holding Yin tightened his grip as she started to make a break for freedom. They began to walk towards the helicopter, struggling to bring Yin with them.

“Oh, I’m not letting you get away that easily,” Ekajra said, running towards the chopper. He immediately felt something grab onto his dreads, and he was pulled backwards and flung to the ground.

“Not so fast. You still have to deal with me,” Kage said as he loomed over Ekajra.

“Alright then, I’ll do that,” Ekajra replied. He swung his leg out and tripped Kage, immediately springing to his feet. He dashed for the oasis, but Kage caught up and slammed into Ekajra’s back. He fell forward, a deep wound in his shoulder from Kage’s shoulder spikes.

He hit the ground, but rolled over and sat up quickly, despite the blood oozing from his back. He glanced to the side and saw something glistening out of the corner of his eye. “What exactly do you want with Yin?” Ekajra asked as Kage walked up to him.

“Oh, we don’t really want anything with her personally,” Kage replied, reactivating his sword. “Those terrorists are really the ones who wanted her.”

“Then why is the Dark Legion helping them?”

“Why? Allow me to explain.” Kage suddenly pounced on Ekajra, slamming him to the ground. Ekajra winced as the sand stung his wounds, but didn’t say anything as Kage held his sword to Ekajra’s neck. “These terrorist fools want to try and get they’re country into a war. They happened to choose the echidnas as their target. So we help them out, and Angel Island gets into a war. And with Echidnaopolis weakened, it’ll be all the easier for us to take over. Get it?”

“Oh I get it. Too bad your plan won’t work. ‘Cause I’m gonna stop you!” Ekajra quickly reached over and grabbed Yin’s tonfa blades. Before Kage could react he’d knocked his swords out of his hand and slashed off his armguard. Kage brought his other fist up and attempted to slam it into Ekajra, but he rolled over and kicked Kage down the ground. “Yang, catch!” Ekajra called as he threw the tonfas to the panda.

She shook free of her captors for a moment and caught the blades. “Alright, now this is more like it!” They began to move towards her again, but she spun around, brandishing her blades. They stepped back, which gave her a chance to get farther away from the helicopter, before she turned to face them. “Alright terrorist guys, bring it on!” she yelled as the terrorists ran towards her.

“Well, that takes care of that. Now for you,” Ekajra said, turning around to where he thought Kage would be, either standing and getting ready to mock him more or just lying there. Unfortunately, it was neither. “Alright, where’d he go?” Ekajra asked, looking around.

“Try looking up,” Kage’s voice called from above.

Ekajra looked up, and sure enough, there was Kage, hovering just above him. “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I told you this armor had quite a few features. Here’s another one,” Kage said, spinning around to show the small boosters built into his back. He then turned around, went up slightly higher, then swooped down for Ekajra. Ekajra jumped to the side, dodging the first attack, but Kage quickly followed it up.

Ekajra blocked it, and the two began to rapidly swing at each other, their blades clinging with each hit. This continued for a while, neither warrior giving his opponent and opening. Eventually Kage overpowered Ekajra and knocked him down, but Ekajra rolled over and whipped his chain at Kage. It wrapped around Kage’s ankle, and he was jerked backwards.

“What the… stupid traitor! Let go of me!” Kage yelled as Ekajra began to pull him in.

“How about now?” Ekajra grabbed onto Kage and slashed his back, killing the boosters. Kage fell to the ground, and Ekajra started wailing on him. “And stay down!” Ekajra said as he punched Kage one last time in the side of the head before standing up.

“Well, looks like you’ve got everything under control here,” Mighty said as he ran up to Ekajra.

“Yeah. Thanks for showing up though,” Ekajra said. “Where’s Alerak?”

“He’s back with the rest of the Chaotix taking care of the last few Legionnaires,” Mighty said. “Should we go get the princess?”

“Yeah, I think we’d better save the terrorists,” Ekajra joked, before the two began to run towards Yang, who was standing in the middle of a group of fallen terrorist soldiers.

“Hey guys, thanks for the help. Lucky for you I could take down all these guys,” she said, putting away her tonfas as the two walked up to her.

“Unfortunately, you missed one!” the leader of the rendezvous group said as he ran past them, grabbing Yang. He ran into the helicopter and immediately began to take off.

“Well that was fast! We need to get him!” Ekajra said, only slightly freaking out.

“Here, I have an idea. If I can just throw you over there, you should be able to break through and get her back.”

“Hmm, I see… alright, let’s do it!” Mighty grabbed Ekajra by the ankles and started to spin around, building up momentum. He quickly built up enough speed and launched Ekajra at the departing chopper. Ekajra flew straight at it and punched through its side. “Hey buddy, why don’t you rest for a while,” he said, knocking out the pilot. He ran over to Yang and grabbed her, and punched the side door out. “Alright, here we go!” he said, jumping from the helicopter.

They landed in the sand and rolled a few times before they slowed to a stop. Ekajra stood up and watched as the helicopter spiraled towards the ground, and exploded off in the distance. “Are you okay Princess?” Mighty asked, helping Yin up.

“Oh yes Mighty-san, all thanks to Kajjy-kun!” Yin said, quickly hugging Ekajra.

“It, uh, it was no problem. Just please stop calling me Kajjy-san,” Ekajra said.

“Sure thing, ‘Kajra-san,” Yin said.

“Now there’s just one thing left to take care of. Oh Kaaaageeeee…” Ekajra said, turning to where he though Kage would be. But, once again he was gone. “Dang it! Coward must have gotten away during all that commotion.”

“Oh well, the important thing is that the princess is safe. Now, let’s just head back to the city.”

* * * * *

“So, Kage Tsume, judging by the state you’re in I’m assuming the mission was a failure?” a Dark Legion commander said to Kage.

“Yes sir. I’m sorry, I have failed you again.”

“Well, it’s of no concern to us anymore. I believe we may have bigger things to worry about in the future. So, be glad the Grandmaster decided to forget about your little mistakes involving the traitor experiment.”

“Yes sir, thank you. I will not fail the Legion again.”

“See to it that you don’t.”


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