Almost Dead.

“Well, this seems interesting,” Shadow said as he observed the battles outside on a security monitor.

“Yes. It would appear Tails Doll may reveal his true identity,” Omega added.

“Yes,” Shadow leaned forward, folding his hands and holding them to his face. “that would be a sight to see. I found some documents regarding it, but the doctor didn’t leave much regarding it at the Angel Island base.”

“And unfortunately, my obtained records seem to present that the base where Robotnik developed Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles was destroyed.”

“Well then, we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the show.”

* * * * *

Sonic grabbed onto Metal Sonic’s arm, and began to spin around gaining momentum. “Hey Metal, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Meet Mr. Wall!” Sonic let go, sending his metal doppelganger into the same wall he’d been thrown into earlier. Metal crashed into it, but recovered quickly, dashing at Sonic, something in his hand. Metal whipped the item at Sonic, who dodged it and then managed to side step Metal Sonic’s charge. Metal turned sharply and stood facing Sonic, who now realized what Metal Sonic had thrown at him. Embedded into the ground a few feet behind him, was one of Metal Sonic’s head spikes.

“You’re going to pay for that,” Metal Sonic said.

“I’d like to see you try,” Sonic said, spreading his arms and shrugging his shoulders, a smirk on his face. He brought his arms back down and immediately ran at Metal. He punched, but Metal dodged and came down with a chop. Sonic grabbed it, and swung around with a roundhouse kick. Twisting his body around, he slammed Metal to the ground, and before the robot could dash away, Sonic came down on him with a stationary spindash. Metal Sonic managed to throw Sonic off, and flung him away through the air. Metal began to stand up slowly, and Sonic smiled, thinking he’d beat the robot up pretty bad. But then Metal Sonic looked at Sonic and yelled, “Now!”

In the blink of an eye, Sonic felt something hard pound into his side and he blasted to the ground. The next second the same thing sent him up into the air, and then straight back down. “Aghh, dang it…” Sonic gasped for breath as he worked his way up onto his feet, and then looked around to find the source of his assault, and looking over at Metal Sonic, he was shocked at what he saw.

Standing next to Metal Sonic was a new figure. It was just as tall as Metal Sonic in its current form, but of an even more slender build, with long, silver limbs, though its arms were mostly covered with a blue gauntlet-like casing, and its hands were also clawed. His mid-section and head had a blue casing, with spikes coming out of the backs of them. His feet were had a red and white casing on them, which appeared similar to a certain hedgehog’s favorite footwear. He looked up at Sonic, his single eye consisting of a horizontal red bar. “Greetings hedgehog, surprised to see me?” The older version of Metal Sonic said.

“Wait… but… you…huh?” Sonic stammered.

* * * * *

“Look, I don’t really get what’s going on here, but you are definitely not getting my soul!” Tails exclaimed as he jumped back from Tails Doll. He pulled out a ring bomb, and whipped it at Tails Doll. He charged through the flying rings, and started to spin around on one foot rapidly, his tails whipping around him. He slammed into Tails Doll, who merely stood there, and whipped him repeatedly before jumping away and throwing another bomb.

The rings began to settle, and Tails Doll merely stood in the middle of them. Surprisingly, he didn’t look that damaged, merely ruffled up a bit. He merely tipped his head to one side as he so often did, and muttered, “Is that the best you can do?” He then began to hover slightly higher, and dashed towards Tails. He flung his arm at Tails, who blocked it, but then jumped back holding his arm.

“Woah! That actually hurt. I can’t believe you could actually do that much damage with your structure and composition. I mean, you’re a doll.”

There’s more to it than that. As I have said before, my power grows stronger when it is night. And I am sure that the Doctor put some sort of robotics in this prison.” Tails Doll held up his hands, as if he were clenching his fist in anger. “So obviously, my attacks would hurt somewhat. Yet it will hurt all the more once I release my full power and take your soul.

“Well if you’re so eager to get it, why don’t you just release your full power already!” Tails exclaimed.

No, not yet, my power is not at its peak. But soon, you will face my incredible might.” Tails Doll then bent forward slightly, and dashed at Tails, swinging its arms violently.

* * * * *

“”Stupid… Shadow… androids!” Knuckles yelled as he continued to knock away android after android. He managed to steal a quick glance to check how Sonic was doing. “Wait, I thought I… destroyed him!”

“Yes, it would appear as though the sight of me has shocked you. Well, I would like to inform you that it was not you who defeated me. The guardian of the island did after I stole the enhanced Chaos Emerald from him.” Mecha Sonic said.

“So wait, Knuckles beat you… but how are you still alive? I saw the part of Sky Sanctuary you were on fall as I flew over there.” Sonic asked.

“The remains of Sky Sanctuary our battle took place on fell to the ocean after the Chaos Emerald was removed from it, that is correct. However, I managed to survive to impact, but was taken out of commission, and also had no further orders.”

“But now that the Emperor had sent out an order for all troops to report to this location, he reactivated and has joined us.” Metal Sonic added.

“Oh, great. Well, doesn’t matter, no matter how many of you there, it still won’t change the fact that you’re no match for me.”

“We’ll see about that. m.k. III, attack formation Alpha.” Metal Sonic said as he bent down slightly.

“Affirmative.” Mecha Sonic rolled up into spindash mode, and Metal Sonic jumped into the air.

“Now!” Metal Sonic thrust his arm forward, palm outspread, and electricity began to rapidly collect just in front of his arm. He released it in a bolt of lightning, headed for Sonic. He barely dodged the bulk of it, though its heat burnt his arm slightly. But before he could recover, Mecha Sonic slammed into him with a spindash, pulling Sonic into the air. He bounced off the ground, still in a spin, and slammed into Sonic, sending him into the ground. “Now,” Metal Sonic said as he landed next to Mecha Sonic. “what was that you said about us being no match for you?”

* * * * *

Tails’ and Tails Doll’s fight seemed like it had been raging for hours. Tails Doll’s attacks were fast, but he wasn’t doing much damage. But he was definitely wearing Tails out, and the fox could barely dodge most of them, let alone get in an attack of his own. On one attack, Tails managed to jump to the side, and as Tails Doll was quickly turning to face him, Tails pulled back a fist, and punched Tails Doll in the face. His fist sunk in slightly, and then suddenly the plush collapsed around it. Tails grabbed unto Tails Doll’s antenna and pull his arm out, flinging Tails Doll to the ground and jumping back. He pulled off his glove just to his hand wasn’t hurt. There didn’t seem to be any damage, and he slipped his glove back on. But for some reason his hand felt cold.

Tails Doll merely lay on the ground for a short while, before it began to start laughing as it never had before. And then it started to float upwards, not even turning upright, and spun so its head was pointing at Tails. “Hmhmhmhmhmmm, this is just too fortunate. I may not have been able to acquire your whole soul through that punch,” Tails Doll looked up at Tails now, his antenna retreating into his head. “but it was enough to put my power over the top. Now you shall face…my ultimate power!” Tails jumped back as there was a flash of light coming from Tails Doll. But that alone wasn’t the reason. Something had changed with Tails Doll. As he spoke his last words his voice had changed. It was no longer a mouthless whisper; instead it had become a deep, almost echoing voice. And for some reason Tails kept hearing some kind of strange song.

The light dimmed down, and Tails looked upon his opponent. The diamond from the antenna was now on Tails Doll’s forehead, but it had split in half and almost looked like horns. The ends of his hands and feet had long, black claws on them, and there were multiple small hooks on the ends of his Tails. Its ears had become pointed, and it eyes were black, with red dot in the middle that was shaped more like a snake’s iris. And on the white patch of his face there was now a mouth. It was half open in a grin, revealing sharp teeth, but one side still and stitching going across. “Tails Doll?” Tails asked, as he took all of it in.

“No longer fox child. I am Olldsliat, taker of souls and giver of curses,” The new Tails Doll said.

“Wait, Olldsliat… that’s just Tails Doll mixed up!”

“Unfortunate, I know. Knowing the Doctor, he probably thought it funny to seal a spirit with a similar word structure to the robot he was building. But it matters not anymore, considering he’s gone.”

“What do you mean gone?”

“Why exactly what it means. Must I explain everything? Mortals these days… to put it simply, he’s dead.”

“What?” Tails was shocked. He knew Robotnik was bad, there was more than enough proof of that, but he never believed anyone would actually kill him. They had always given him a second chance it seemed. “Who killed him?”

“That you will have to find out yourself. That is, if you survive, which is unlikely.” Olldsliat, floated lower to the ground, and brought his hands up, claws spread. “This body is still weak, but at least I have my favorite tools,” he smirked, then turning to look at Tails he bent forward, and charged at high speed. Tails jumped to the side to avoid him, but Olldsliat circled around and came back at Tails who blocked the attack by throwing a ring bomb at Olldsliat’s claws. As it exploded he started to launch some attacks his own before Olldsliat grabbed his arm. Tails cried out in pain as Olldsliat sunk his claws in, a coldness spreading from the cuts, and he twisting around, knocking Olldsliat away with his tails.

“Ahh, ow, what is this cold feeling?” Tails muttered as he touched his wounds gently. Olldsliat may not have heard him, but he gave an answer.

“You won’t be able to keep this up for long. As I attack you, I’ll just keep taking more of your soul. And once I have it all, I’ll be able to free myself from this prison, and unleash to Tails Doll curse upon this world!”

“I thought you didn’t like the idea of being trapped in the doll, why name a curse after it?”

“Well, there’s a certain one I’ve been developing while in this body, and for some reason it just seems to fit. But it’s no matter to you.” Olldsliat clinked his claws together on one hand and stabbed them into the ground. He began to spin on the one arm, his tails and legs spinning around him. As he built up speed he dashed at Tails. Tails jumped to the side, dodging the initial attack, and he began to hop this way and that as Olldsliat continued to change direction.

“Wait a minute, why am I doing this?” Tails asked himself as he barely dodged another attack. He jumped as high as he could and began to fly.

“Hehehe, forgetting something?” Olldsliat asked, still spinning. He quickly spread out his fingers and push off the ground, going into summersault towards Tails. The fox wasn’t able to move fast enough, and got rapidly whipped by the hooks on Olldsliat’s tails before being slammed back to the ground. He lay in the small depression his impact had made, gasping for breath. He was bloodied up over much of his body, and he felt like he was freezing. “Had enough yet?” Olldsliat asked as he touched back down to the ground.

* * * * *

“Ack, dang it!” Sonic gasped as he was sent flying into a wall.

“You certainly have a lot of vigor. You don’t happen to have any rings on you, do you?” Metal Sonic asked.

“If he did, they would all be lost by this point. We have gone through almost all of our attack formations.”

“Well, we should the last few for later. No don’t need to waste them on him now.” Metal Sonic picked Sonic up by his neck. “So copy, what’s your next move?”

“How about this!” Sonic managed to twist his body into a circle and spindash so Metal Sonic let go of him. He didn’t stop spinning, but continued by rapidly performing homing attacks between the two Metals, quickly bring them closer to each other. A clang rang out as they impacted, and before they could separate Sonic whipped them up in a whirlwind. They flew into the air, and landed back on the ground. “Hey guess what?” Sonic smirked as his robotic counterparts stood up. He spread out his hand, ten or so small glowing objects there. “Ring box.” He closed his hand and there was a small flash of light as he absorbed the rings’ power and his wounds were healed slightly. “Well, that should help a little bit. Now, who wants some more?” Sonic asked, the usual cockiness back in his voice. But his expression turned to one of surprise as he heard a yell to his right and saw a streak of black and orange come flying by and nail Mecha Sonic in the head.

“That’s for taking the Master Emerald!” Knuckles yelled as he whipped around stop a silver and green Shadow android from shooting him. “Ahh dang, now there’s ones with guns built in too?”

“Well, that was certainly… interesting.” Sonic said as he bent down into a spindash and blasted of towards Metal Sonic before Mecha could get back.

* * * * *

Tails stood, gasping for breath, his eyes glazed over slightly, his fists raised ready for a fight. There were numerous cuts all over his body, and fur was beginning to turn a reddish orange from the blood, and he could barely move as he shivered furiously.

Olldsliat laughed. “Well mortal, you have a lot of determination, I’ll give you that. But I’m afraid I’ll have to end this.” Olldsliat bent forward, crossed one arm over his body, and dashed at Tails.

‘I’ve only got one shot at this… gotta make it worth it…’ Tails thought as Olldsliat came towards him, teeth bared in his wild grin.

“Now I’ll take the last of your soul, and complete my power! I’ll be free, and not even that fool Shadow will be able to stop me!” Olldsliat laughed hysterically. He was only a short distance from Tails now, and began to bring his arm down for the killing blow.

“Now if I can help it!” Tails yelled as he brought his head forward. Olldsliat didn’t even stop as he ran into Tail’s headbutt, which landed directly on the jewel on his forehead. They both froze, and stood there for what seemed like an eternity. The slowly, a crack began to form on the jewel, going straight down the center of it. It began to glow, and a blinding light came out from it, surrounding both of them. Olldsliat let out an ear-shattering cry mixed of terror, pain, and pure hatred. Tails was knocked back to the ground.

He lay there, freezing and gasping for breath as the light dimmed down. “Heh, at least… at least I managed… to stop him.” Tails closed his eyes, and waited. But suddenly, something felt different. A warming sensation began to spread through out his body, and the pain from his wounds started to fade. He leaned forward, breathing heavily, and saw why. His wounds had healed! Even most of the blood was not gone from his fur. He then jumped to his feet as he realized something, and began to look around wildly. “Where’s Tails Doll?”

“Tails Doll unit is located behind you.” A high-pitched robotic voice said. Tails turned to see Tails Doll floating behind him, back to normal, except his antenna was now topped with a red circle. “Do you have any orders?” It said, tipping its head to one side.

“Huh? Oh, it must think I’m the one commanding it.” Tails said to himself. “Uh, stay?” He said making a “stay” motion with his hands.

“Affirmative, I will stay.” And Tails Doll continued to merely float there.

“Um, okay then.” Tails then ran off, his tails spinning behind him. He stole a glance back at Tails Doll, and the plushie was still floating there, watching Tails leave. “That… was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.”


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