I Am…

Sonic slammed into Metal Sonic’s mid-section. Metal had brought his hands up and caught hold of Sonic, lessening the force of the blow. He then grabbed on tighter to the spinning hedgehog and spun around, throwing him away. Sonic recovered in mid-air, and came down with a homing attack to Metal Sonic’s head. The robot was temporarily knocked off guard, and Sonic spun around in the air with a roundhouse kick, sending Metal Sonic skidding away. Sonic landed back on the ground stood there for a moment, catching his breath. But it didn’t last long, as Mecha Sonic came back, and whipped Sonic into the air with a spindash. Sonic bounced around on Mecha’s spikes before he was slammed back to the ground. Sonic quickly got up, and looked over the situation.

Mecha Sonic was standing in front of him, and glancing back, he could tell Metal was behind him. Knuckles was still getting swarmed by the Shadow androids, and Tails was still missing. “Well, this could certainly have turned out better.”

“Face it hedgehog, you can’t beat us.” Metal Sonic said.

“Our systems our far superior to yours.” Mecha added.

“Yeah well, I’ve got some news for you. I don’t ever give up!” Sonic ran at Mecha and jumped at him. Mecha Sonic brought up his hands to block, just as Sonic had hoped. He jumped off of Mecha’s hands and blasted straight at Metal Sonic, pounding him into a wall. He then back flipped as he felt Mecha Sonic coming up behind him, and homing attacked the robot into his ally. He quickly backed up and got ready for them to strike back.

* * * * *

“Woah, it sounds like quite the battle over there.” Tails said as he speeded towards where his friends were fighting. “I just hope I’m not too late.”

* * * * *

“So, you never give up, huh?” Metal’s voice came from the rubble. “I’d like to see you make that claim without any limbs.” There was an explosion of dust as the Metal Sonics blasted out of the wall. The cloud drifted over towards Sonic, and he was momentarily blinded. Just enough time for his opponents to blast in at him, hitting him from all sides. As the dust settled they backed off, and examined their handiwork.

Sonic knelt there, gasping for breath, new wounds oozing blood all over his body. He looked like he could barely stand, let alone fight, but somehow he managed to get up on his feet.

“So you still insist on fighting? Very well, it doesn’t matter to us. We’ll just keep on beating you, and you don’t have anyone to help you.” Metal Sonic said.

“The Guardian is being occupied by the Android soldiers, and as for the fox…” Mecha Sonic began but was cut off as a series of explosion suddenly came from the hoard of androids. Everyone turned and looked at the building above, to see a yellow figure standing there, his twin tails flowing behind him. He was holding a small cylinder, and began to throw up in the air, and catch it again.

“What about the fox?” Tails asked as he threw the last bomb into the crowd before jumping into the fray himself.

“Heh, certainly kept me waiting.” Sonic muttered to himself. The Metal Sonics were still stunned, and Sonic realized this was his only chance. He ran at Metal Sonic and knocked him away. Mecha Sonic charged him, but Sonic grabbed his arms and began to spin around rapidly. Metal Sonic was already dashing at them full speed, and at just the right moment, Sonic let Mecha Sonic go. He flew at Metal Sonic, who didn’t have enough time to slow down properly, and the two collided. Mecha Sonic couldn’t hold up and broke apart, sending Metal Sonic skidding even farther than he already had from the initial impact, reverting into his basic form. “So, who was gonna keep beating me? And did I hear talk of limb loss?” Sonic questioned mockingly.

“Curse you hedgehog! It would appear that I can’t beat you by like this. But, I know one way I’ll be able to, and this time, you won’t have your super form to help you.” Metal Sonic started laughing as he floated up into the air, transforming back into his advanced form. Mecha Sonic’s pieces floated up with him, and parts of the nearby buildings started ripping off of their foundations. Knuckles and Tails were still fighting the Shadow Androids but stopped as they realized their opponents had stopped moving, and were watching Metal Sonic. Suddenly, they even started being lifted up and pulled into the growing pile of rubble floating high above them, Metal Sonic at its center. He stuck his arm up, and electricity gathered into it. He released it, shooting a bolt of lightning into the clouds above, another one coming back down into the rubble. The pieces began to form together, and it began to flash as Metal Sonic joined with it.

Tails and Knuckles ran over to Sonic as the gazed upon the new monstrosity in front of them. The mass that was once Metal Sonic had attached itself to the side of the main building. It had resemblances to Metal Sonic, such as its color and the spikes all along its body, but it now also had more weapons attached to it, such as a flamethrower, and its long tail whipped around behind it, covered in spikes.

“It’s… that thing he transformed into last time we fought him!” Tails exclaimed as the transformation ended.

“And he’s looking at us! Run!” Sonic yelled as Metal Madness pointed its left hand at the trio, firing off a round of missiles. They ducked behind a nearby building and tried to figure out what to do. “The only way we can beat this guy is with our Super forms… Knuckles, can’t we use the Master Emerald to power up?”

“I’m not sure. I was able to do it, but it might just be because I’m the guardian, and if it could work on all of us, it might not be able to do everyone at…” Knuckles stopped suddenly mid sentence and looked around. Sonic and Tails looked at him strangely, and then suddenly he blurted out, “Who’s there?”

It is I, the one you call Chaos.” The voice inside his head said.

“Chaos?” Knuckles said, and quickly pulled out the miniaturized Master Emerald. He looked at it, and an image of Chaos’ head appeared on it. “How are you talking to me?”

Through your link to the Master Emerald, but that is not important now. I’m getting the feeling that there is some sort of great danger, and I believe I’ll be able to help.

“Why do you want to help?” Knuckles asked, completely ignoring Sonic, Tails, and the explosions just next to them.

Because I live in this world too, and must protect it. That, and the other Chao.

“Oh of course, but what can you do?”

I believe I can use the power of this emerald to go into my fully powered forms. It’s the culmination of the other emeralds’ power, and so it should work the same. Just use the calling.

“The… oh yes! Of course.” Knuckles set the Master Emerald down and returned it to normal size. He placed his hands on it and closed his eyes, focusing. “The servers are the seven Chaos, Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart. Master Emerald, give your full power to your first guardian!” Knuckles stood there for a moment longer. He wasn’t sure how to finish it off, and that was the first thing that came to mind. They waited for what seemed like an eternity, and then they could hear it. Faint at first, but it quickly grew stronger. Rushing water. “Okay, we might want to get to higher ground. As in, now!” Knuckles grabbed Tails and Sonic and ran inside the building they were ducking behind, quickly getting to the top floor.

“Knuckles, what’s going on?” Sonic asked as they stopped.

“Perfect Chaos, that’s what’s going on.”

Outside, the water level had quickly risen as Chaos brought in water from all around the island. Trees from the jungle floated around, having been toppled by the flood, as well as quite a few Egg Pawns that were caught off guard. And across from where Metal Madness was perched, rose Perfect Chaos, the mighty serpent creature, the Master Emerald at its center.

“Hmm, so the actual Chaos is going to fight me?” Metal Madness’ voice boomed. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll defeat you with your own power!”

Meanwhile, while the robotic monstrosity was distracted, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were making their way towards the main building. Once on top of the nearest building, Knuckles glided over, and attaching himself to wall, proceeded to pound at it until the cement gave way, he jumped inside and was quickly followed by Sonic and Tails. Tails pulled out a device that looked like a large pocket watch. “If I’m correct in thinking that Shadow has the Chaos Emeralds with him,” he said as he refined the search area. “then I should be able to use this Chaos energy tracker to find him.” A huge beeping sound suddenly emitted from the device. “As soon as I take Perfect Chaos out of the signal. Alright, this way.” He pointed down a nearby hallway, and the trio continued onward. As they got deeper into the base, they were constantly checking around them for guards, cameras, turrets, anything. Yet for some reason they had very little resistance.

“Heh, Shadow must think we’re still out in the flood. So, this it?” Sonic asked as they stopped in front of a large door. It could clearly be seen that there was once a GUN logo on it, but now it was painted with the letters “AE”, which were in a spiky design, almost looking like Shadow’s head.

“Yep, the Chaos Emeralds are in the room behind this door. And hopefully Shadow is with them.”

“Then allow me.” Knuckles said, walking past them and swinging his arm around. He pulled it back and slammed his fist into the seam between the two parts of the door. They shook, and then flew apart, letting them in.

“So, you actually made it.” A familiar voice said, coming from deep within the room. The lights were all off, so they could barely see anything more than a few feet away from the door.

“Yeah, we’re here. Now show yourself you faker, or do you just want to play hide and seek?” Sonic said, pointing in the general direction he figured Shadow was.

“Very well, this darkness was getting annoying anyway.” There was a flickered and a humming noise as the lights came to life. Sonic and co winced as their eyes adjusted to the light, and after a moment they finally got to look around the room. It was huge, almost like it should be a warehouse, which might be because much of it appeared as though the whole space had been cleared out. They hadn’t noticed it from outside, but there was actually a large tree coming into the side of the building and going out the ceiling. Extending out from where they were standing was a long red carpet with black trim on the sides, which lead to a small flight of stairs at the top of which was a throne, the seven Chaos Emeralds embedded into it, with a large red robot standing next to it. And seated on the throne was a black and red hedgehog. He stood up, his cape flowing behind him, and walked down the steps in front of his throne as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles ran up. “Welcome to my throne room blue hedgehog.”

“So it is you. What’s with all this Shadow? Seriously, since when were you into the whole world domination thing?” Sonic asked.

“I don’t know if Shadow ever thought of world time domination, but I certainly am.” Shadow said plainly.

“What are you talking about, you are Shadow?”

“Ha, you’d think that wouldn’t you. No, I am a Shadow Android, created by Dr. Robotnik. But I eliminated him and have taken over his Empire, in which androids shall now rule. This is who I am!”

“Shadow Android? Wait, eliminated Eggman? What do you…”

“So it was you. Tails Doll said someone killed Eggman, it must’ve been you.” Tails said.

“Ahh, so you’ve figured it out. Yes, I killed the Doctor. He was weak, and had no control over me. Or most of his minions for that matter,” he glanced back at Omega, who was hovering over to them.

“Shall I get rid of these organics?” he asked, holding up one arm transformed into a machine gun.

“No Omega, this fight is mine. Just make sure the hedgehog’s friends don’t get in the way.” Shadow then motioned behind him. “So Sonic, think you can defeat me?” he jumped up high into the air and drifted back towards his throne.

“Think I can beat you? I know I can, faker!” Sonic yelled as he ran off. Tails and Knuckles started to follow, but stopped as they heard the “ka-chink” noise of a loading gun. They turned to see Omega pointing both of his machine guns at them. “I wouldn’t attempt that if I were you.”

Shadow landed back on the ground just in time for Sonic to get there. “So, you’re actually going to fight me. Suit yourself.” Shadow reached up and unclasped his cape. Grabbing unto it, he threw the cloth to the side as he got into a battle stance. “But this certainly won’t be easy.”

“I wasn’t counting on it.” Sonic said, as he too got ready to fight. The two stood for a moment, each examining the other, waiting for the other to take the first strike. Eventually, sonic got bored of waiting and simply punched Shadow in the face before going into a series of rapid-fire punches. Shadow grabbed Sonic’s fist on one and spun around, slamming him to the ground. He kept his grip and pulled Sonic up, spun around, and slammed him back into the ground. He now let go and waited for Sonic to get up. Sonic swung his leg around quickly, tripping Shadow. He then kicked Shadow upwards to stall longer while he got up. He then delivered a series of uppercuts to Shadow’s abdomen before roundhouse kicking him in the side.

Shadow spun through the air, but caught himself and landed on his feet. He immediately ran at Sonic and jumped into the air, coming down with a homing attack. Sonic was knocked back, and Shadow slammed into him again, knocking him fully to the ground. Sonic stood up and charge Shadow, throwing a punch aimed for his face. Shadow dodged it, and Sonic launched another one, which he grabbed, as well as the next one. Sonic then used the force of Shadow holding his fist to pull himself up and slam into Shadow’s side with both his legs. Shadow let go, and Sonic landed on his hands, flipping back onto his feet just in time to narrowly avoid a Chaos Spear. But Shadow had run after it and was already delivering a series of quick jabs to Sonic’s stomach. He suddenly stopped and grabbed Sonic’s shoulders, bringing his knee up quickly, before back flipping and slamming Sonic into the ground. Shadow jumped back as Sonic stood up, gripping his head in pain. “Ahh, man, that almost hurt as bad as getting slammed by a giant checkered wrecking ball.”

“So, had enough yet?” Shadow asked, cracking his knuckles.

“No way!” Sonic said, running at Shadow. He spun around and kicked Shadow in the side. Shadow grabbed Sonic’s leg and threw him into the air. Sonic went into a spin, coming down on Shadow. He grinded into Shadow’s head for a short while before Shadow threw him off and punched him in the face, sending him spiraling away. He skidded to a stop on his back, and Shadow was already advancing on him. Sonic waited for Shadow to get close enough, then sprung up, kicking Shadow in the stomach with both legs. Sonic quickly got on his feet and started to attack Shadow. Shadow didn’t try to block this time, and merely continued to dodge, throwing in his own attacks.

Eventually, Sonic began to gain an upper hand. The direction of their fight had turned from crossing in front of the throne to heading towards it. They began to ascend the stairs, and Sonic took the opportunity to slam Shadow up against his throne. It shook upon Shadow’s impact, and the Chaos Emerald’s glistened. Sonic ran up and delivered a series of rapid punches to various parts of Shadow’s body before winding up a more powerful punching, landing it right between Shadow’s eyes. He fell back, the stone throne toppling over and smashing, the Chaos Emeralds clanging as they rolled along the ground. Sonic stood back and waited.

Shadow stood up from the rubble slowly, dusting himself off. “I have to admit hedgehog, that was an interesting idea.” He reached up to his forehead and wiped away some sort of liquid. He flicked his hand to get it off his glove. “But I’m afraid I’ll have to finish this now.” Shadow grabbed a hold of one of the gold rings on his wrists and twisted it, causing it to fall to the ground.

“Isn’t that what they all say. Alright Shadow, let’s see you ‘finish this’” Sonic said as Shadow removed his other ring.

“Fine, you asked for it.” Shadow spread his arms out, closing his eyes in concentration. A chinking noise came from the rubble pile behind him, and soon the Chaos Emeralds began to float up out of it and circle around Shadow.

“Wait a minute… no, you wouldn’t really…” Sonic said as the Chaos Emeralds began to speed up.

“Oh, I would.” Shadow said, his fur starting to flash as energy came out of the Chaos Emeralds. “Prepare to meet your demise!”


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