Kick the Rock.

The Tornado started to descend, swerving this way and that. They were coming into a forest, and Tails was trying to land in a very small clearing.

“Almost got it…” he said, squinting his eyes to focus.

“Don’t worry you can do it Tails.” Sonic said, gripping onto the wing he was standing on. They came in on the forest. A branch barely caught the Tornado’s tail. They got jammed forward a bit, but Tails managed to pull up, and the Tornado landed, skidding to a halt just inches in front of a tree.

“Great flying Tails! And now, for the emerald shards.” Knuckles jumped off of the Tornado and immediately went running off into the woods.

“Hey, wait!” Sonic called after him. “Man, that’s something I never thought I’d say. Eh, whatever, he can look for his shards. Let’s just wait here.”

* * * * *

“Activating chaos scanner.” Metal Knuckles muttered. There was a click, and as he looked around he could see a radar type screen in front of him. He looked around, taking in the area around him. However, there didn’t seem to be any shards in the general vicinity. “Widening range.” There were some more clicks, and the radar zoomed out. After looking around again he was able to catch a small blip on the very edge. “Target sighted, moving out.” He activated his boosters, and attempted to blast off.

He ended up sitting still for a few seconds before falling on his face. He then looked around again. “Error. It would appear I’m being restrained.” He started to move around, trying to free himself. He had sunk into the sands of the dessert he was in.

* * * * *

“Strange. I, or at least my original, was once held here. But now, it shall become mine.” Shadow said as him, Omega, and Metal Sonic arrived on the former Prison Island via Chaos Control. The buildings were very much in ruins, due to a large amount of bombs being detonated there not long ago. GUN had not bothered to rebuild it, although they had left some guard robots there just incase.

“So sir, where shall we begin.” Metal Sonic asked, stepping closer to Shadow.

“Cleaning. You and Omega go take care of any remaining GUN robots in the area. There shouldn’t be many, I took care of most of them on my last visit.”

“Very well. Shall I call in some reinforcements?”

“Yes, now that you mention it. Belay that last command. Call in as many troops as you can. They can take care of more area of the island, and I’m sure many of them will get destroyed in the process. I’d rather get rid of them quickly.” Shadow started to walk away, looking around, while Metal Sonic began to relay orders to the Egg Fleet.

“Shadow, I suggest we find and begin repairs on a base as soon as possible.” Omega said, walking alongside Shadow.

“Yes, and I believe the main buildings here should be relatively intact. We can use them.” Metal Sonic then came over to them, reporting that the Egg Fleet would be arriving shortly, and then Shadow warped them away.

* * * * *

“Where could they be? I can sense them nearby, but…” Knuckles stopped, closing his eyes. He stood there for a moment, before jumping up into the air and punching the nearest tree, sending it flying. “…this forest is just too thick! I mean, the outer edges of my island are bad, but this is just crazy!” Angrily, he began punching through trees towards the nearest source of chaos energy.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back at the Tornado, Sonic and Tails were playing cards while they waited for Knuckles. They both jumped as they heard a crash, quickly followed by another, and another.

“What is that?” Tails asked, looking around.

“Uhh, I think it’s Knuckles.” Sonic said, pointing towards where a line of trees had started falling, one after the other.

* * * * *

“Ahh, finally, a shard!” Knuckles said, holding the emerald shard up in the air. “Now, they tend to group in threes, so…” he began to search for more shards. After a while he managed to find a second, and lastly a third. “Well, that seems to be all I can find here… wait, what the?!” He’d suddenly sensed a large amount of chaos energy, and it was headed towards him. The power was getting stronger and stronger as it got nearer, before it stopped. Knuckles went to go check it out.

* * * * *

“That dessert was quite the challenge, but I managed to obtain some of the emerald shards. The scanner picked up a large amount of energy here, but now its disappeared.” Metal Knuckles looked around him, widening and shortening the range of his scanner. “This doesn’t compute. How could they disappear?”

“I may have an answer for that!” Knuckles yelled, jumping out of the trees at Metal Knuckles. He aimed a punch right for the robot’s head, but Metal dodged it.

“My original, once again we meet. However, I am already on a mission, and do not have direct orders to confront you.” Metal Knuckles began to hover into the air, and before Knuckles could hit him he’d blasted off into the forest.

“Got away again! Well, I’ll get him next time, and all the shards he took.”

* * * * *

“Hey Knuckles, took you long enough! What’s with the hold up?” Sonic asked as Knuckles walked into the clearing.

“I ran into metal-me.” He said, jumping up onto the Tornado as Tails powered it up.

“But what was he doing all the way out here?” he asked, turning around. “Unless…”

“Yeah, he’s searching for the shards. We need to hurry. Once we find him again, I’ll beat him and get back the shards! Then I’ll bust him up so bad, he’ll never come back!” Knuckles slammed his fists together for emphasis before grabbing onto the wing as Tails pulled up out of the clearing.

“Where to next?” Tails asked once they were in the air. Knuckles once again focused on the chaos energy.

“That way. There’s a large amount of energy coming from that city.” He said, pointing at the skyline of a town in the near distance.

* * * * *

Little did they know as they flew off was that they were being followed. Trailing a short ways behind them, floated a strange yellow plush doll, with a gemmed rod sticking out of its head. “Soon… your souls… shall be mine.

* * * * *

“Status report, Metal Sonic.” Shadow said, walking up to the robot, who was currently issuing commands.

“It would appear that most if not all the GUN robots have been destroyed, sir. We’ve also lost about half of the Egg Pawns that were sent out.”

“Good, good. Order them to return here. I’ll need them to get to work repairing this base.”

“Of course, sir.” Metal Sonic turned back to issuing commands as Shadow walked away. He had found the central base of the island, and as he had hoped, it was mostly intact; the outer edges had received the most damage. But soon the Egg Pawns would be working to repair it. And while they were slaving away, Shadow would be preparing their new troops. He stopped walking, and pulled out his Chaos Emerald, and warped away.

* * * * *

Tails brought the Tornado down on the runway. After some communications with the city’s airport, they’d allowed him to touch down there. Knuckles, of course, in his hurry to beat Metal Knuckles to the shards, had jumped ship as soon as they were with in gliding distance of the city. So while he searched the town, Tails was refueling the Tornado, and Sonic was off to find the nearest restaurant that served chilidogs.

“Well, this has certainly been an eventful day. But what could Eggman possible be planning? The Master Emerald, bringing back so many older creations…” Tails thought out loud.

You rang?” And eerie voice whispered in his ear.

“Tails Doll! Where are you?” Tails exclaimed, looking around frantically.

Oh, near, always near.”

“What do you want? Tell me, what’s Eggman planning?!”

All in due time, my frightened little original. Though, Eggman is the least of your worries.

“Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?”

As I said, all in due time. We shall meet again…” Although Tails couldn’t actually see Tails Doll, he could tell it had left.

“Ahh, that thing is so creepy.” Tails shook himself to get rid of the nervousness that had built up inside him. He looked around, noticing the horizon in the distance. “Hmm, it’s getting pretty late, the sun is setting. I hope Sonic and Knuckles get back soon.”

* * * * *

“Here you go kid, two dozen chilidogs.” The cashier said, handing over two boxes to Sonic. “Uhh, you sure you can eat those? I mean, hedgehogs aren’t exactly big eaters, are they?”

“Heh, you obviously don’t know who you’re talking too. I’m Sonic the Hedgehog.” Sonic said, grabbing the boxes and dashing out of the store before the cashier could say anything.

“Hey, wait! You forgot to pa…” the cashier called after Sonic, before looking down to see the money sitting there.

* * * * *

Knuckles was perched on a spire atop a skyscraper. Looking around the city, he spotted something green glowing as it floated around the top of a building. “Well that’s strange, but it’s definitely a shard.” Knuckles said as he jumped off the spire, breaking into a glide. He impacted the building about halfway up, and digging his spurs into the metal, began to climb. He got to the same level as the shard, and jumped back as it came by, grabbing it. He fell for a few seconds, before breaking into a glide and landing in an alleyway.

“Well, that’s one down.” He walked out of the alley, and starting searching for shards again. The next one he found dug into the ground in a park. And after searching and then arguing with a jewelry storeowner for a while, he managed to get a third one. He could still sense more, but they weren’t with in the city and then sun had already set. He decided to return to the airport and look again tomorrow. On his way back however he happened to go by a casino, in which, after some searching and a little bit of gambling, was another shard. “Alright, that’s all for today. The others will be wondering what I’m doing.”

* * * * *

Ahh, sweet darkness. Yet, I feel weak. I believe it is time to feed.

* * * * *

“So Knuckles, you find anything?” Sonic asked, in between chilidogs. They were now in a hotel room where they were spending the night.

“Yes, there were four shards with in the city, and I sense more not far away. We should be able to get them quickly. And then, all I need to do is track down metal-me, and get the shards he has.”

“Yeah, and after that, I can kick some Eggman butt!” Sonic said, wolfing down the last of his chilidogs. “Well, for all that’s happened, I’d say today has gone pretty well.”

“Yeah, I’d be careful though guys, I think we’re being followed.” Tails said.

“Really, why?” Sonic asked.

“Earlier, shortly after you two left, Tails Doll starting talking to me. I couldn’t see him, but he said he’s always near. I think Eggman sent him to follow us.”

“Well, he’s only a doll right. What harm could he possibly do?” Knuckles said.

“I guess you’re right. I’ll just stop worrying about it for now I suppose.” Tails said, still a little unsure.


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