Won’t Stop, Just Go!

“Sonic! Egg-pawns straight ahead!” Tails said as they ran. They were barely even close to the base, and already robots were pouring out, headed for them.

“I see ‘em. Leave this to me!” Sonic said, dashing forward at full speed. He broke into a spindash, and rolled through the middle of one group. He began to lose speed and jumped up in the air, going into a series of homing attacks. Knuckles had now ran up, not wanting to miss the party, and was beginning to punch his way through the hoards of enemies.

“Man, Eggman sure is sending out a lot of these guys. He must really want to stop us.” Sonic jumped off a robot, which started stumbling towards Knuckles.

“Well I’m not letting him get away with my shards!” Knuckles said, grabbing the nearest Egg-pawn and sending it flying towards the other one. “Tails, there are flying ones coming!” He yelled to Tails a short ways back.

“I see them!” He said, already in the air. He flew up to them, taking out as many as he could before he came back down. He took out some more ground troops and then headed back into the air.

“Hey Knuckles, how about a lift?” Sonic pointed his thumb upward. Knuckles nodded, and ran over to Sonic, who jumped in the air. Knuckles grabbed him, and after spinning around a few times, launched Sonic into the air. He homing attacked a few robots, before he began to fall. Tails caught him, and threw him back towards them before attacking himself. They slowly started making their way towards the base.

* * * * *

“They certainly are determined.” Shadow said, watching the battle on a monitor. “At least this’ll be a good chance to get rid of some of those lesser robots.” Shadow stood up from his throne, and walked down to Metal Sonic who was just coming in from the other areas of the base.

“Sir, the workers have almost finished repairs on the pre-existing base and have begun the new constructions.”

“Good, and what of the new troops?”

“They have been deployed as asked. And, they’ve also informed me of where we can find even better soldiers.”

“Really… well, that sounds promising. Go check it out.”

“Yes sir.” Metal Sonic dashed out of the room, taking the two guards at the doors with him, as Shadow walked back up to his throne. He sat down, pressing a button on the armrest.

“Yes sir.” A voice strangely similar to his said.

“How are the preparations going?”

“The weapon is almost at full power and ready to fire any time.”

“Good. Now to take care of a certain black annoyance.”

* * * * *

“Sir, the intruders are getting closer to the base.” A golden Egg-pawn said, running into Metal Knuckles’ command room.

“Don’t worry. Keep up the attack. Even if they get past it, they’ll be far too weak to pose much a threat at the actual base.”

* * * * *

“These guys just don’t know when to give up!” Sonic said, destroying a few more robots. It seemed like they’d been fighting for hours and hadn’t even gained anything. “This is getting boring, I’m outta here!” Sonic twisted to the side, pulling one leg back. “Meet you guys at the base!” Sonic called as he ran full speed through the army.

“That little…” Knuckles muttered as he watched Sonic run.

“Hey, wait up!” Tails yelled, flying after Sonic. Knuckles punched another few robots, before eventually deciding he might as well follow suit and started to run through the crowd, smashing anyone that got in his way.

* * * * *

“What?! They’re actually trying to just run right to the base? Why hadn’t I thought of that. Aghh, formulating a new plan…” Metal Knuckles “closed” his eyes as he racked his CPU for an idea. “Have all the troops fall back. We’ll just attack from both sides.”

* * * * *

“Alright, actually getting to the base now!” Sonic said as he ran off of the rocky grass unto hard cement. He was within the area of the base, as was evident by the fact that they were now surrounded by buildings. But the main fortress still lay far ahead, buried slightly into a small mountain.

More Egg-pawns were coming at him now, from all sides, including some that had already caught up to them from behind. ‘Well this doesn’t look good,’ He thought, looking around. Suddenly some of the ones behind him started to fly into the air. “What the…?” He looked back in front of him where a swarm of flying enemies were drawing in on him. Something else flew past him, and quickly took them out. “Hey Tails, nice save!”

“Yeah, but Sonic, you really shouldn’t have run off like that. I barely managed to catch up, and well, Knuckles is….” They both looked back to the robots running in from behind. But they weren’t focused on Sonic and Tails, they were more focused and the red blur going through them.

“Sonic, you idiot!” Knuckles yelled, as he came into view of them, still knocking Egg-pawns away left and right. He didn’t slow up as he got near them either, and pulled back an arm, punching Sonic, and sending him flying through a few robots before he regained his composure and went into a spindash as he hit the ground, flying towards Knuckles and doing the same to him.

“Hey!” Tails yelled, jumping between them as they were about to go at each other again. “This is not the time for you two to fight! What are you so mad about any?”

“If Metal-me is in there, I want the first shot at him.” Knuckles said, slightly calmer.

“Hey, if that’s what you want, fine. I’ll stall for you if I get there first.” Sonic said, shrugging his shoulders. They then turned around and starting to run back towards the base, into the now much closer army of robots.

* * * * *

“You’re positive this is the location of your second model?” Metal Sonic said to one of the guards he’d brought with him. They were on the island where Shadow had originally found his newest soldiers.

“Yes, this is the location. They were built in a different building, and are still in prototype phase. But they are fully operational when it comes to basic combat.”

“Alright, then lets move out.” They headed into one of the buildings. After scanning through one of the computers, one of the guards found where they needed to go. They went to the other side of the base, where a large factory/warehouse was located. Metal Sonic walked up to a row of capsules, and examined one of them. The figure inside certainly resembled the new troops, but more robotic. It even had weapons already built in, and was a strange silver-green color.

Metal Sonic opened up the capsule, and stepped back as the figure stepped out. It looked up, and then said as its eyes flickered to life. “SA2Pmodel-Green, reporting for duty.”

* * * * *

“Take this!” Knuckles yelled, punching his arm straight through an Egg-Pawn. He whirled around, knocking away the ones that had surrounded him, before the robot flew off his arm. But as he defeated them, more filled their place almost instantly. But they didn’t seem to be hurting him much.

Meanwhile Sonic and Tails were having a much rougher time. Though a fair share of the robots went after Knuckles, even more were going for the hedgehog and fox.

“Primary targets: blue hedgehog and dual tailed fox. Capture echidna.” One of the commanding robots said.

“Hey Knuckles!” Sonic ducked a laser blast, kicking the robot. “I think they’re trying to not kick your butt!”

“I’ve noticed! They aren’t putting up much of a challenge. I think…” he jumped up onto a nearby building and drilled into a crowd as they collapsed on where he was. “… that Metal-me is commanding them. He must want to take me himself.”

“You should get into the base then. We’ll hold off these ones.” Tails said as he went into a spin, whipping his tails around as he spun towards through the bots on one foot.

“Good plan, I’m on it.” Knuckles started to run for the main fortress, straight through the army.

“Well that’s great, but we still have to fight these guys.” Sonic said as Knuckles ran off. He then ducked back wards, his hands touching the ground. Two robots had swung at him, and were thrown off balance. He kicked them away, and then stood up on his hands fully, swinging around kicking robots here and there. He then pushed off the ground, sending himself in the air. He went into a spin and went into a series of homing attacks, jumping from robot to robot.

Tails took to the air again as more flying troops came in. He started out merely breaking his flight to punch or kick them, but soon decided it was taking too long. “Time to try out my latest creation.” He pulled out a small cylinder.

“Is that a ring box?”

“Not quite.” Tails said, as he pulled back an arm and whipped the box at a group of robots. It hit one of them dead center, and exploded in a shower of dull rings. The robots were destroyed as the rings fell onto the crowd. “Now for part two.” The rings fell amongst the robots, and they soon started exploding left and right.

“Wow, that’s awesome! Why didn’t you try that earlier?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure if they’d work, but since it does, it’s time to plow through here!” Tails landed back on the ground. Sonic charged up a spindash and blasted off, making a path for Tails to run down. He quickly followed Sonic, tails swirling behind him as he threw ring bombs left and right, blasting away at the army.

“This is more like it! At this rate we might beat Knuckles there!” Sonic said, going into another spindash.

“Well, we’ve almost caught up.” Tails pointed ahead of them where there was the occasional robot simply flying off into the air. “Well, almost.”

“He seriously made it that far? I tell you, that guy is crazy.”

* * * * *

“Must… get… to… base… and…. get back…. Master Emerald!” Knuckles said as he ran through the hoard. The robots where simply falling in on him, not really fighting. So he didn’t have much trouble throwing them off. But still, it was starting to wear him out.

* * * * *

“Well, it seems like my plan is working. He does appear to be getting tired, and his friends are certainly having a hard time. He’ll be easy to take care of when he gets here. That is… if he can make it past the door guards.”

* * * * *

“Alright, I’m almost there!” Knuckles said as he ran past the last few buildings into the main base area. But just as he was getting close he pulled up and stopped, staring at what met him. Standing in front of the door where two large hammer wielding Egg-pawns. “Well, this is quite the welcome party. But I can take ‘em.” Knuckles ran at one of them, who swung his hammer downward at Knuckles.

He jumped to the side, and grabbed on to the hammer. The robot simply pulled it back up and tried to shake Knuckles off, but he held on tight. As he swung closer to the robot’s body he jumped off and tried to latch on. But the robot spun around as it saw Knuckles jump off, and knocked him away.

Knuckles hit the ground on his back. He leaned forward, wiping some blood from his mouth. “That hurt. Now I’m gonna get you good.” He stood up and ran at the robot full speed, dodging the hammer completely as it was swung, and punched the robot in the leg. It buckled to one side and Knuckles hit it in the other leg. It fell to the ground, and he jumped on it and began pounding his fists into its head. It began to spark and Knuckles jumped off as it exploded. “Heh, not so tough now. And now for the other…” he didn’t even finish his sentence as the other robot swung with its hammer, hitting Knuckles while he was still in the air. He flew a lot farther and was about to hit a building when…

“Sheez, I can’t leave you alone for one second, can I Knucklehead?” Sonic said as he ran up, and caught Knuckles.

“Well it’s about time! I had to take down one of these guys by myself!” Knuckles yelled as he jumped away from Sonic.

“Well, we’re here now, so lets just take care of the last guard and get in there.” Tails said as he flew in.

“How about a little team blast?” Sonic said.

“A what?” Tails and Knuckles asked in unison.

“You know, all attack at once. Usually takes care of everybody.”

“Oh that. Alright, let’s do it.” Knuckles said. They turned and ran towards the robot. As they got within striking distance, Knuckles grabbed onto Tails who grabbed onto Sonic. Knuckles then started to spin the chain around, building up momentum.

“Blast away!” Sonic yelled, and Tails spun around, kicking him off as he went into a light speed attack. They all jumped back and watched as the robot slowly crumbled and exploded.

“Alright! Now, let’s get in there and get the Master Emerald back!” Knuckles said as he ran up to the door, which he punched through like it was rice paper. Sonic and Tails caught up to him as they headed into the depths of the factory.


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