The stories featured here are written by people other than me, Ekajra. Which would explain why they’re in a section entitled “Guest” and not with the rest of the site. If you’d like to submit your own fiction, there are some simple rules to follow:

  • Send all submittions to
  • Stories must be Sonic related: Of course, this means any sort of Sonic universe, and it doesn’t even have to include any official characters. I mean, look at my stuff… (I may allow non-fanfic material too, so feel free to send it in as well.)
  • Please try to keep all submissions at around a PG-13 rating, or a somewhat lesser M video game. You can throw in violence and gore and language and whatnot, but don’t go overboard. Sometimes it just makes you look lame. Also definitely no sex. There are places for that, and they aren’t here.
  • When submitting make sure you give me a name you want to be credited by, as well as story titles, chapter titles, etc. A description would be cool too, otherwise I’ll just make something up.

With that out of the way, on to the fiction:


~ Six Submittions


~ One Submittion

Spencer “Fausch” Z.

~ Ten Submittions


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